Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


“Khanna you ?” shivaay screamed
“Woh…Sir…sir…actually ” khanna was gulping
” we have given you much more important work than this…and how can you come in Rudy’s words” Tej spoke
“Chup karo khoteyon” Dadi came out finally

“Daadiiiii….” Shivay shouted looking at the her. “Maa….” Tej followed Shivay’s reaction. Daadi too burst out laughing looking everyone’s horrified and shocked faces. “Mera Rudy puttar” Daadi pitied on Rudra looking at his condition. Rudra was looking everyone busy questioning Anika and Daadi and he shouted out “Arrreeeee koi mujhe yahan se bahar nikalne me help karega???”
” with whatever you have done, you should stay there” jhanvi scolded
“Par this was all Dadi’s idea…ask her…ask her…then only i said to Anika didi and we did all this…Rudy spoke out the truth”
“OMM mummy ji’s …you’s too….not fair’s haan mummy ji” Pinky continued the saga
“Chup karo…tum sab bade dhinge maarte ho mein darta nahi..sab darte ho…karke…isliye jab aridra ne horror movie dekhne ka plan bataya tho maine ye sab socha…ab dekhliye tum sab kitne bahadur ho” Dadi laughed.
Everyone burst into laughter…
” Ab please …bring me out ” Rudra screamed
Ohhh sorry sorry Rudra….” Anika said and went ahead to help Rudra.

Pinky held Anika’s hand from back stopping her. “Ohh My Mata…have you lost it…first of all why will you help Rudra? Next don’t forget that you are carrying the Oberoi’s next generation eldest heir in your womb…so be in limits and be careful. We all are here to help Rudra” pinky spoke curtly. “Okay Pinky jaane do…” Shakhti said and looked towards Tej. Tej nodded his head in positive. Tej and Shakthi went near to the edge of the pool. “Shivay….” Tej called. “Om beta…” Shakthi called. “Yes bade papa” Shivay said and went near Tej. “Yeah chote papa” Om spoke and went near Shakthi. Tej glanced at Shakthi and SPLAAASSSHHHH!!!!!!! “Bade papa/chote papa” ShivOm screamed in unison. Tej and Shakthi burst out laughing looking at them. Pinky, Jhanvi, Prinku, Daadi and Anika’s face became a perfect O shape. Rudra looking at them joined to the laughing class of Tej Shakthi. Gradually everyone else also started laughing. Shivay extended his hand. Om and Rudra soon went near him and hugged him.

Daadi took bhalaye of the three brothers who were busy splashing water on each other. After sometime the three brothers came out of the water. ShivOm looked at each other and then looked at Rudra. “What???” Rudra asked fearing what are they again planning against him. Tej and Shakthi was still laughing. Shivay soon went and hugged Tej tightly. Om also went and hugged Shakthi tightly. “What the hell” Tej and Shakthi said in unison and continued “we have to change our dress …… you two made us wet”. ShivOm now burst out laughing looking them frowning. Pinky, Jhanvi and Prinku brought towels. Pinky made Shivay to sit infront of her, Jhanvi made Rudra to sit infront of her and Prinku made Om to sit infront of her. Three of them started drying their hair with the towels. “Ohhhh mom… araam se don’t spoil my hair style” Rudra said moving his head left to right. “Rudra…..” Jhanvi said and hit Rudra’s head lightly. Rudra stopped moving his head and looked at his mother “haawwwww you have hit me….” he made a cry baby face and continued “you only love your Om na… go go away no need to dry my hair.” “Nautanki” ShivOm blurted out together. “Daadi… see…” Rudra now called his last hope Daadi. “Ohhh khoteyon mere Rudra ko tang karna band karo” Daadi said winking at Rudra. Rudra too winked back.

Anika had happy tears in her eyes. She remembers how Saahil used to torture her whenever she used to take the responsibility of his bath. “I am missing you Saahil” she murmured. She wiped the tears and looked on Rudra’s childish antiques. ShivOmRu got up from their position. Shivay signed something looking towards Tia. The song “EK DUSRE SE KARTE HAI PYAAR HUM….” started playing. Everyone noticed Tia is playing the song in her phone. ShivOmRu started dancing on the song. Rudra also dragged Anika while dancing. Her feet trembled as water was present near the pool side. “Anikaaaa” everyone shouted together. Anika closed her eyes in fear. Soon she realized two strong hands are holding her. She slowly opened her eyes to see two blue orbs staring at her angrily. “Can’t you be careful?” Shivay shouted at her and made her stand properly. “I… I was just ” she tried to explain but before she could complete Shivay again started shouting at her “whatever you went to do its your problem. And listen my child is in your womb and for your kind information we are paying you for your help so you better be careful.” Everyone was numb looking Shivay’s anger. Tia came forward “it’s okay Shivay… she and our child is fine now relax”

PRECAP- SHIVAY TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR ANIKA……. Think think…. But don’t overthink

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  1. Mahila

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    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Dear, the initial updates are not much long, but it will get longer as the story will proceed. Thank You so much and next part is submitted for moderation.

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  3. Nice going n cute update but we want n if there is chance to make longer one it’s getting heated again now what’s the reaction of Anika to shivaay.and the family will support Anika or shivaay .what will shivaay does for Anika.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Thank You so much Raji. Dear initial updates are short but it will become longer gradually. Let’s wait to see what will happen

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  6. Oh no my guess was wrong it’s Khanna.
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    Can’t believe Tej can also be jovial.
    That hugging part was fun.
    So, some house fun.
    With ShivOmRu singing and dance.
    Bhagad billa it wasn’t my di’s fault, why scolding her.
    Precap- Shivay bhaiya and surprise that too something special are poles apart type.
    Lots of love.

    1. IshqbaaazPagals

      Yup to congratualtions
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