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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


They completed the pizza and Shivaay helped her to go properly to the room….he made her lay on bed and covered with duvet….

Shivaay ” it’s too late…you should go to sleep” he turned to go
Anika called him from back and said ” thank you Shivaay…i had the best pizza in my life”

Shivay smiled cheekily and murmured a good night. “Good night” Anika replied. She closed her eyes and Shivay sat beside her ruffling her hairs. Anika opened her eyes “Shivay… you go na… I will sleep… you also go and get some sleep.” “Yeah I will go… you close your eyes.” Anika did as she was asked to do. Soon she drifted off to sleep. He noticed her sleeping peacefully and placed his one hand above her tummy. “I love you baby” he murmured. He got up and went from there.

Next morning arrived as the sun got up from its sleep. Anika got up rubbing her eyes and her eyes fell on Shivay sleeping on the couch “Shivay… what is he… wooaaa…” her voice died in her throat as she ran to the washroom. “Wooooaaa… wooooaaa….” came the continuous sound from the washroom. Shivay got up opening his eyes in shock and saw Anika missing from bed. He soon ran towards the washroom and banged the door “Anika… are you fine? Hey what happened?” He asked when she slowly went out wiping the water on her face. But soon again she ran back “wooooaaa…” the puking sound grew and her Shivay’s panic. She came out wiping her face. Shivay carefully took her to the bed. “I think you are vomiting because of the chocolate and pizza you ate last night… you are feeling okay right now, right?” He asked. “Woaaaaaaa…” she nodded a no soon and again her direction followed the path of the washroom. “Okay Shivay… she will be fine… relax… relax call the doctor” he muttered to himself. She came out taking baby steps but before sitting on the bed she again went to the washroom to continue her incomplete work of vomiting. “Shivay it’s enough now call the doctor” he shouted in panic. “Mom… Daadi… Badimaa… Papa… Barepapa… come come soon” he shouted running towards the door.

Soon everyone came running towards the room. “What happened Shivay??” Daadi asked horrified. “Where is Anika… is she fines? my grandchilds fines?” Pinky asked as tension covered her face. “No mom… Anika is not fine” Shivay said as tension grew between everyone. “Where is she Shivay?” Jhanvi jerked him. “In the washroom” Shivay said looking down and then soon shoot up his head and continued “she is continuously vomiting… without even break… she is not fine… I… I am calling gynaecologist… cardiologist… general physician… and… what about contacting a neurologist… anyone else… wait… yeah here I get Mrs. Sinha’s number… gynecologist.” Shivay said and soon called the number. “Hey stop stop….” Daadi said snatching the phone. “Ohhh first I should call general physician right? Yeah I have his number too… wait daadi… return me the phone.” Shivay said looking at his phone. “Mummy ji nothing will happen of him” Jhanvi taunted smilingly and went to Anika who just came out of the washroom. Pinky too went up to her. “Anika… you fine? Hey say something… Anika… I shouldn’t have allowed you to have pizza last night… maybe the chocolate is responsible… you are fine na?” Shivay asked running up to her. “Billu… relax… she is fine, this is just morning sickness… this happens during pregnancy… you go out” Daadi said while handeling him his phone. “Daadi I know you are much experienced than us… but then too at least contact the general physician… please” Shivay pleaded. “Shivay go out we will handle her” Jhanvi said and signed Om to take him out. Om nodded yes and took Shivay out while Daadi, Jhanvi and Pinky stayed back to take Anika’s care.

Om and Ru took him out. He stayed outside the door and constantly kept an eye on Anika. She became fine after sometime. Daadi smiled and hugged Anika while Jhanvi sat beside her brushing her back. “Feeling okays Anika?” Pinky asked. Anika nodded yes smilingly. Shivay felt relieved after seeing Anika smiling. “Shivay… come with us” Om said as he dragged him to pool side. “What?” Shivay asked checking his phone. “Hmmm… the same question I was to ask… what? What was going on?” Om said and looked at him questioningly. “Noth…Noth…nothing… absolutely nothing” Shivay stammered though completed the sentence smilingly. “O.. someone got really scared.” Rudra said winking Shivay. “I… I wasn’t scared… who said… Shivay Singh Oberoi never gets scared by anything” Shivay said and turned the other side. “O… I said someone… did I take any Shivay’s name… I don’t think so..” Rudra said acting as if he is in deep thought looking at the sky. “Shut up Rudra” Shivay said immediately and smiled foolishly looking at Om. “No… Shivay for the very very first time… Rudra sounded sense. He actually didn’t take your name then??” Om asked pressing his lips. “I… I thought me… so… so I answered” Shivay stammered when OmRu cracked up looking that. “Hmmmm… kuch kuch hota hai” Rudra sung. While Om too winked looking at Rudra.

Precap: SHIVAY TO FEEL HIS BABY….Some more soothing moments amid Shivika before the delivery.

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