Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amartya asking Bubbles to give him hug again. Bubbles says we will do it later, but first we have to elope from here before love enemies come and separate us. Amartya says okay. He thanks Rajni. Rajni says welcome. Amartya says 1 min, and bends down to pick all the love letters fallen there. Rajni activates vaccum mode on, and collects all the letter. She gives it to them. Amartya asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. They thank her and leave. Rajni says bye. Dev asks Shaguta to make him eat rasgulla and says he will never trouble her. Shaguta asks him not to follow her. Dev checks the room and says Bua is not in room. Shaguta checks and says even Mamu is not in room. They shout. Rajni says they have eloped, as I have opened their room doors. Surili and

Amrish is shocked. Surili tells Amrish that the result will be marriage and cries. They see Bubbles and Amartya standing infront of them in bride and groom’s dress. Amartya calls Amrish khote ka puttar. Bubbles talks like Surili and says you are looking thin today. She sings song. Amartya dances happily.

Amrish tells Surili that it is her parents’ mistake to give birth to Amartya. Surili says you have insulted my parents, and I will not leave you. They argue. Shaguta and Dev stops them and asks why you are fighting, do you want to go to jail. Shaguta says I was saying like you, and gets upset. Shaguta and Dev goes. Amrish and Surili see that Amartya and Bubbles are not there, and thinks it was their imagination and now they can stop them. Surili tells Amrish that she will punish rajni. Amrish says now we have to search your brother and save the house. Shaan scolds Shaan and asks he didn’t give command to open the lock. Rajni says you didn’t give me command to not open the door or stop them. Shaan says I know, and asks her to scan the foot prints and tell him where are they? Rajni scans and asks Shaan to follow her. Shaan gets upset. Amartya reads Bubbles letters. Bubbles says I have written I love you. Shaan and Rajni come there. Shaan says you both are sitting here and they are fighting downstairs. Bubbles says we were planning our marriage, and goes on telling her plans. Rajni says you have to die, as maha sangram is happening there. Shaan gets an idea and asks them to get ready to die. Amartya says we want to unite and make small bubbles. Shaan asks them to get ready.

Gyan tells Surili that they shall go to Police. Surili says no. Amrish announces 1 lakh rs. to the person to find person. Surili laughs and announces 11 lakhs rupees. Maggie and Dhyan are shocked. Surili asks Sharmila to call news channel. Dev says we shall go there and record the info. Surili tells them that they shall steal good idea. They come out. Maggie tells Amrish that Surili and Bengali gang coming there. Shaan asks where you are going? Amrish and Surili tell that they are going to search Amartya and Bubbles. Shaan says they are on terrace. Everyone is shocked. Amartya tells Surili and Amrish that he will die as they don’t respect their love. Even Bubbles says that she will die. Surili asks Amartya to push Bubbles and fall on her then. Amrish asks Bubbles not to jump and tells Amartya is heavy. Surili says he is light weight. Amartya asks Rajni to hold them tightly, else they will fall. Bubbles asks Rajni to move back little else they will see her. Rajni moves back and asks if this is okay. Bubbles don’t see her long hands…

Amrish asks Bubbles to come down and asks her not to be stubborn, promise to keep her swayamvar again. Bubbles says I won’t come down, unless you fulfill my 4-5 conditions. She says you shall get me married to Amartya only, and on my marriage, there will be wine swimming pool, with stall of golgappa of wine. Amartya says also icecream stall of wine. Amartya asks Rajni to hold him tightly. Shaan sees something on his mobile and runs to terrace. Surili tells them that they will think about their promise. Amrish asks Bubbles to get down. Shaan runs to Rajni and asks her to take her extended hands back, and says Bua will see and today she is not drunk also. Bubbles says their dying plan is cancelled. Shaan asks Rajni to rest. Rajni normalizes her hands…..Bubbles and Amartya fall down as Rajni takes back her hands. Bubbles chappal fall on Surili. Surili says yuck. Shaan holds them. Amartya asks Shaan to save Bubbles. Rajni says she will activate hydraulic mode. Shaan says no, and asks her to do something which human do in this situation. Rajni scans and goes. She brings large numbers of mattresses. Everyone is shocked. Rajni says I brought it. Amrish asks them to help her.

Shaan tells Bubbles and Amartya that mattresses is set. They fall down on the mattress. Everyone can see only pillows and mattress. Amrish asks Bubbles, are you fine. Surili says Bubbels fell on my Bhai 2. Bubbles and Amartya come out from mattress. Bubbles falls in Amartya’s embrace. Amartya is happy to see her fine. Bubbles says if anything would have happened to you, then I would have died. Amartya thanks Shaan. Shaan says it is okay. Amrish says Rajni saved you both. Bubbles thanks Rajnia dn says we have always misunderstood you, and thought you ghost and then alien. She hugs Amartya. Amartya says I understood and says Rajni is an angel. Shaan says right. Everyone is surprised. Surili asks him to come inside and says I need to talk to you. Even Amrish wants Bubbles to talk to him. Amartya asks Rajni to help them and says do something so that nobody can separate us. Rajni scans and says I found the solution.

Amrish asks who has hand cuffed Amartya and Bubbles. Rajni comes and says I did it, so that nobody can separate them. Surili says I will not leave you Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    To much dragging of bubbles and amartya unity…. miss funny secens of rajini and shaan…

  2. Avishi

    Aww such a nice episode n funny too

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