Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 16th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna informs family that Rekha daadi is trying to hang herself. Rekha munches bananas in her room and waits for them. Vinay shows his usual overacting and overconcern for Rekha and pleads his Rekha rani not to hang herelf. Drama continues. Rekha says her son ruined Bindu’s life, so he has to marry her or she will hang herself. Jab bhai asks to bring back her daughter. In heaven, Niyati Devi taunts Yamraj that he is doing wrong by creating this situation. Rekha continues her drama. Vinay asks Mohit to break door. They both break door. Rekha fixes noose in her neck and acts. Vinay holds her legs and cries he will notlet her die. Mohit sees drama and agrees to marry Bindu Bala. Jam asks Rekha gets happy. Jam starts dancing. Yamraj dances that Bakula will go to Dwarka now and his Yamdooth can take her soul out.

Rekha is unable to remove noose from her neck. Vinay tries hard. Rekha says she is feeling hungry. He says he will do something and calls family. Jam and his wife are busy inviting their guests to Bindu and Mohit’s wedding on Sunday. Bakula asks Chandu to bring her Dwarka ticket. Chandu brings her some other city’s ticket and says bus seat was soft and she would feel comfortable, she can go to Dwarka from there. Bakula asks Madhuri to handle her husband. She says that is the only thing she could not do. Aditya asks Bakula Mohit’s mobile pin. Bakula gives code. Aditya says it looks like she messaged Bindu from Mohit’s number and she clicked Mohit and Bindu’s intimate pics. Bakula nervously says she did not and she thinks Bindu loves Mohit and will change his life for good. Maduri says even she told her that she will change Chandu’s life, and instead her life changed for worse. Drama continues. Vinay feeds food to Rekha. Their romance continues. Mohit enters and comments. Rekha says she could not become good mother because of Bakula as she used to taunt her for everything. If his papa had not supported her, she would not have become even good wife.

Niyati shows her concern for Bakula in front of Bhagwan Krishna. Krishnaji suggests her to change Bakula’s fate. She says it is a good idea. Munna informs Bakula that Mohit hurt Rekha daadi’s eyes and she is crying. Bakula goes out scolding Mohit. Mohit comes and she scolds how can he hurt his mom, though she always wanted to scold her and want her seeing cry. Mohit asks her to give his mobile and cries that he wants to speak to Kiara. She says he will forget Kiara soon as Bindu will love him a lot. He asks what if he does not. She says she will ask him once he gets a child. He cries hugging her. She shows him how she used to remember kanhaji when she was child and used to mimic as wife and dance. Madhuri taunts her that she cannot dance. Bakula asks Aditya to play music and dance on garbha music, then Amul song, and then mimics Amitabh’s dance.

Next morning, Bakula gets ready to go to Dwarka. Rekha asks to hug her. Bakula asks if she wants to snatch her jewelry. Rekha says she lend her jewelry on Mohit’s marriage and even gift her sari. Bakula hugs her twice. Jokes continue and she leaves for Dwarka. At Dwarka, she does temple darshans. Rekha applies face mask and enjoys in Bakula’s absence. Bakula calls her and asks if wedding card print came, if Shree Hari is written on top and her name in bold letters, if her spelling is write, etc. Rekha says she will even write just Bakula Raja’s nephew’s wedding and will not write other family member’s names. Bakula’s phone breaks down. Her travel agent says he will fix mobile by tomorrow. She says it is okay and reminisces moments wpent with family before leaving house. Yamdooth tells Yamraj that he is going to get Bakula’s soul. Yamraj holding Bakula’s death wish balloons blessings him to return successfully after taking Bakula’s soul.

Precap: Yamraj orders Bakula to sacrifice her body and submit her soul to him. Bakula resists. He takes her soul. She asks if she really died. He asks what she thinks. Bakula says without Mohit’s marriage completing, he cannot take her soul and they have to go and stop wedding card submission to god. They reach home and see Rekha submitting wedding card to god. Yamdoot presses TV button. Bakula scolds him.

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