Ishq sukoon hai rahat hai episode 23

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Part 22
Part 23
Pinki goes to her bedroom reminiscing the scene in shivaay’s bedroom and smiling to herself.. she collides with jhanvi
J-watch out pinki
P-sorry jethanijis woh actually I didnt see you woh I was thinking abt..
J-Anika and Shivaay right. So abhi say shadi ki planning start hnm
They both smiled
(Though they were still not very close but thanks to Anika they were now atleast civil. Anika managed to resolve their issues with great tact and ever since they both realised that both were wrong they had started accepting their mistake and their relation was improving day by day.)
J-Pinki I was thinking lets call guruji to fix the engagement and wedding dates
P-OMM Jethaniji thats what I was thinking.. Mai unhe tomorrow hi calls karti hu
J-right.. good night pinki
P-good night jethaniji
Pinki enters her room with a beautiful smile playing on her lips. Shakti sees her happy and ask what happened pinki
P-OMM Shakti ji you won’t believe shivaay today told me”I love you mom” after so many years. All thanks to Anika I got my shivaay back
Sa-Anika is a lucky charm for our family.. jab say woh aayi things are turning to be better than ever
P-rights. I am so happy there is someone is this world who truly loves our shivaay.. dehkna Shakti ji humare shivaay aur Anika ki shaadis world ki best ho gi
Sa-right pinki we are so lucky to have a bahu like Anika
P-bahu nahi shaktiji beti hai woh humari
Sa-well said pinki. Chalo now lets sleep tomorrow we have to do lots of work.
Next morning
Since it was a holiday and yesterday had been really eventful day shivaay was still sleeping when his peaceful slumber was disturbed by the shrill sound of his phone
S(sleepy)-who is it.. calling so early and took his phone-hello shivaay singh oberoi here..
Person on other end-morning shivaay its me Dr Abhimanyu
S-hey abhi calling so early
A-early what its almost nine
S-what oh no.. gets up all sleep vanished.. kya hua
after attending the he quickly freshens and goes to discuss something really imp with O.
Breakfast table
Shivaay spots Anika coming from other end with saumya and prinku.. and smiles at her
S-good morning ani
A-good morning shiv
The two share a cute eyelock. Pinki spots them and teasingly ask-OMM mornings me romance started
shivika blush and others giggle
during breakfast Pinki tells everyone that guruji is coming to decide the date..
Tej-shakti go to their study to work, om to his room,rudra hits the gym. Anika too gets ready to leave
P-OMM Anika where goings
A-maa woh kuch kaam hai
P-make sure you return by afternoon and I think you pack your stuff and come here only..right mummy ji
S-come lets go together.
shivika leave hand in hand. Dadi smile seeing them I just hope Omru also get a life partner like my billu
Thr entire family returns home as guruji was coming. It is decided that auspicious time for engagement is exactly after 10 days and wedding is after two months.
The ladies of house are all so excited and dadi ask anika to stay in OM till engagement… evry one is happy but Anika feels that shivaay is bit tense and uncomfortable
Anika decides to talk to shivaay abt it but shivaay brushes it off saying he is stressed coz of business issues.
S-I have some imp work so I gotta go to delhi for a week
P-OMM shivaay its your engagement after 10 days and you
S-Mom its really imp
Anika is upset but she pretends to be alright- its ok maa work is imp
Sa-no its not more imp than you beta..
A-papa its fine
T-shivaay I can handle the business work if you want..
S-thank you bade papa but I will manage myself
Saying this shivaay leaves.. I need to pack up stuff.. will leave by evening.
Anika is sad but tries to appear happy pinki notices it and goes to cheer her up
P-OMM Anika why feeling sads.. we all go shopping and then do arrangement… we can enjoy without that..woh kya kahti hai tu… haan tadibaaz bagadbilla hmm right jethaniji
J-right pinki
Anika laughs and hugs her I am fine maa
Rudra was the one who was most upset seeing Anika sad and so he decides to confront shivaay. He walks over to shivaay’s room and hear Shivom talking in hushed voice.. he managed to hear what they were discussing and looks at them surprised and hurt
R- I know I am youngest but that doesn’t mean you can hide stuff frm me
S-rudra Mai tujhe batane wala actually this is the reason why I have to go..
R-bas bhaiyaa.. I dont need explanation. Sorry to disturb you plz continue
O-rudra plz listen.. we were abt to tell you. Promise.. shivaay ne mujhe bhi abhi bataya(om lied Mayb for the first time)
Somehow they convince rudra and Omru leave
S-(mind)Sorry guys I told you only half truth.
He calls ranveer and informs him that he is coming to delhi and they will meet. _________________
This one week was very busy for fact anika got so busy that she didnt even have time to miss shivaay. The engagement preps were in full swing and no one was leaving any stone unturned.. even Tej and Shakti would spare some time and help in selecting outfits and all… Pinki, Jhanvi and Dadi have decided not to leave Anika alone for even a single sec lest she starts feeling upset abt shivaay’s absence.
As for shivaay it was Omru’s duty to select his outfit and accessories and colour coordinate it with anika’s attire. All this was done under shivaay’s supervision though.
days passed and enthusiasm of oberoi family started increasing.. Anika was feeling very happy and her wish of having her own family was finally fulfilled
Day before engagement
After the breakfast..
The ladies of OM are all sitting in the hall excitedly chatting, discussing abt the engagement function tomorrow… It would be a private affair as both Anika and Shivaay want it to be a low key affair consiting of only family and closest frnds.
Shivaay enters and observes them from a distance and smiles his mom, badi maa and dadi were all sitting together and laughing and talking with his sweetheart Anika and his darling sisters Prinku and Saumya.
He was so happy to see that all were genuinly happy and there was no sort tension… they were looking like a kind of happy family.. something which shivaay wished for.. always
S-Good morning beautiful ladies
P-OMM finally got time to come home.. always works very bad. I am very angrys
J-thank god shivaay atleast you remembered that tomorrow is your engagement
S-actually.. I got stuck with some work..sorry about that
P-bechari meri Anika…. kaha phas gayi
S-Waise mom may I borrow your sweetheart.. you darling daughter for sometime
S-Ab galti ki hai toh compensation is necessary right
Pinik nodds.
S-anika come.
In The Car
Shivaay and Anika settle in his car and drive off. For few moments there is complete silence
S-I know you are angry.. Coz tomorrow is our engagement and I left you alone..
A-I am not angry shivaay. Plz dont feel guilty. I did miss you but your family..
S-our family Anika
A-right they didnt let me miss you. Thay showered so much love and affection that I couldn’t feel upset at all.We had so much fun. I am so happy to get such a kidkitod family…
They soon reach a spot… rather a courtyard near which was a big temple. Shivaay parks the car and they get off.
S-Anika remember this place
A-ofcourse this is the place where we first met each other and I ….
S-broke the windscreen of my car
A(laughing)-yes coz you were behaving like a tadibaaz, akadu bagadbilla. I really hated you back then
S-me too. Nevertheless this is the place where I met the most imp person of my life in the most unexpected way
Anika blushes and whispers-Shivaay
S-Aww you know you look so adorable when you blush
A-why are we here
S-well this is a very spl place for us right. Today I want to give you the biggest and most spl gift I can ever give you.. thats why I thought this would be the perfect place
S-hmmm… there it is
Anika turns back and another car stops nearby. Anika looks wondering what it is when the back door opened and a small boy…. her sahil got off and stood there in front of her without any support… on his feet.
Thats it for today.
Until next time….☺

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