Ishq Subhan Allah 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara gathers proofs against Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir is sad recalling Zeenat’s claims. Zara says dont worry, Kabir can never be wrong. Kabir says I am a human, I have weaknesses too but I am scared of God, I dont remember anything what happened in that one hour. Zara says even if something happened, you dont remember anything, it was a mistake not a sin. Kabir says its not about that, its about Ruksaar’s life. Zara says what if your dream is true? Kabir says even then I wouldnt let any injustice happen with you or Ruksaar, even if I have to.. Zara gets sad. Kabir says I am going to ask Ruksaar about that one hour.. Zara is hurt. Kabir says would you like to come with me? Zara says after God and Prophet, I trust you the most. Kabir thanks her and leaves.

Ayesha asks Shahbaz why he is silent? Shahbaz says I dont

know what is happening in this house. Ayesha says I understand everything, this is all done by Ruksaar. Shahbaz says I know Ruksaar very well but we cant come to conclusion like this, when its proven then we will take decision. Ayesha says my priest son cant do it.

Miraj says to himself that Zeenat destroyed my plan but still I have a plan, Ruksaar should have committed suicide after so much humiliation. He calls someone and says I want to meet you.

Zeenat sees Miraj going to Ruksaar’s room and looks on.
Ruksaar recalls her moments with Kabir, how she touched him, she looks on dream. Miraj comes to her room, he is hiding gun behind him, he says I did everything I could, Ruksaar says what I wanted, I have done it, I have brought a doubt in Kabir’s mind. Miraj says we should increase that doubt. Ruksaar moves away from Miraj, Miraj points gun at her but sees Zeenat coming there, he hides gun. Zeenat says what are you doing here? nobody should see you in Ruksaar’s room right now. Kabir knocks on her door. Ruksaar asks Miraj and Zeenat to hide behind curtain, they do. Kabir comes in her room, Kabir looks away and says you didnt change your clothes? Behind curtain, Miraj smirks and comes closer to Zeenat, she is stunned. Kabir drapes shawl over Ruksaar and says I was not conscious but you were conscious so tell me what happened in that one hour. Ruksaar says it happened what shouldnt have happened, Kabir says its true? she says yes. Kabir says if its true then I accept my punishment but if.. this is a lie then nobody would be able to save you from Kabir’s anger, not even me, he leaves. Zeenat and Miraj comes out, Ruksaar says I made Zara lose, I won, she laughs evilly.

Zara is tensed in her room and waits for Kabir. She recalls how when she entered in her room, she says Ruksaar might have changed her nightie here. Zara looks around in her room. She finds some clothes. She looks in her cupboard and sees Ruksaar’s burqa. Alina comes there and asks her to come for dinner. Zara tells her some instructions.

Scene 2
All are sitting for sehri. Zeenat asks servant to take food for Ruksaar. Ayesha says all should come here for food. Zeenat calls Ruksaar. Ruksaar comes there. Zeenat says what should we do next? should we tell everything to Hamdan? we have to take decision about their wedding too. Zara says whats the hurry? we have to ask about her hour with Kabir. She says ruksaar when you went in my and Kabir’s room, you were wearing that night dress? Ruksaar says yes and panics. Zara gives her water and says you were wearing clothes in evening, when did you change those? Ruksaar says I changed those before Kabir came home. Kabir says she is lying, when I came home, she was not in night dress, she was wearing her evening dress, Miraj you were there. Miraj says I dont remember what she was wearing but she was not wearing night dress. Zara says Ruksaar you must have changed your evening dress in your room right? after eating sehri, show us that dress. Ruksaar panics.

Zara and Kabir offers namaz. Zara prays that God you know Kabir is innocent, give me strength to prove it. Kabir prays to bring truth out. Ruksaar prays to make Kabir hers.

All are waiting for Ruksaar. Ruksaar brings a pink dress to Zara. Zara slaps Ruksaar hard. All are stunned. Zara says what do you think before doing all this? you were not wearing this dress before wearing night dress, we have a CCTV camera on entrance of house so we can see which dress you were wearing. Alina brings Ruksaar’s black dress, Zara says you all must have seen her wearing this dress in evening, Kabir nods. Ruksaar looks on.

PRECAP- Zara brings water jug and says to Kabir that you drank water from this jug? he nods. Zara says now Ruksaar will drink from this jug. Ruksaar drinks water and feels dizzy, she faints. Zara smirks.
Miraj says to himself that my mission is bigger than Ruksaar becoming conscious, she will have to die before she becomes conscious.
Zara says to Kabir that you know only half truth, I want to tell you the full truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well done Zara, sometimes you have to calm down and think really carefully.
    There still trouble a head for kabir and Zara.
    I hope that Zara well give zeenat one as Well. It just shouldn’t be ruksaar. Zara has to be fair on this one.
    Zeenat also is going to have trouble as well. Miraj want zeenat as his wife, I wonder is she going to blame her sister for this. Or is it still Zara fault.

  2. There’s a glitch if everyone didn’t notice. How did Ruksar drink the water when they already had sehri and performed Fajar Salah ???
    Won’t it break her Roja?
    Maybe the performed Tajajuud Salat that’s why Ruksar Drank the water

    1. @Nabs. It doesn’t matter coz all of Ruksar’s roza will be forfeited anyway, due to her sinful lies.

  3. Omg…super episode, will comment later…good job Zara ??

  4. Nina

    Kabeer thinks over that difficult situation many times, though now it seems all his assumptions may have been wrong. Zara gives to him a hope, whatever happened in her life, and whatever happens to the husband she isn’t going to retreat. Zara is getting force she has faith in God.

  5. Thank goodness we have an educated heroine, she is slaying Rukhsar like a pro….and Zeenat is so shameless, trying to ask questions like a lawyer, sometimes I feel pity for her, not sorry but pity…she’s a bad example of a sister, she teaches her unmarried sister to seduce a man who is married, within the confines of her adopted home and in the month of Ramadan too…. Friends, I was so caught up in the scene when Rukhsar was touching Kabir and actually felt rage inside…I couldn’t believe the audacity of this wretch to touch Zara’s Kabir….when I could bring forth a reaction like that during a scene on screen, then the creative team has done their job superbly….good job to them also and Eisha Singh makes me believe that she’s married to her co star, they both do justice to their roles, every emotion of Eisha is perfection to the max…and now that Kabir is showing his wife attention and love, he’s in my good books….ISA is boss!!!!

    1. hey naz i so agree with you about zara..she really handled ruksaar like a pro, i especially liked the slap zara gave her, although i think she deserved a good beating for wat she did to kabir. zeenat is just as shamless and nasty as ruksaar and omg ruksaar’s laugh is so irritating and annoying i cant stand it.
      eisha singh i really do like her alot, she is doing justice to zara’s character…she remains me of my teja..finally we are seeing a loving and caring husband in kabir towards his wife and we will be seeing it more in the upcoming episode where zara will tell kabir eveything about ruksaar concerning kasmir…we will see kabir hugging and kissing zara, cant wait to see that episode.

    2. 100% agree with you.
      The two main actors do justice to this show.
      Let hope that they keep it up. I don’t want them to fall out, like many other Indian dramas.
      It started out good, then all of a sudden. The main actor’s fall out. It get me angry when that happens.

      I can understand your point of view, about zeenat. Bad thing are going to happen to this character. But I can’t help, but feeling that she has done this to herself.
      I know that, this make me a hypocrite, when yesterday’s I said molestation shouldn’t happen to men or women.
      For me, kabir didn’t deserve to get molested, by ruksaar.
      Yes he gets me angry, with his ego. But he never hurt anyone out of spiteful ness. He never lead ruksaar on. Kabir even defend ruksaar, when Zara was complaining about her.

      For zeenat, like you said she encourages ruksaar to go after a married man. She didn’t consider his feelings. Zeenat even congratulated ruksaar for getting Zara kidnap.
      I can’t say at the moment, if I am going to feel any pity for zeenat. Only time well tell.
      I know for sure Zara well be the only one to save her. But well zeenat be thankful?

  6. Cathy

    Did i miss something in the last few episodes but where is Zeenat’s husband? if anything he should be backing up his brother regardless, as for Zeenat i am conflicted about her, i think she is genuinely horrified at her sisters actions with kabir, but did little to stop it, what would be her benefit of having her sister branded a whore this would reflect on her reputation also unfortunately. Now lets get to miraj and his sudden love feelings for Zeenat, i mean seriously? and him standing behind her and sniffing her hair, omg. LOL

    1. Cathy, you have no idea how I laughed seeing Miraj sniffing behind Zeenat…in my mind, I saw her as a piece of cheese and he was checking to see if it was rancid or not…but she deserves something like that to happen with her, we now have a man lusting after her while her wretched sister is doing the same… If would be good to see Miraj giving Zeenat some horny hell, maybe then we’d see her inactive husband spring into some action. So yeah…that smell was an epic thought of the writers, they surprise me almost everyday with their almost real life serial…

  7. Great episode i must say, So Loving Zara and her determination to stand by her husband, she is truly showing Kabir the difference between being dutiful and being loving. I think Zeenat is showing she smarter that we have been giving her credit for. She called Zara home to stop Rukhsar and create a situation so that the wedding could be called off. Maybe she was hoping that Zara would be upset and ask for a divorce. Any which way she created a situation to stop Rukhsar for being sent away. But I agree with you Cathy, that situation with Zeenat and Miraj certainly is very strange.

  8. excellent to see zara stand and trust kabir.
    what evil prayer does rukshar make.
    GOd does not answer wrong prayers. GOd is good. God is love and he can never answer evil prayers.
    this is the confidence.

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