Ishqbaaz 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Bunty is actually Babli

Ishqbaaz 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says I m leaving him here Shivaye. Anika asks what’s laundry basket doing here in kitchen. Shivaye says how would I know. Om asks where is laundry basket. Shivaye says Anika took it. Om says Bunty was inside laundry basket. Shivaye asks what. They run to stop Anika. Some time before, Shivaye asks will you take so much time to get parcel. Rudra says I went to steal it. Shivaye checks feeder and says I know how to sterilize this. He goes. Rudra says I will exercise and come. Om says you just came. Rudra says I went to do work, I have become unmarried dad since Bunty came. Om asks him to spend time with them, its his responsibility. They argue. Om says I got this clothes for Bunty, Shivaye went to sterilize the feeder, who is carrying Bunty now. Rudra says wah, now our relation turned such that you are

counting your favors, I will do pushups and come. He goes. Om says he left us Bunty.

Anika asks did Shivaye fool us or Ragini. Gauri says they are clever boys, they are doing something. Bhavya says now its time to raid inside. Anika says I went and did not get anything. Gauri says this time I will go. Om says Bunty, I want to have man to man talk, don’t cry please, I don’t know singing and dancing, but I know painting, just keep smiling. He hears footsteps and says Shivaye Papa has come. Gauri comes in and says there is no one here. Om hides with baby. She goes. Om says I have to take baby somewhere, but they are keeping an eye outside. He sees the laundry basket and says got it. Om says I m leaving him here Shivaye.

Shivaye is busy in boiling milk. Anika comes and asks what are you doing here. He asks what do you see. She says you are boiling milk, but why. He says for Bunty. She asks who Bunty. He says I said I m boiling milk for making kheer. She asks for a bird. He says its my wish. She says make it for entire family, I will add more milk. She adds milk and says I will help. He says no, you go. Anika asks what’s laundry basket doing here in kitchen. Shivaye says how would I know. She says fine, I will put this in machine. He says do anything you want, go. She says its heavy. He says there are much clothes in it. She takes the basket.

Om sees Gauri’s mum and asks what are you finding. She says my medicine fell down. Gauri looks on. Om gives her the medicine. He asks her to think of him as her son and order by all rights. He gives her water and says call me if you want anything. Gauri thinks Om is really nice, I thought he will get my anger out on my mum, but proved me wrong. Om goes to Shivaye. Shivaye says let’s go, Rudra is making Bunty alone. Om says no, Rudra does not have Bunty, I have put him…where is laundry basket. Shivaye says Anika took it to put clothes in washing machine. Om says Bunty was inside laundry basket. Shivaye asks what. They run to stop Anika. Anika says don’t know what he thinks of me. She puts the clothes one by one. Anika get a call. She says yes, I m putting clothes in machine and coming. Rudra comes there and sees her lifting the basket. He gets shocked and stops her by calling out. She keeps the basket back. She asks what. He sees the machine spinning and worries. She asks what. He sees baby in basket and gets relieved. She asks what happened. He says my wallet was left in my jeans. She says you were crying for wallet. He says my language got like you. She says fine. He sees the baby and smiles. She turn to see.

Shivaye holds her and stops. She asks what are you doing. He says actually, I came to ask, what happened in kitchen. She asks what. He says I was making kheer. Rudra attends baby and asks what. Shivaye says I don’t know making kheer. She asks did you come here to say this, are you fooling me, what are you seeing there. He holds her hand and kisses. She says leave it, Rudy is here. Rudra looks on. Shivaye says I won’t do this. Rudra says I m not here. Shivaye says you should not be here, go. He signs Rudra. He hugs Anika. Rudra keeps the basket out of the window and jumps over. He leaves.

Anika asks what was this, what’s happening, you were trying to divert my attention, so you came close and spoke about food, knowing both are my weakness. He asks weakness. She says yes, food is my weakness. He says food is also your weakness, wipe your sweat. He goes. She turns and sees basket gone. She says was Shivaye cooking kheer or any khichdi.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the camera feed. Anika says Om got that basket, they were hiding something, I told you these three have some connection with basket, I took basket to laundry, Rudra came running after me and got me busy in talk, and then Shivaye came and did…. Bhavya asks what. Anika recalls the moment and says he started talking weird things. Bhavya says he always talks sensible things. Anika says I was thinking how strange things he was saying, he spoke of kheer and my fav food, I felt hungry and got into a chat with him, Rudra took basket and disappeared. Bhavya says that basket has something which they are hiding, we have to scare them. Gauri asks by becoming ghosts. Bhavya says no when problem comes, person saves one whom he loves, they will run and get the thing what they are hiding from us.

Anika says they won’t leave from room. Bhavya says they would be scared of something. Gauri says Om is scared of sweets. Anika says Rudra is scared of fatness. Bhavya says something that scares them much. Anika says anyone can run if house catches fire. Bhavya says perfect idea. Anika says no, it just slipped. Gauri says its good, we will not ignite fire, I will do action and show.

She lights incense sticks and says this smoke will ring smoke alarm, then they will think house caught fire. Bhavya praises her and asks her to take incense sticks close. Gauri says nothing is happening. Anika says its Oberois’ alarm, it won’t support us. Bhavya says I think it got damaged. Anika says think if house catches fire at night, we will die while sleeping, I have to talk to Khanna and get security system checked, I m house owner, how will I spend so much. Bhavya says we will focus on mission first. Gauri asks alarm to ring. They ask her to come down. Anika tells her idea.

Shivaye and Omru put baby to sleep. Shivaye says thank God Bunty is safe. Om says we got attached to him in one day. Rudra says I can’t afford anything happening to him. Shivaye says we will not leave him alone, we will be with him. Om says we will divide timings. Rudra says yes, I will get time for gym. Shivaye says Rudra will take his responsibility today and we will manage him tomorrow. They turn and see Rudra sleeping. Om says we have to manage two babies. Shivaye says I will see Bunty tonight, you go and rest. Om says no, I won’t leave you two, come.

Pinky stops Tej and says you have crossed all limits of shame, you are playing with Jhanvi’s emotions. He says these questions are making me a laugh, playing with emotions and fooling someone is your fav passtime, we know what you did with Shivaye and Anika, you could not see Shivaye’s happiness and came to ask for Jhanvi’s happiness, did you not get shame before giving this lecture. She says I know all your affairs. He says if I say anything against you, everyone will agree, but none will believe you, you fell in everyone’s eyes by your deeds, just imagine, if I tell Shivaye that Anika left house because of you, then what respect will he have for you, I don’t need to do anything, if you have to worry, then worry for yourself, Jhanvi has two sons, you have nothing, I can foresee the future that you will lead a sad miserable life. Pinky says I can say same for you, your sons will leave with Jhanvi, Om will not listen to you and Rudra will follow Om. He says we shall see, who has seen tomorrow. She says yes, I will say everything to Jhanvi. He says I won’t stop you, you can’t harm anything, Jhanvi is there. He goes.

Its night, baby is sleeping. Anika tries to open the lock. Bhavya says its a crime, I should file a case against you, but everything is fair in love and war. Anika opens the door. They get in the darkness. Bhavya falls over Rudra. Kitna pyara hai ye pyaar….plays…. Gauri falls over Om. Anika falls over Shivaye. She asks what are you doing. He says you are in my room, who fell over me. She says let me go. He asks her to go. The couples have an eyelock. They hear the baby and get shocked seeing the baby.

Pinky shows the video to Jhanvi and says Tej is accepting his doings, he is cheating you, he is enjoying with that Botox girl. Jhanvi smiles. Pinky asks did you get shock. Jhanvi says I m laughing on you, you will never change, you are trying to create misunderstanding between me and Tej, he told me that you will come to tell this nonsense, why are you finding happiness in other’s sorrow, was it less what you did with Shivaye that you got after me and Tej, I won’t accept your interference in my personal life, so mind your own business. She goes. Pinky says I will get Tej’s truth out and shut their mouths.

Anika says so you were hiding this baby. Gauri says you came to take clothes for baby. Bhavya says you took milk for baby. Anika says baby was in laundry basket, if I had put him in machine then. Gauri and Anika ask whose baby is this. Shivaye and Omru say maybe this baby is of either of us. They get shocked. Shivaye says we did not had time to think, baby came and we took care of him. Anika asks why did you hide. Om asks what could we do, we got a note, it was written the baby is of either of us. Anika asks but whose. Shivaye says don’t know. Gauri says how to know. Shivaye says it will be clear by DNA test. Rudra says be it anyone, we have to care for baby, afterall he is an Oberoi. Anika says it means baby can be of anyone of you three, even of yours. Shivaye says everything will be known by DNA test. Gauri says it means, before marriage you…. if its your baby then. Om says we will handle it.

Bhavya says baby’s eyes are Kanji like Shivaye, but he is not so careless, Om no way. Rudra says then I m left, baby can be mine. She says I don’t think so. He asks why. She says you can’t do this. He says I m lady killer, girls run after me. She asks when is the DNA test. Shivaye says tomorrow, but till DNA test results come, baby responsibility will be of us. Baby cries. He asks Anika to call Rudra. She asks why. He says just Rudra can make him quiet. She says I can make him quiet, I raised Sahil. He says you can drop him, you don’t know him. She says you are looking his mummy. He asks her to call Rudra. She says yes, I can make baby quiet. She tries. He asks are you done, now will you call Rudra.

She says are you not getting smell, baby did potty, we have to change his diaper. He says be careful, Bunty should not be hurt. She changes diaper and says Bunty… who kept Bunty name. He says Rudy did. She says if girl’s name is Bunty, it looks strange. He asks is Bunty a girl. She says yes, your Bunty is actually Babli. He smiles and texts Omru. He does Aw. Om says Bunty is a girl. Rudra says Bunty is Babli, aw.

Shivaye hugs baby and sings Chukar mere mann ko….. Anika asks will you make her sleep this way. Shivaye says yes, she sleeps this way. Shivaye and Anika make the baby sleep and kiss the baby. They see each other.

Shivaye asks where is the baby. Rudra says don’t worry, baby is safe. Dadi gets the baby. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hii everyone..iam a silent reader..but after seeing these episodes i want to ask u guys have u all seen starone sjhow miley jab hum tum….because these days iam feeling more of the story resemblence…its jst my view

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      I think most of us were child during “Miley jab hum tum”.

  2. Drama queen;-)

    The episode was awesome!!! Seriously it has become one of my fav serial.Love shivikaaaaaaa!!!!!I am really enjoying the current track. It’s just awesome!!!!!well however it reminds me of my can movie “heyy baby”. Aewwwwww bunty is actually bubbly,,,shoooooooooooooooo sweeet!!! Bunty/bubbly is sooooo cute. I have fallen in love with her… Loved shivika scenes a lot just one complain they said they will show ib 1 hour but they Actually show 45 mins including ads. Pls ib 1 ghanta dikhaona mera you man karta hei no prob get PhDs dun dekhu but emotions aside pls at least 1 ghanta you Banta hei….

  3. Chinu

    Awesome episode

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