Ishq vala love (swasan os) by samaira


Hello guys this is my 2nd os. I didnt post my ff from 2 days. I was bit upset with my first os. Hope this time this is new .
Warning: some one is writting a ff of this name. N this is os. So dont say coppy.
Lets start-
a girl is seen driving car. A boy is sitting on back sit n he was wearing a black gence. Canging his night dress. Then he dresed into a black tshirt n read jacket.
Girl: sanskar( yes he is sanskar)

san: hmm kavita.
Kav: i-i
sanky come in front sit.
San: what?
Before kavita could speak the car lightly crush with scoty. The scotar didnt foll. A girl was driving the scoty. She was wearing a white top a grass grean long sikrt. Bcz of hellmet her face was not visibal. Sanky feel a attraction toward her.
She was in scoty n kavsan was in car. Sanky was dying to see her face.
Gal: idot. If u cant drive so why are u driving.
Gal: (showing her hand) pain did not goes from sorry.
Sanky notice a breslet on her hand witch make sounds. The gal left.
San: arre miss.
But no use.
San: kavita lets go to medical.(ss sanky is last year medical studunt n kavita is 3rd yrs)
Ka: hmm.
sanky was with his gang. Suddnly someone crased with her. But she without turning showing her hands.

Girl shout:sorry.
A smile appearded in sanky’s lip.
San: Yes it was my breslet girl. Mine . Wait sanky my?
It was like first side love to sanky.
San: guys m going.
Other side
kavita was talking to a gang.
Niya: oh so love sanskar.
Kav: hmm.

Sahil why u r not proposing him.
Kav: it feels weird na girl propose a boy.
Abeer: if u not propuse him today some day he well go far from u.
Kav:leave it. See guys another behen ji. Lets fun.
They goes near the gal n start to make fun of the gal.
The gal who crased with sanky , show that.
She drictly slaped kavita.
Kavit: how dare u to slap me.

At nick time sanky come their. Sanky is happy to see his breslet girl but sad too that kavita was fighting with her.
Gal: how dare u to talk like this with her.
Ka: uu
she was about slap her but stoped by someone. Yes it was sanky.
San: kavita.
Ka: sanskar vo vo
san: nothing is left to listen.
The gal was taking another gal with her.
Gal: r u ok.
Gal 2: hmm. Whats u r name.
Gal: swara. Swara gadodiya.
Sanky hears it n turns with smile.
San: so beutiful name.
After class.
sanky goes near her.
San: m sorry on behalf of kavita.
Swa: its ok.
San: so friends.
Swa: friends.

Here kavita show it.
Kav: i will not leave u swara.
Time pases. swasan is coming close.
1 year leap.
Sanky is passed doctor now . Now sanky madly loves swara. Swara too foll for him. Kavita act to become her frand.
A party hall is shown.
Sanky is talking to kavita .
Sanky: kavita today i will tell swara how much i love her.
Kav: best of luck.
San: thanks.

Kav in mind: lets see. Will u get ur love or not.
That time come wearing a golden color gown. Top part is deep glitary.
Kavita signed something to waiter. Kavita mix some thing to drink n give some many to waiter.
Kav: give this juice to that mam.
Pointing toward swara. Waiter nod n move.
K: lets see swara now who will save u.
Smiles evily.
Waiter give the juice. Swara drink that. Sanskar is in other side of hall. Kavita goes near swara.
Kav: swara sanskar is waiting for u opposide the raod. Kavita left.
Swara too start to move. Her one step was cutting sanskar heart into one peice.
Sanskar excused n start to find swara. Swara goes out. Sanskar was felling restless. Sanskar ran outside. Now swara was in middle of road. Sanskar is about to ran toward swara when a black cat crosed his way. Swa feel some thing is giving light. She turns n saw a truck. She tried to ran but her boody is not saporting her. She was feeling dizzy. Sanskar ran but it was too late. Swa crased with the truck.
San: swwaaraaa!
All hear the sound n ran too. But didnt find anybody. Just saw poll of blood. Yes sanky took swau to hospital.
6 years leap
sanskar getting ready as groom. His eyes is becme sea. kavita bride.
Swara is with sahil in car. Swara gets a falshes of a boy teching gal guitar. She ask sah did knw hw to play guitar.
Sa: hmm.
Sw: Stop the car.
She come down frm car n goes to the frnt building. There a antie give sw a bx. She saw a pic witch she was getting flashes.

She then ran down n start to ran. Sahil ran behind her. Police saw this and stop sahil. Swara ran to sanky mansion. Were kavsan was taking last vow.
Sw: stop it.

sw:ur game is over kavita.
Sahil also come n say i tried to stop her kavita.
Inspectr: ur under arrest kavita sen.
Saying this they take kavita. Swara was feeling dizy n was about to foll when sanky hold her n take her to roam.
San: u leave me alondd for 6 yrs. Nw u have to bear punishmnt.
Saying this he put his lip to her. She too kiss him back. After 1 min they parted away for oxegen. Both is brething havily.
San: i love u.
Swa: i love u too.
They both hug each other.

The end.
How was it. Plz cmnt. I started it frm 12pm nw its 5 pm. I want to know how many is reading my os. Bye.

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  1. Maryam

    That was nice..but I wasn’t able to understand many of the scenes..especially the ending. .

  2. fantastic

  3. Rosey

    nice os

  4. It’s really nice

  5. Nice one but i couldn’t Understand the Last Part but it was nice ❤️

  6. Samaira

    Sorry for writting short. I wrote in 5000 word.

  7. Rabia

    Its nice but something is missing in it ☺

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    Wow suprb samie.. loved it…

  10. Nice one dear… Loved it ???????

  11. Shruthis

    masth 🙂

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    awesome,…so what happened to swara ? she got amnesia ?

  13. Lovely dear… dont mind haa ;; bt i feel like i have read it before.. n i think some scenes are missing,,,,anywY.. keep it up.?

    1. Samaira

      Thank u dear.

  14. Nice but 6 years leap and last Ending I didnt understand

    1. Samaira

      Read my part b u will understand dr. Why leap. Why kavsan marrige n swahil toghper.

  15. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Wow, khub balo.Loved it.

    1. Samaira

      Bangali. Dhonnobad| thanks

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  17. fabulous

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