This Is True Love (Episode 7)

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This Is True Love/TITL – Kaira FF
Episode 7!

Hey, all my ff viewers! Omg, I can’t thankyou enough for all the lovely comments you guys give me! Message me, for my ff ideas! Cheers to my 7th episode!

Karthik: Umm Naira, what are you doing?
Karthik: dekho, kitna, cute hai yeh coffee, peene se pehle iska photo kichke, insta pe post karoongi!
Karthik: tum girl bhi na, hamesha show off karti rahte ho!
Naira: chup, main show off, nahi karehi hoo
Karthik laughs and smiles
Karthik: tum kitna cute lagte ho, jab tum argue karti ho!
Naira smiles
Naira: ok, I should leave, mujhe Krishna, jaana tha, bhai ki help karne
Karthik: thike, first kiss then go
They come forward to each other and kiss, they turn around and gets shocked!
Karthik: di, tum yah?
Naira: woh, kriti di..

Kriti: it’s ok, mujhe pata chal gaya tha, that you love each, I readed all the messages on Karthik’s phone
Kriti: ajao, beto, I want to talk about something
Naira calls Naksh and says: I will come tomorrow, I’m busy!
They all sit together
Kriti: Did you tell, your family, Naira?
Kaira look at each other and says: No, di we haven’t

Kriti smiles
Kriti: achha, hai nahi bataya, I think you should tell them later, because Akshara aunty just…you know what I mean. They need some time, like at least 6 or 7 months
Naira: ha, di, you are right
Karthik: magar, jaise hi, mera dadi ko pata chale to woh shadi karadigi
Kriti: yeh, toh achi baat hai, you guys will start your new life together!
Karthik: Kriti, tum toh jaanti hoon na, dadi ko! She will test Naira, if she can become an good bahu.

Kriti: yes, you are right. You guys love each other, I don’t think that dadi has to test Naira. She looked after her family when Aunty left. Naira: ha, di, apki family, meri family jaise hi hai. Aur ban bhi jayegi shaddi ke baad!
Karthik: but, dadi needs to understand, we will have to talk to dadi
Naira: nahi, Karthik
Karthik: what do you mean?

Naira: Dadi, is not bad she just has her own point of view seeing things! Like we have opinion also she does! Also if she will test me, there is nothing wrong, she is doing it for the family! I believe that I will pass this test!

(Guys, I know a lot of yrkkh viewers are hating dadi, I just want to say, she doesn’t dislike Naira, she just have her own view of seeing things, hope you understand!)

Next day… At 2pm….
Naira, Karthik and Kriti, goes to Natik and Naksh’s restaurant, called ‘Krishna’
Naira: bhai, I’m here, with Kriti and Karthik, you needed some help?
Naksh: Tara, is tensed for her baby
Kriti: Naksh, don’t worry, this happens, when a girl is pregnant
Karthik: You set a date for her!

Naira: What do you mean?
Karthik: you should decorate this restaurant with, flowers and candles with you and Tara bhabhi memories, all your photos and stuff!
Kriti: Karthik, is right, it is important, to make Tara feel happy and loved!
Naksh hugs Karthik
Naksh: Thank You for the idea!
Karthik: No, problem

Gayu comes too, Kriti, Naira and Gayu go shopping for decorations
At the mall…
Naira: Omg look at this big 3d model cardboard church, we need to buy this! Bhai and bhabhi, met at a church, so this will be special, but we all will build it together
They buy it

Naksh at home..
Tara: Naksh, you here?
Naksh: oh, woh! I wanted something
Tara: You tell me what you need, and sit down and I’ll find it
Naksh carries Tara and puts her in bed and covers her with soft blanket!
Tara: Naksh, what is this?
Naksh: chup chap leti raho, yape! You should rest, close your eyes and sleep!
Tara: you sleep with me!

Naksh comes in the bed and sleeps with her!
After 30 mins…
Naksh sees Tara has fallen asleep and kisses her on her forehead and finds the album of him and Tara’s photos! He gets all there memories, and leaves for Krishna

At Krishna
Kaira and Kriti and Gayu decorated everything!
Naksh comes there and says: omg, Tara will be so happy, I can’t wait to romance with her! Naksh realizes what he said and looks at them
They all laugh!
Karthik: dekho, abhi se hi, romance ke baare meh hi soch raha hai! Aage jaake, kitne kids hone wale, iske!
They all laugh!
Karthik helps Naksh put all his and Tara’s photos on the wall!
Naksh: This looks all amazing! All is done!
Kriti, Naira and Gayu, bring the big church 3D model in!
Naira: This will make it more special!
Naksh gets amazed
Naksh: wow

Naksh hugs Gayu, Kriti and Naira
Naira: bhai also hug Karthik, we just buyed this, but when we got confused how to make this, Karthik helped us
Naksh smiles and hugs Karthik and says: Thanks, Karthik for this date idea and helping these 3 beautiful girls!
They all smile
Kriti, Gayu and Naira makes the food for the date!

Naksh enters and start cooking!
Kriti: Naksh, you chill, we will do the cooking, you go!
Naksh: Yes, you guys make the other dishes, I will make ‘masala dosa’ by myself! Because that is Tara’s favourite dish!
They smile!
Naksh: Idea! Naira can you go and get ‘gol gappa’ because, I know Tara loves eating ‘gol gappa’ Once me and Tara before marriage, we had an an gol gappa competition!
Kriti: Tara will love gol gappa at this time, this time, the women always wants something khatta!


Naira: Ok I will, go!
Kriti and Gayu says together! Naira wait!
Kriti and Gayu look at each other, Naksh looks on
Naira: Ha di, what happened?
Kriti: ummm, Naira go with Karthik, to get gol gappa
Naira: Why? He should stay here, and help you guys?
Gayu: bilkul nahi, it is not safe Naira, for you to go alone! Go with Karthik!
Naksh: Yes, Kriti and Gayu is right!
Naira agrees!
Gayu and Kriti winks at Naira!

Naira in mind: oh ok, I know why they want me and Karthik, to go together! Naira smiles
Naira goes to Karthik

Karthik: woh, bhai wants me and you to go and get gol gappa for Tara bhabhi and bhai! Actually also have a very special memory with ‘gol gappa’ Before getting married, they had an gol gappa competition!
Karthik holds Naira from back and says: We should also have an competion! Then after our marriage, when you are pregnant, I will set a date like this for you, and we’ll eat ‘gol gappa’
Naira blushes and smiles
Naira: ok, chup raho! Leave me, someone might see us! Karthik let’s go!
Kriti and Gayu sees them and starts laughing!
Naira and Karthik both look at them
Karthik leaves Naira
Kriti: jeete raho, tum dono!
Gayu: Bhagwan, se yahi pratna karte hai, ki tumhari jodi asse hi rahe!
Kriti: dekho, yeh dono to, kahi bhi romance kar lete hai!
Gayu: ok, ab jao bhi!
Karthik and Naira leaves together smiling and holding hands <3

I hoped you guys, enjoyed this episode! I feel like, this is the best episode, I have written yet! I love you guys so much! Please comment down below! <3
Q. What is your opinion about the jodi in my ff – Kriti and Yash??

PRECAP: Kaira romance, Kaira gol gappa competition! Nakshtara Date Romance!

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  1. Vinni05

    Wow romantic part just loved it
    Can’t wait for next
    Yash &kriti will be nyc & good looking together bring them close

  2. Fenil

    nice chp
    waiting for next

  3. Rosa18


  4. Hales

    Awsum epi! Loved kaira n nakshtara! Waise yes i do remmber nakshtara ka gol gappe comp. It was too cute! I agree this was ur best epi till date
    I also think yes keerti n yash nyc one! ?
    Plz post next one soon☺

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