Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan saves three daughter in laws

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the daughter in laws are walking outside. They step on something and fall from the hill.
Saru and Lakshmi are hanging. Guddan sees them and says give me your hand. Saru says you.. I don’t think she can. Lakshmi says you can’t save us go and find someone else. Guddan stops there.

AJ says to dadi you should have stopped them. But you took their side and did all this. She says you are angry at them and they are angry at their husbands. I know you wont give Antra’s place to anyone. You are mad because I supported them. I can’t take care of you like I could in childhood. You are alone. This empty home is a burden. There is nothing wrong with marrying. He says I can’t do this. You used to understand me in childhood but I don’t

think you do anymore. She says I still understand you and there us nothing wrong with marriage. They all worry for you. You do it wrong.

Guddan says never say That I can’t do it. Lakshmi says she is right. We can at least take a chance. Guddan says give me your hand. Guddan pulls them up.
AJ says this wont ever happen Antra. He recalls Guddan and says I hate that girl.
Didi says what you did in party we never thought we would save you but the way you saved our life thank you. Lakshmi says look at this banana peel. We slipped because of it. People aren’t taught anything by their parents. Guddan says don’t talk about my parents. I would have done this unintentionally. Saru says you threw it here. Didi says we knew the first time we met you how careless you are. Saru says you can’t do anything. Never show us your face again. Guddan says I saved your life. They leave.

Scene 2
Didi wakes up and hears the siren. She says AJ has called us. They all come downstairs. Didi says are you okay? He says the doorbell isn’t working. None of you have 20 minutes? Her son says wo would come at this hour to fix it? AJ says until the bell works Kishor and Vardan says you mistakes and we tolerate.
Didi says its his birthday. His mother in law would come tomorrow.

AJ checks the bell in the morning. AJ says to Durga inform me if anyone comes. She says I hope the day is good for you.
Lakshmi says whenever he dies he wont have a heart attack. Because he doesn’t have a heart. Saru says he kept us all up night. He would never appreciate us. Durga says he would have a heart when he has a wife. Dadi says you are right. He didn’t used to be like this. He used to enjoy life.
They all do pooja. Dadi says this is the only way to make him the way he was.

Scene 2
Raiti sees Guddan adn says what happened? She says I wanted to ring the bell. I stood on the stool. Pandit ji said yuor day would good really good but then I slipped and fell down. I screamed. The pooja of that AJ uncle was ruined. He said this is temple not disco. I said sorry it was a mistake. He said I hate people who made mistake. Saru said I can’t do anything I left in anger. I tripped over a goat and fell down in mud. Raiti says its okay go and take shower. Guddan says we will go somewhere I will tell you.

AJ tells chefs to fix the food.
Guddan says I am going to take charges for your cake. Raiti says don’t go there. They are not good people. Guddan says I will take money no matter what.
Guddan says to Raiti I went to a cliff and save lives of three women. I can do anything. I will fix everything. We delivered the cake and they have to pay us. Guddan is leaving. Kaushaliya stops her. Guddan says I am sorry mummy. I will fix all my mistakes. Kaushaliya says how can I believe that you wont do any mistake? She says I broke up with mistakes. I will go there adn take my money. Kaushaliya says in heart when you promise not to make mistake you always do.

Guddan comes to AJ’s house. She collides with him.
Precap-AJ’s car hits Guddan’s bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I thought it would be funny and comedy show but its more hate and hate show… Zee writers are most ineligible in writing good story but eligible and have full knowledge to know how to spoil it

  2. Anee

    I don’t understand the concept of this show… but I found it intriguing…. His sons looks younger than him… I like it… Perhaps it’s just TV serial so yeah we can see it for entertainment…. let’s see what happen next.

  3. This show is very interesting coz something new in this show I loved it and Aaj and guddan looking too good together ❤

  4. Guddan is a goonda

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