Chandrashekhar 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra loses another aide

Chandrashekhar 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra telling how Jatin’s death has brought a change in the country. Genda recalls Bhagat’s words and says none thinks of others, but Bhagat just thinks of others, they are big ideals, they are living their ethics. Bimal says yes, they didn’t eat anything since 63 days, but they still have courage. Genda says who can make such a big sacrifice, such a great self confidence. Bimal says yes, they are innocent, selfless, patriots. Genda says yes, I have misunderstood their good behavior. Bimal says they are humans, we turned to devils to trouble them. Chandra turns to pandit and does puja in temple.

Vesham meets Kamla and asks her to explain Chandra. She says I will talk to him, you assure me that you will manage the work here. He assures her. She goes to meet Chandra.

CID reaches there and tries to find Chandra. Veer signs towards Chandra. They see Chandra in the temple. Kamla asks where is Azad. Vesham says he is there. He shows Chandra to Kamla. They see the police. She asks him to save Chandra, she will meet him later. Vesham sends her. Chandra and police start firing at each other. Vesham asks Chandra to go, Kamla is safe, I have sent him back. Chandra asks him to leave. Vesham says there are many people, just go. He gives the gun to Vesham and asks him not to get caught.

Vesham gets caught in his leg. Chandra gets shocked. John catches Vesham. Chandra leaves. Bhagat gets the books and asks Genda about it. Genda says as you said, food and basic needs will be provided to all prisoners. Bimal says we will clean the jail, no one will fall sick because of food now. Bhagat asks what’s the matter, I can see pain in your eyes. Genda says I have understood life while playing the game of death, your real courage has changed me. Bimal says we can’t return your spent days, but we can make your stay better. Rajguru says you can’t understand this, this is really tough for us, when our soul gets free, our country will get free. Bhagat asks Bimal what is he hiding. Bimal shows the books. He says you can tell me if you need any book, I will get it for you.

Bhagat thanks him. Chandra asks Veer did you go to temple. Veer says no, I was cleaning the house. Chandra questions him. Veer worries. Bhagat meets his mum. He says you know weak and powerful can’t be equal. His mum cries and says we are weak, we can’t bear losing you. He says you should have thought once before applying for mercy plea, they have got fake evidences, but its true that I have killed Saunders, I m not upset to accept that truth, I regret that I didn’t wish wrong for anyone in the assembly incident, even then they got fake proofs. Chandra says I thought you were near the temple, I have seen someone. Veer says yes, why will I come there. Veer lies to him and takes some time off to go out and find about Vesham. Chandra sees the dirt footprints and thinks if Veer is lying. Sushila comes there. She asks what happened. Chandra says I couldn’t meet Kamla, Vesham got arrested, CID came there, don’t know who informed them, I have a doubt on Veer. She says don’t worry, I will find out and tell you. He says find out soon.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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