Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi kidnaps Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat leaves in anger. Arohi stands under a fountain to clean herself. Arohi says you would regret meeting me Deep. She eats food.
Virat calls Arohi and says where is she.
Deep is leaving. Tara asks where are you going? He says business.

Arohi hears Deep’s voice. She takes a van and runs. She left her earrings there for that man.
Arohi follows Deep. Deep comes to a shed. Arohi tries to look inside. deep says who is there.
DEep says to a person be careful with your work. Deep hides.

Tara gets a letter there is a secret for you from someone who you love. Come meet me. Tara says is it about deep? I have to go and check. She sends same letter to Virat.

Scene 2
Tara and Virat go to that place. Deep comes home and says why is it so dark? Where is everyone?
Someone puts a cloth on Deep’s face and he faints.

Tara says no one is here then who called me? Virat says the same.

Scene 2
Deep is blindfolded. He says who is it Arohi comes with a knife. She cuts his arm and writes A and I. Deep says A or I? She says who is it Deep? Keep guessing. Deep says Anjali or Arohi what do you want? She says what I didn’t get. She sits in his lap and says I only want to make you mine.
Arohi says I know you want to come close to me but I couldn’t get how much you like me. I think we should stop running. Deep gets up and hugs her from back. He says how can I trust you? She says I wont stop you from coming close to me.
Tara comes there and sees them together. She says how is Anjali alive and deep? Tara is shocked. She says they are together and fooling me.
Precap-Deep calls Anjali and says no one should know about that day’s secret. Arohi wonders what secret is he talking about.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just hate deep.

    1. Satya127

      Today I hate deep
      I hate immj

    2. hey Rhivanya… reading the updates, it seems like there is nothing left to watch in this show. Alisha as Arohi is gone, Deep is villain, Tara’s only role is now to just doubt Deep, get slapped and manhandled by Deep and murder the occasional extra character, Virat’s lines are i love Anjali, Anjali’s role is to lie in coma, fake mom’s role is to make evil phone calls, malik’s role is to say hidden in lights, Chawanni’s role is to stay hidden in Surekha’s house, and Nia as Arohi…. i dont know what is her role. this show has turned into a psychotic, violent show. Deep is slapping and fighting with Tara/Virat/Nia. Tara is anyway a serial killer. Virat is also violent. Now ‘Arohi’ has also started cutting people with knives. Not one single positive character except Bichari Nia with super-baby in her non-expanding womb. i have zero interest in this show now. dont think will start watching it again. such a sad sad condition of my one time favourite show. Indian serial writers are cursed. all they can do is ruin good stories, and make such nonsensical twists to drag the no of episodes that viewers will start praying for the show to end.

      1. Lol absolutely right dhara

      2. Satya127

        U r right dhara
        I never expected that for the show I supported from the very first episode I will say one day that I hate it….. Writers just made it disgusting…..
        Before 13th the show has cuteness thrill suspence and love story and an anxiety to find answers for all the questions…. Here they used to show romance at a certain level which is quite perfect and good to see on tv….
        But now all the cuteness love thrill anxiety everything is burned with our AROHI (alisha) on that day now show as crossed all the level of stupidity…. I don’t know they have sense or not this is a TV show not a web series…. The way nia is dressing and all that they showed bullshit yesterday looks soo indecent and very ugly in screen…. Totally the show got another award from fans the worst show ever on tv with rotten creativity…
        Before when immj got beat show award for its unique concept I felt very happy but now I can say it is the worst show ever…
        Don’t u guys think the episodes r just filled with violence, all ugly stupidity…..
        I think producers r short of money that’s why they brought nia because for alisha as she used to wear perfect costumes but nia she doesn’t care wht viewers think and wears all the worst costumes without having a sense that she is playing a pregnant woman role…..
        Today being arjun fan I hated him…. I never felt sad that he has not come back as raghav in pmhmd after watching him as deep before because I thought arjun has selected some role which is soo unique and he performed it very well…. But yesterday I really felt like why arjun has done this show….. Writers please make tara kill everyone in the show including all the members along with her with any bomb and then I wish writers bring a new story with arsha as main leads…

      3. Hey dhara.I will pray this show end in very soon.

    3. Hi satya.agree with you what are you said.

  2. Nothing is in todays episode

  3. its anything , arohi is realy stupid she do anything ! and deep is desgusting man !

  4. I hate deep

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