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Recap : SwaSan nok-jhok and Dp to see swasan..

Sanky : D.. Daddd.. ( tensed )

SwaSan both got up from their sit.. Swara was too nervous.. she was looking at floor only..

DP : ( sternly ) I want you "TWO" to follow me.. ryt now..

SwaSan looked at each other.. Dp once glanced at them n and sat in his car waiting fr them to cm.. Sanky hold swara's hand n assures her that everything will be fine.. she smiled a bit. N both sat in Dp's car..

Soon trio reached at MAHESHWARI MANSION!  Dp walk forward n went inside. SwaSan intertwined their fingers n walk behind him.. Ap was also standing there waiting fr them..

Dp was glaring sanky.. Swara tightened the grip on his hand.. Sanky assures her through his eyes..

Sanky : Dad.. I can explain.. ( cuts him )

Dp : I dont want any explanations,  Sanskar! I wanna knw whole damn truth..

Sanky : ( looking at Ap ) Mom..

Ap : Answer ur Dad , Sanskar..

Sanky : ( sighs ) Okay..

He told them how they met in clg.. singing competition… their love confession.

Sanky : We love each other.. madly, deeply.. n we want to marry..

Swara looked at him being shocked.

Swara : Sanskar…

Sanky : Yes Swara.. I want to marry you.. As soon as possible. B4 any hurdle cm in between.

Dp : N wat abt us? Don't u think u shd at least ask fr our permission?

Sanky : Dad.. We r nt doing anything widout ur permission. I knw I hided big thing frm u bt plz.. try to understand.

Dp : So.. We shd fix ur marriage? Ha???

Sanky : Dad.. vo.. I..

Ap : You what Sanskar? We dint expect this from you..

Swara looked at Sanskar with teary eyes.. Sanskar looks on worried.

Dp : You guys did mistake n now u hv to bear punishment.

Sanky : Dad.. punishment.. whats dat.. mom.. at least u..

Ap : What mom ha.. while doing all this love stuff did u ask mom? Ha? N yes.. u both will get ur punishments n that is..


SwaSan gets shocked. Their eyes literally popped out..

Sanky : WHATTTT???

Ap and Dp smiled.. Ap cm near swara n wiped her tears.. she caresses her face lovingly n kissed her forehead.

Ap : Yes.. you both heard ryt.. u guys hv to marry n this is ur punishment. U hv to bring my bahu soon in this house.. now its time of my retirement! ( laughs )

Sanky : ( confused ) Bt mom.. Dad.. u were supposed to be angry,  ryt? Hw.. suddenly.. u agreed.. u dont knw anything..

Dp : We knw everything my son.. from starting..

Sanky : wat? u knew?? Bt how??

Voice : bcz of us.. we told them everything.

Swara :

Shekhar : yes my princess.. we all planned to surprise u.. Dp is my childhood frnd..

Sanky : Yeah.. we r surprised! Indeed.. ( said mockingly ) shonaa.. nw dont take tension.. all is set.. ( winks )

Swara's eyes widen n she blushed hard..

Ap : ( hold his ear ) u besharam.. hv sm shame.. all elders are here only..

Sanky : ( winces in pain ) Aaaaoww.. mom.. leave na.. its paining. Ok m sorry..

Ap leaves his ear.. n hits his head playfully.. sanky hugs her..

Shekhar : ( in teasing way ) Vaise.. Dp.. what if we do engagement tmrw only.. I asked 1 pandit ji n he said there's no mahurat fr wedding after this month till next 6 months.. so shd we do engagement tmrw or wait till next six months..?? I dont hv any prob. I can wait..

Dp : me too..

Sanky : ( shocked ) No no no no no no.. we'll do engagement tmrw only.. I can't wait till next six months..bapre! 6 months.

All laughs while swara looked at him giving death glare.. Sanky smiled sheepishly.

Ap : ( teases ) What do u think swara beta??

Swara : ( blushes ) As u wish mom..

Saying this she ran out of house being shy.. all laughs.. n sanky scratches his head while grinning like an idiot n went behind her..

Swara sat on swing n was smiling recalling her n sanky's lovely moments. She was so happy.. Finally.. she was going to be MRS. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI! wowww!! Suddenly sm1 stopped her swing n kept his chin on her shoulder. She smiled..

Sanky : So, my gf Seems very happy today..

Swara : Yeah.. indeed.. m very happy..

Sanky : Hmm.. bt wats the reason ha???

Swara : Well, ur gf's marriage got fix, u knw! N tmrw its her engagement. So she's very happy..

Sanky : Achcha! Her marriage got fix? How could she do this to me? Now wat will happen to me??

Swara : ( taps her finger on her head n acts like thinking ) umm.. I think she got bore of u.. thats y she left u.. who'll stay with such an unromantic bf.. who only knws to fight or to get angry.. huhh..

Sanky : Ohh Achcha!

Swara : Haa.. n I bet.. that another guy must be very smart, handsome, dashing dan u.. n also ROMANTIC..

Saying this she got up n started to go inside bt sanky pulled her towards him n she landed on his chest..

Swara : Sankyyy.. wat.. wat r u doing? Sm 1 will see.. leave me..

Sanky : So I'm UNROMANTIC? huhh?? ( said huskily in her ears )

His words spread shiver to her nervers.. She started breathing heavily.

Swara : San..kyyy…

Sanky : ( leaning towards her ) Hmmmmmm…

Swara : Sm1.. sm1 will see..

Sanky : ( Still leaning ) let them see..

Swara looked at him n shouted suddenly..

Swara : Mommm!!!

Sanky : ( left her n looked here n there ) a.. voo.. swra.. mom.. smthng went.. in her eyes.. I was.. seeing..

Swara ran frm there n shouted while laughing..

Swara : u idiot.. No one is there.. look..

Sanky looked.. and really there was no one.. swara laughed.. sanky glared..

Sanky : ( Shouts ) Shonaa.. this is not fair…

Swara : ( shouts back while running inside ) Everything is fair in Love n War Mr. Maheshwari!

Sanky : ( smiles ) Damn!! This girl is making me crazy day by day.. Impossible! !!

He shook his head n went inside..

Episode ends. .

Precap : Engagement and..?????

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