Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep is Mr. X

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Opasna and Arohi see the scar on a masked man’s neck. Arohi says that must be Mr. X. He tries to take off his mask. He sprays spices in Opasna’s eyes. Arohi later sees deep shot. She says deep open your eye. Arohi says he is shot where Mr. X was shot. SHe says Abhi. Arohi sees wound on Abhi’s neck too. Arohi says which one of them is Mr. X.
Tara and Virat are in car. Tara says who locked you here? Where is the money? He says when I was walking out of bank with money, someone masked stabbed me. Arohi says it could be deep or Abhi. She says damn. Virat says I will find out who that is.

Arohi comes home. Arohi recalls everything that happened. Opasna says deep can be Mr. X. Arohi says he can’t be. His mother’s life is in danger. Arohi looks

at Deep who is bed. Arohi tries to see his neck for that scar. Deep opens his eyes. Arohi says are you okay? You should rest. Arohi checks Abhi. guru ma calls Abhi and says are you okay? He says yes I would be but deep wont be. He will die in a few minutes. Arohi comes running to deep.He has fainted. arohi says deep open your eyes. Those meds.. He opens eyes and says I didn’t take the meds. I can’t trust anyone. Like you were checking scar on my neck.

Arohi sees Opasna’s location. She says I knew you were upto something.
Virat says to Tara we have to find out who this Mr. X is. TAra says I am sure this could be deep. Opasna says I put a tracking device in that bag. He can’t go anywhere. Opasna says the location says the bag is in this house. They follow the location. It is outside Tara’s room. Opasna says are you Mr. X? Virat says you can do anything in deep’s love. It must be you with deep. they find the bag in closet. opasna takes it out. Lights turn off. The bag is lost. Soemone hits her and takes the bag. it is virat. He puts the bag in his closet and says no one can take this bag from me. tara comes in. She is injured. SHe says someone attacked me. Virat says let me get you water. He comes back Tara isn’t there. Virat checks his closet. The bag is there. Tara goes downstairs with the original bag. She replaced it in Virat’s closet. Opasna puts a gun on her head. She says give the bag to me. Virat puts gun on opasna’s head and says give me the bag. he opens the bag. there are trash papers in it. Opasna says that means someone else took the real bag. I am sure this is Arohi.

Abhi says to guru ma Arohi saved Deep again but how long? I wont let him live. Arohi will know deep’s reality and she will hate him.
Arohi runs after masked man with bag. She puts gun on his head and says takes off this mask. deep takes off the mask. Arohi is dazed.

Precap-Deep says i know you must be hating me but I didn’t have another choice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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