Ishqbaaz 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Priyanka and Daksh get engaged

Ishqbaaz 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika keeps rings near the idol. She says sorry, I know stealing is a sin, but I still did, you know my intention isn’t wrong, I want to stop this engagement, I have placed these rings in your feet as I have no right on these, once engagement gets delayed, I will put them back, forgive me, help me expose Daksh. She holds ears and says sorry. She turns and sees Shivaye. She says you… He says yes, its me. They ask what are you doing here… she says I came to seek Lord’s blessings. She goes. He says she is behaving strange today, what do I care. He goes. Daksh hugs Omru and Shivaye. They congratulate Daksh. Tia hugs them too. She says you look good. Shivaye says you too look good. Omru laugh. Tia asks what’s so funny. Om says its fun to watch Shivaye in social gathering, it gets awkward for

him, he keeps moving so that nobody hugs him. She asks what do you mean. He says we are going to show you a demo. He goes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says what are you doing. Rudra says I wanted to hug you, carry on. Om says now its my turn.

He goes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says what’s wrong with you. Om says I saw Rudra hugging you, I couldn’t resist and came to hug. Shivaye says stay in your limits. Rudra laughs. Shivaye asks what’s all this. Rudra says its a demo, we wanted to show what’s in store for her after marriage. Om says ideally, what’s not in store for her. Rudra says you can’t sing this song, Baahon me chala aa, because there’s no hug in Shivaye’s dictionary. Om says yes, forget it. Shivaye says shut up. Tia says you guys always pull his leg, very bad. Rudra says we can’t hug him, then why not pull his leg. Om laughs. Shivaye says not funny, I better go check the arrangements than hearing your stupid jokes. Tia also goes. Rudra says Tia didn’t react, I thought she would be angry, she would think, how will he love if he can’t even hug. Om says don’t worry, Shivaye will learn how to hug and love, you know how, she is going to teach him. They laugh.

Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. Tu jaane na…..plays….. She stumbles by footing the carpet. He holds her and hugs. He opens arms for her. She gets away. He gets his hands back. She turns away. He goes. Rudra asks did you see that, are you thinking the same. Om says yes, what are you thinking. Rudra says Shivaye hugged Anika. Om says he didn’t hug her, she slipped, he was just helping her. Rudra says if you were in Anika’s place, would he help you this way. Om signs don’t know. Rudra says let me test, I will go and fall near Shivaye. Om says we will talk to him later. Dadi asks shall we perform the rituals if you are done talking. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks Shivaye to get engagement rings. She says I had kept the rings in puja as well, Guru ji said when you exchange those rings, there won’t be any problem. She asks them to exchange rings. She opens the boxes and sees rings missing. She asks where are the rings.

Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Shivaye says I kept these in cupboard and just got it. Rudra says it means the rings got stolen. Dadi asks who will steal the rings, its just family here, mahurat will end in some time. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will check and come. He goes and checks the cupboard well. He says I didn’t get the rings. He sees Anika smiling. He says we couldn’t find the rings, but the engagement will surely happen. Dadi asks how will it happen without rings. Shivaye says there are still 10 mins left. Om asks what can we do in 10mins. Shivaye says leave that to me. Anika says engagement won’t happen, I will get time to get proof against Daksh.

Shivaye holds her. She asks what are you doing. He says when you couldn’t stop the marriage, you are trying to break it, you tried to stop the puja yesterday and today the engagement. She says I don’t know what you are talking about. He says you made Daksh fall sick and emptied the car fuel, you stole the rings today, I know this. She says leave my hand. He pulls her back and says what about you being after my sister’s happiness. She says I m doing this for Priyanka’s welfare, that guy is wrong. He says Daksh is not wrong, you are wrong, your antics, thinking and perception is wrong, I have warned you before, its my final warning, if there is any problem in Priyanka’s marriage, then, I will do something which you will never be able to forget. She says you won’t be able to do anything. She goes. He says you don’t know who I m.

Daksh says I swear to God…. and holds her. He says you are crazy for me, is this how much you like me, did you think I won’t know it, you have hid the rings so that my engagement breaks, beautiful girls are stupid, you thought you will call off my marriage, it will happen, I promise I will never break your heart and spend time with you as well. She pushes him and says get lost, else I will slap you, if you say such nonsense, I will beat you with my sandal, even I get anger, I wasn’t showing it up as I didn’t want to create a scene, the day I lost it, I won’t control my anger that day, I was khidkitod before and I m still khidkitod. He looks at her. She says stop dreaming of marrying Priyanka, I won’t let that happen, even in your dreams. She goes.

Dadi says engagement mahurat will end in 5mins, how will marriage happen then. Shivaye says engagement will happen and marriage too, I got the rings. Dadi asks where did you get them. He recalls seeing Anika on camera feed. He says in the temple, I kept them there and forgot. Dadi says make it fast, exchange rings. Priyanka asks where is Anika. Om says I saw her going towards outhouse. Dadi says mahurat will end, exchange rings fast. Priyanka and Daksh exchange the rings. Everyone showers flowers on them. They smile. Everyone claps. Dadi says everything is done well on time, thanks Lord. Om asks her to give sweets to everyone. Dadi asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I have an imp work pending, I will just finish it and come. He thinks I won’t allow that girl to stay in my house. He goes.

Gauri asks Nikhil not to be shy and have biscuits. She says you have come late with a marriage proposal. He says I know I made Anika wait a lot, I fulfilled my promise and got my parents to fix our alliance. Gauri says lets not make them wait, lets get you both married soon. His dad says we are ready to get baraat soon. Sahil’s mum says no, we are not in a condition to give dowry. Nikhil’s mum says we don’t want dowry, we just want Anika, she is precious to us, we will find a mahurat for marriage. Gauri asks pandit to give mahurat. She asks Anika and Nikhil to feed sweets to each other. Shivaye comes shouting Anika. Anika stops and sees him. Sahil’s mum says Anika’s marriage is getting fixed. He asks marriage. She says yes. She asks Gauri to give him sweets. Gauri asks him to have sweets. He takes a laddoo. Sahil’s mum asks him to sit, the house belongs to him. He says no, its fine, I wanted to talk to you, can you come out. He goes.

Anika says call off this wedding, that guy isn’t right for Priyanka. He asks what’s the guarantee that the guy you are marrying is good. She says Mr. Oberoi…. He says my name is Shivaye, you can address me by my name. Nikhil holds her and calls her would be Mrs. Nikhil Sharma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    I loved Daksh expression in today’s episode ???? Worth watching……

    1. Hiii Ruby…congrats..GRG….yeh Daksh toh dargaya..

    2. Luthfa

      Go Ruby Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Hehehehe….Me too???????????????

  2. Hi pkjians..
    Kaisa haal chaal hai…..all ok na
    I am so happy with today’s epi..???
    The most important part is anika se hui daksh kappor ki chop …oh my god anika you are best …???
    I loved this Khidkitodh anika so muchhh……
    So finally priyanka ki engagement ho hi gayi …ok thik hai but don’t underistimade our anika …saadi to nahi hogi pakka….☺☺☺
    Anika Anika Anika……
    She looking too good in that black shari ..uuufffff meri to halat kharap ho gayi thi ….shivay ka reaction to fir bhi less tha …mujhe to laga ki bechara behos hi na ho jaye….

    Precap–redux to change nahi honewala ..aur mujhe nahi cahiye ki redux na ho ..mujhe to maza a rahahai …..
    Shivay ko dekh kar lag raha hai he is hurt ..huuuhhhh..shivay ka reaction na kabhi jada ho jata hai kabhi bohot kam …but mujhe to maza a raha hai …????
    Waiting for watch jelousy shing obroi…..
    That line ..shivay bhi bol sakti ho nahi..awwweee so cute …???

    Byyeee ..guys …
    Actually clg start ho gayi hai to . thats why i am little bit busy ..but honestly today anika force me to comment ..i loved her so much..and to you all…..???

    1. Not only your tani..meri bhi halat kharab hogayi he.Annika ko dekh kar..she was looking damn beautiful and gorgeous yarr..
      Even I am too loving this redux very much..
      Haan sab ok he….
      No prblm dear….you can comment when you will get time…????….
      Annika was soo good yesterday …….
      Love you dear..

    2. Luthfa

      Network has done OMM of my reply.Anyway,our khidkitode Anika is back and I just loved it so very much.And Shivaay is going to show his possessive avatar for his Anika.I am really very excited.It’s okay dear.Concentrate on your study.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Take care?

  3. Hello hello my dear family PKJ, i hope everyone is fine.

    I loved today’s episode. Especially when Anika walked into the mansion with that sizzling outfit and what a song Tu Jaane……. What a song!! I love this song so much. But I do miss Lafzon song.

    Anika always slips and when she slipped my heart started thumping loudly. Shivaay who refused to hug Omru and Tia just instantaneously hugged Anika wholeheartedly. He never let go until she moved. In fact he was still kind of holding her but in the air.

    I loved Rudra’s part when he asked Om are you thinking what I am thinking? Jealous Shivaay looks so good to look at. I love it when Shivaay gets jealous. I myself got irked when I saw the precap and NIkhil putting his arms around Anika. It should be only Shivaay and no one else.

    Waiting for tomorrow episode to see jealous SSO

    1. Hiii Sindhu di..yeh that saree was peefect for Annika.
      Me too mising lafzo ka..but don’t think it wil ever show in redux…..
      I can’t understand Sso’s he jelous or he is hurt seeing Annika with someone..i am hell confused…lets see

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      The lyrics of the song Tu jane na suit Shivika’s current relationship beautifully.I love this song but nothing can match O Jana and I am waiting for its return.Shivika were on fire yesterday.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  4. Riana

    Anika you proved again that you’re more and more khidkitod now ????????????????????????????????
    How she scared and threatened that D ??…I mean Daksh was super duperb wowsomee !!! ????????
    And that dialogue…
    Shivaay – Shivaay singh oberoi kuch bhi karsakta hain ?
    Anika – kuch nahi kar payenge aap ! ??
    Like i was ?????????
    Loving this anika like anything and shivaay is more adorable now….????
    When he heard that anika is getting engaged to nikhil…his face was like ?????
    Also taking laddoos from gauri’s hands ???
    Awwwww that scene was ???????
    Precap – MASTAAA !! ?????????????????…Finally shivaay ????
    ???????…Ooooffff when they will show rikara…. ????????…..Itna gussa araaha hain…spoilers says that gul has planned a grand meeting from rikara ??????
    Oooooofff waiting ??????

    1. Riana we all know Sso kuch bhi kar sakta he..hum bhi nahi bhul payehe abhi tak..????….
      Pata nahi aab kya karega..want daksh to be exposed soon..
      Don’t know when rikara will meet..

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..I loved the expression of Shivaay at the time of hugging Anika as well as in outhouse.Bechara,he looked so hurt.Let’s see what is going to happen next.And Anika just nailed it yesterday.Take care?

  5. Hello dear Luthfa, Banita Arpu, Pushpa, Ishita Sneha Tania, Shivya ZAra Kadhambari Omaira Dhawani Kirshna Shiny little Jeevi beauty Aayush and many many more friends

    1. Hiii…sindhu di
      I am fine di are you

      1. I am fine Tania. Lots of love my dearie.?

    2. Hlo i am are you????.

      1. I am good Arpu and love seeing you around PKJ site. How I missed you when you had your exams?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,have a nice day ahead.Love you?

  6. Today’s episode was just awesome and finally our khidkitod anika is back…..
    And anika would be mrs nikhil sharma… Sso jealousy next….

  7. Today’s episode was just awesome and finally our khidkitod anika is back…..
    And anika would be mrs nikhil sharma… Sso jealousy next…. But the way shivaay behaved with his brothers was not so good….iam missing their kitchen bromance….

    1. Hii Ateequa Sso ka mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaraha…..
      This is the redux Sso all love goes towards his sisters..even I am missing their kitchen bromance….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ateequa,
      Yes,khidkitode Anika is back with a bang.Me too is missing bromance and kitchen moments.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  8. Luthfa

    “I saw you coming towrads me but it was I who was moving faster than necessary,step by step.Whenever you come in my sight,I feel like a lost entity.You presence makes me realize a very familiar feeling always which I can’t understand.Today you are coming in my direction and I have felt my heart is rejoicing and I feel it every time.My eyes were on you and yours on me and we got lost in each other.Sometimes I wonder what is it that you have done to me?Why I can’t take my eyes off you?I hate it to see you in pain but why?Those thoughts are just keep repeating in my mind.My heart wants to care for you without caring my commands.I am going down and down immersing in my own feelings regarding you.With you around,I feel my heart is at peace.So much I want to tell you but fail to vocalize those in words.I have become a puzzle to myself and I think only you can help me to solve it”

    1. Hiiii…luthfa
      How are you dr ..
      Woowwww really nice analysis yr ..and i knew ki tum aj is topic pe hi comment karogi …
      Seriously shivay’s reaction is like 100 cororse ki expression…his face and eyes said many things which he can’t say directly….

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Tania,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing great.Yes,Shivaay wants to tell so much but he simply can’t tell.He needs someone to make him talk.And luckily Anika is here for him.Soon he will start talking.Thank you sooooooo…..very much for your appreciation.Love you?

    2. Hello my dear Luthfa, what an analysis! Actually I had the same to same feeling when Shivaay saw her in that sizzling saree and having the mind voice that I can’t take my eyes off you. As much as I hate you but that hatred is turning into love and now developing into jealousy realising that Anika is going to belong to someone soon. His crestfallen face when he realised that her Roka is happening and Shivaay’s lost of words. Lu when he came in and wanted to question her angrily and actually want her to leave the house he stopped short when realised she was getting engaged. Now he doesn’t need to tell her to leave the house as she is going to leave soon and he feeling that sudden lost. Shivaay is thinking why am I behaving like this? Why am I feeling even jealous that someone is holding Anika? Oh lu you made me just write these as well.

      Great going lu and wonderful analysis.

      I am beginning to love this Anika so much and shivaay evergreen handsome. Anika is definitely better in this role and I can’t take my eyes off both of them. I kept watching all the repeats on TV until my sister told me to buy a ticket and fly to Mumbai and visit the shooting sets. ?

      1. Luthfa

        Wow di,just wow.You have captured those feelings of Shivaay which are very subtle to even Shivaay very beautifully.He is new to love and experiencing all those first time happening moments.He is unaware that he is gradually falling in love against the wish of his heart.This is bound to happen.

      2. Luthfa

        His heart is fearing to lose Anika forever subconsciously that’s why he seems so hurt and broken from inside as well as outside.He can’t let her go and be someone else’s but how helpless he is to utter those words!Love is gripping his heart slowly and he will become an Ishqbaaaz soon.

      3. Luthfa

        Anika is doing her job perfectly.She is best pairing against this Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is hurt,broken yet strong to the world.And he is perfect match for Anika who is sober,calm and quiet.Both of them are in much pain and only their love can heal each other.And di,you too have become one of the crazy lover of IB and Shivika.Do come to visit the set,if possible.Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your love di.Love you?

    3. He bhagwan..koi isse Sso ke atma ke andar dal that Sso can say his dil ki baat.??.
      Lu you are nailing it..

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehehe…….How I wish someone put me inside Anika so that I can hear those words which Shivaay would tell to her,through some magical power!Anyone is here to fulfill my wish?Thank you sooooooo….very much for your appreciation darling.Love you?

  9. VINDY

    Omg??? Mrs.Nikhil Sharma? I wish if rings hv vanished without founded by shivaye….Anyway waiting for tomorrows epi……And shivaye’s face when he heard that anika is getting married♥️???

    1. Hii Vindy dear..yeh Sso’s face was worth watching……..seeing Nkhil with Annika….??

    2. Luthfa

      Yes,me too wanted the same.Jealous SSO is on the way.Very much excited?

  10. Luthfa

    So Mr.Daksh Kapoor,I hope you have understood with whom you are dealing.I won’t be surprised if you tell that you have forgotten her name as well as yours for few minutes or can’t remember.See Daksh,we girls look very delicate and fragile from outside but the reality is something else.When necessary those delicate figure holder can hold sword in hand and slay those who tries to cross the limit way too much.Don’t consider a girl who is silent and tolerating everything,will keep continue doing so all the time.It’s not safe to play with fire and if you dare so then get ready to burn.Anika is here to make you realize your real worth.Your beastly instincts can’t match the power of the inner strength of a girl who decides to tackle you down and take you to the Zoo where people like you belong.And it’s the age old habit of you guys to underestimate girls and their silence.You take them for granted assuming them defense less.You have seen the consequences of messing with the silence of a girl.And I hope you have learnt your lesson.If not,then next time only God can help you.

    1. He perfect words for those man like girls can be soft as flower ..if someone will messes up wrongly with them then they can react as valcano….I was speechless by Annika..
      Want a perfect Omm for Daksh..

      1. Luthfa

        You are right darling.This time Anika should do the honour of punishing Daksh along with Priyanka for harassing her and cheating on other.Let’s see.

  11. Luthfa

    Hehehe….Today Shivaay has become the wholesale target of everyone’s hug.One by one OmRu and Tia hugged him to show the demo of his inability to hug other and made fun of it but after just few seconds,they were proved wrong.Shivaay Can hug and he did hug that person who was so used to of his hug,his Anika.Rudra and Om’s dialogues are quite funny.It seemed Rudra got that what happened actually but Om didn’t.Don’t know when both of them will start shipping Shivika.The most entertaining part was Anika-Daksh face off.Just mind blowing performance.I just got reminded of Aastha di so very much.Her love for Daksh was something different.

    1. Even i am missing Astha …
      Actually Rudy is calling Annika as Annika not di…i am feeling sad..even i want them to be shivika shiper…
      And yeh Mrs Nikhil Sharma..???????..indeed joke of the year
      Sso will be kike don’t even think About it…this woman is mine only mine…..?????…
      Loving episodes..

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe…..Yeah that “Baho main chali aa” was really very chessey as well as funny.Now Shivaay will turn his possessive mode on.Mr.Sharma will start having nightmares in broad daylight.Oh,I am excited to the power of infinity.Let’s see?

  12. Luthfa

    And joke of the century is future Mrs.Sharma!!!!!Carry on Mr.Sharma as it’s cost nothing to dream.You will find your Mrs.Sharma one day but whom you are referring is already someone’s Mrs.and would-be-Mrs as well??????????????????????????????

  13. hi..??
    I’m a big fan of shivika n am a silent reader too. bt i was unable to see them fOr 2 mnths.. i don’t understand the current story.. why they separate n whats going on the oberoi mansion?? anybody pls batha dho yaar.. ?

    1. Hii Kratika….now shivika are in alternative universe …a person Mihir Aswathi….said that love is nothing ..Annika defended it and Sso also support her..then he said I will sent both of you same day same place…lets see how you will meet.
      And so the redux story is started.
      And in this rume Sso loving his Sis more than his bros..
      If I will say you will not understand Go and watch..bcoz it is kinda confusung need to watch the episodes…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Kratika,
      Redux is happening in IB.Real IB has been stopped and a new story has started,from that point.You have not watched it for two months so it is difficult to understand for you.But I hope you have got some information as Arpita mentioned about recent IB.Take care?

  14. Hey guys. I have a question. This Ishqbaaz redux is just temporary right. Once Shivika fell in love & realize their feelings for one another, the track will be over and we will get back the original track right? I mean this track is just an answer to Mihir Aswathi’s questions right? I’m really missing the original track

    1. As far as we know they will back to real universe..
      But DON’T know what Cvs will do…..

    2. Luthfa

      You are right.Let’s see what happens next?

  15. dear friends…
    I am here after a long time…actually I have some questions…can you please answer these if it is known by any of you..??
    1. Has our shivika journey finished with this redux track…?? if not then will it be continued from where it was ended..??
    2. Someone said that shivika shadi in 7 days but here it is prianka wedding in 7 days..what is right..??
    3. and most importantly can annika expose daksh.. ya phir daksh aur prianka ka shadi ho jayegi…???
    Please friends mujhe bohot accha lagega agar aap mai se kisi ne bhi mera iss sawal ka jabab de do…
    Please friends please…it’s an humble request…

    1. Hiii Shamrin dear…
      1.Redux is not finished yet and it is not going to end so soon
      2.Prinku wedding is happening in 7 days..but inseven days what twist is coming is still unknown to us…
      3.this question is akso going on our mind…but probably..Daksh will not sble to marry prinku( i want).
      Lets see what Cvs will do..

  16. Finally Anika is back.

  17. Hiiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love Vs Destiny
    Chapter 18….

    Episodes are getting good and intresting day bu excitement is also increasing…….

    Good norning gonna give short comment.

    OM ka CCTV footage..???????????????Annika did those things so it captured in CCTV..but what daksh is doing nothing known to anyone..dhanya aapki mahima.CCTV ji…
    Shivika rashan was totally on fire today….botb are doing things for prinku…but they doing totally opposite thing…

    Bilu was completely mesmerized today..I wanted this badly and finally it happened..badly missed oh jaana…..but scene was lit…….even after Annika compsed herself he was soo s lost…looked like he hugged himself and check his heart…????.
    —– God….what a tashan D ki toh chop hogayi…yeh this what you..fearless…..i really love this version of Annika……..D toh dargaya..???????…

    Ok ye Bilu such main sau rangi he..i can’t able to undehim..he came to Annika’s house with anger but just seeing eith other man he became hurt… bilu mere sar ke upar ja raha he.

    Precap- awwwwwwwBiluji….neither you can handle BILUJI nor Mr Oberoi…..
    Has tears in his eyes..
    Remembering first sangeet of Sso…same feeling is coming again.

    One thing is final..something big is going to happen..don’t know what??????????????…..

    P.S – omru as always..too f
    Good..but i am not able to handle tia ki bacchi..upar se they are calling her bhabs…???..
    Ok byy i need to brush my teeth…

    1. You know Arpu you nailed it. That was what went through my mind. How is it whenever Dhaksh corner Anika and man handle her no Oberois or even the staff is around to witness it but when Shivika are there somehow some others see it like Omru saw the hug of Shivika. I just can’t understand how Dhaksh keeps escaping. But anika the brave lion just gave a piece of her mind. In three days she is going to stop the wedding. Let sleeping dogs lie. Apparently Dhaksh does not know this idiom. But I just love our Anika Arpu. I honestly can’t take my eyes off her and Shivaay. I am kind of liking this Anika so much than the old IB Anika. I still like the khidkithod Anika but this is definitely better. I love how she dignifies people and speaks so respectfully to people and very gentle in her words unless someone provoked her. Oh my Arpu I just love ? this redux. I wished they had it for 40mins.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,good afternoon.
      Hehehe…..I am glad that cctv of OM has come fore front once again.During Tia exposing track,it was very famous topic to discuss and everyone made much fun of it.Everything is going smoothly.Waiting for today’s episode.Jealous SSO rocks.Hope you have done brushing????????????

  18. dear arpu…
    I know that redux is not ending so soon…I just want to know kya hamari purani shivika journey khatam ho gaya..???
    and as for redux track I only say that it will depend only the trp…if trp fall continuously then makers may have to think something about it.
    and I have seen that with this track trp is decreasing because audience are not mad that they will wait another 400 episode for their love story….

  19. Luthfa

    Hello Tania,how are you?
    You are absolutely right.Yesterday Anika stole the limelight.She confronted Daksh in her khidkitode avatar.Daksh’s expressions were so funny!And Shivaay is going to show his super possessive avatar for his Anika.I am very excited for upcoming.It’s okay dear.Concentrate on your study.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Take care?

  20. Luthfa

    Hello Tania,how are you?
    You are absolutely right.Yesterday Anika stole the limelight.She confronted Daksh in her khidkitode avatar.Daksh’s expressions were so funny!And Shivaay is going to show his super possessive avatar for his Anika.I am very excited for upcoming.It’s okay dear.Concentrate on your study.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Take care??

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies.. Anika expressions and looks are killer… God save the poor souls…
    And the precap indicating that love is blossom in the heart of shivaay…

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,how are you?
      Both Shivika were looking damn gorgeous.Black is absolutely their colour.And you are right.Love is blossoming in the heart of Shivaay.Waiting for Anika’s turn.Take care?

  22. Kash ye gana Baja diya hota- mere rashke kamar tune phli Nazar jb Nazar se milaayi maza aa Gaya… My God ki kasam, maza aa jata ? Shivaay jb bhi teary eyes show krta hai it melts my heart, awww. Wese shivika secretly got engaged. Excited to see the upcoming episode. But phir weekend 🙁

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