Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep burned Arohi and changed her face

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The doctor says you.. SHe says you changed my face. He says who are you and why are you here? Arohi says you changed my face and took everything from me. If anyone doesn’t know me here why were they all shocked. Doctor says security take her out. Watchmen take her out.
Tara says to inspector I want to track location of this car.

Arohi says they all know about me. What should I do? Sujha comes. Arohi says they know everything. I don’t know what to do. Sujha says they wont’ let you in. I have found where is the back door and here is nurse uniform. Aorhi says thank you.
Doctor says to nurse burn all records related to that girl. Arohi is inside disguised as a nurse.
Arohi goes to doctor’s room and looks for proofs. Doctor comes in. Arohi

sits under the table. Deep comes in and hits the doctor. Deep says I kept calling you for three days. You didn’t pick my call. How is that girl in the city? She was your responsibility. Arohi is dazed. Doctor says I did what you said. Deep says i told you to change her face and send her across the border away from this country but you didn’t do it. Arohi is dazed. SHe says deep did all this? He knows I am arohi. He changed my face and did all this.

Tara comes outside the clinic. She says deep’s car is here. Where is he? She checks the coffee shop there but deep isn’t there.
Deep says I gave you 10 crore to do this. You still failed. She came to my house and now she is even on roads. Doctor says I kept her fainted for three months and kept her in a truck. I don’t know how she came back. Don’t worry. I told her I dont’ know anything. Deep says she came here? burn all reports. She shouldn’t get anything. Arohi looks at the report in her hand. It has her surgery picture. Arohi is dazed. She recalls when deep was taking her pictures. Deep gave the same pictures to the doctor.
Deep says she should never know about her new face. Her being on road is very dangerous for me. Arohi sneaks out. Deep sees someone. He runs after her. Arohi goes out. Deep runs after her Tara stops deep. She says deep.. Tara sees the girl. She says deep was here to meet her?
Doctor sees Tara. He is dazed. She says why did deep come here? Doctor is scared to see her. He says I don’t know anything.

Arohi runs. Deep chases her. Arohi recalls what he said. Tara sends deep video of her cutting her hand. He stops and goes home. Arohi vanishes.
Deep takes tara to hospital. He says are you crazy? You could die. She says do you love me? He says I love you. I can do anything for my love. She says then who was that girl? What did you do?
Arohi says deep you ruined my life. I loved you how could you do this. she screams and cries. Tara says who is that girl who calls herself Arohi?
Precap-Arohi is outside Tara’s room as a nurse. Tara says who was that girl? Deep says I did so much for you. I killed Arohi and burned that room myself. Arohi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Enough is enough………………..Now it is time that Aarohi takes her revenge from Tara and Deep. Deep had emotionally fooled her. Now Aarohi should plan every step she takes. Danny was absolutely right about Deep. How will Aarohi take her revenge when Deep knows her face now.

  2. what we have seen in to day episode is it true?
    Is deep again cheated aarohi.. after London track that much big drama.. I can’t control my self.. I hate this Writer he made Viewers to pagal by showing ardeep love track.. it’s completely meaning less..
    now what is the need to see this show
    deep n Tara are cheaters.. this new aarohi is so bad looking n I don’t care about her feelings.. for whom we have to watch this show..

  3. im big fan of arjun.. I can’t see him in such cheated character.. oh god how could he..

  4. sorry spelling Mistake cheater charecter

  5. I feel that this show should end with Aarohi having amazing life after sending Deep and Tara behind the Bar.

  6. i think deep protect arohi somehow i don’t know but its really really not logical if deep cheated arohi again and arohi she is so stupid sometime if feel like she deserve it

    Im steel wating for some explication


  8. iM STEEL watching because i love tara role and i hope that alisha panwar will play again arohi maybe she will do platic again to have her face i hope. Arohi is too blind she trust deep blindly whatever he do so she deserve it but i hope she will have revenge and i think that at last deep have his reason and he protect her he could kill her but he change his face why ? Maybe at last we will see that arohi and tara are the same and she as two personality she is the really serial killer and everyone try to help her and she imagine herself like arohi nice and good but she is tara too and it explain why deep sometime with arohi sometime with tara

    1. hi…. i like your idea a lot, Arohi and Tara are the same person who have split personality disorder… this could have worked very well in a book, but here even police have different records for Tara and Arohi, so i dont think this is possible. but i loved the idea

      1. with this writers everthing is possible because there is so many illogical think lets see if deep really betray arohi again it would be the end of IMMJ

  9. why?? one reason why Deep would want to cheat Arohi????? and he didnt even tell Tara everything, Tara thinks Arohi is dead. But Deep got her face changed and sent her away… what is he going to say later? that again he was trying to save Arohi? blo*dy bullshit!! He has no right to get Arohi’s face changed like this. Arohi was fighting for herself and she is much stronger than Deep as a person. Nonsense… I dont like Nia at all. what was the point of showing that the lights went off after Deep and Arohi married? Deep went to check the fuse and after he came back, it was still Arohi sitting on bed? Tara did nothing in the whole time? she was just waiting for Deep and Arohi to complete their wedding night?? And Nia remembers spending night with Deep but she doesnt remember that she got burnt? she was sleeping at first, but she would have woken up once the fire spread. burning alive is not something that people will simply forget. Nonsense nonsense nonsense!!!
    i would have been still fine if Alisha was still playing Arohi, but how the hell did Alisha agree to give her lead role some other actress who doesnt suit the character AT ALL. good happy scenes between Arohi and Deep were so few anyways, then they go ahead and change Arohi’s face. now all the happy moments are in flashback scenes. truly speaking, Deep and Arohi didnt have any trusting healthy relationship. always they were fighting with each other or hiding something from each other. and now this… i will not watch anymore. just read written updates. every character is spoiled. they have turned Tara from a violent serial killer with attitude to someone who is paranoid about Deep cheating on her all the time, Deep should be confused about his own motivations by now, chawanni is fooled by Tara pretending to be Arohi and Arohi doesnt even have the same face… i cant believe what the writers have done with my blo*dy favorite show
    p.s. sorry for the long long rant. i am just so angry. i have zero interest in this show now. until they change this storyline and bring back Alisha as Arohi with Deep supporting her, i am not watching this stupid nonsensical show anymore

    1. Hey asked this question so many more thing at wedding night no tatoo on Alisha back.that mean she is Tara or arohi still confused me.but nia is pregnant.
      Am saw Alisha Instagram she wear a nurse dress.and virat also come back.let see wt happened next.

  10. My God…this is so sad and painful. Honestly I keep telling myself this isn’t is fiction but today’s episode gutted me..
    1, why is it that the real Arohi is so weak? At first, deep destroys her life and sends her to jail, she gets a second chance, still couldn’t go through with the vengeance plot and fell back right to start.
    2, Deep Destroys her life again, drugs her and changes her face..But just wait and watch..she’s gonna be all “I’m gonna have my revenge and deep is gonna find out she is pregnant and the writers are going to just make up some annoying reason as to why he did this in the 1st place..(remember how they had to explain why he was evil before? Some stupid sub story that wanted to make him look like he wasn’t all that bad?

    3, I’m done with this show…I just can’t take it. It is making me depress and that is not healthy. Soaps or serials should be entertaining..make you want to know what will happen next, make you excited not depress you…I can’t. And I’m sorry to say this but Indian series writers have a very twisted mind of what they think is entertaining.

  11. What the hell is going on.I don’t care about not feel her deep really betrayed arohi.after london track only shown ardeep love this show is meaningless stupid non sense show.I think
    When deep(arjun) got negative role award the writers decided to change arjun(deep) play a negative role.I don’t like arjun play a negative role.
    Why deep call Tara as arohi?
    Am sure Deep not love Tara.
    Why he hide the arohi truth from Tara.
    And in shimla episodes deep cheat arohi arohi is pregnant.he cheat a arohi and her baby.oh no.I can’t tolerate this.
    Sometimes I felt Danny was correct.

  12. This is ridiculous. Deep is such a cheat. And poor arohi. She believed him every single time & she was fooled. This time she should take such steps that ruin deep. And any word will be less for tara. I mean she is just disgusting. I don’t understand what deep finds in her. I used to hate Tara. Now I hate both Deep & Tara

  13. Ardeep die hard fan

    I was thinking that nia is tara who lost her memory and thinks herself as aarohi and aalisha is arohi acting as Tara sometimes and deep burnt Tara’s face to get rid of her and nia is Tara maybe. This is wat i think i hope either aarohi is alive as aalisha and deep is living with Tara to know his past and hidden arohi and nia is anjali distracting Tara living with deep

    1. One mistake in it. Nia/arohi is pregnant. Tara can’t become a mthr

  14. all i can say is dt I’m not surprise that Deep betray Aarohi again but seriously if u really did betray Aarohi once again den i hate you to the core

  15. Personally I like Nia…. Due to her role in series like Twisted. But as Arohi it’s little amusing. If she would be Tara maybe she can look good. I stopped watching show long back ago just reading updates. Let see what happens next?

  16. idnt wnt to watch now… Why they had changed arohi face.. Nia is looking horrible in Arhoi character she can’t match arohi..this show will soon get flop now… No one will watch horrible story.. Only bcoz of nia…

  17. Hi Friends,

    After reading your comments tonight, it is apparent that many of you have also decided to no longer waste time watching this garbage. As you know, I stopped watching last week after Nia was introduced as Arohi. I can’t believe that it is Deep who burned Arohi and had her face changed. I can’t say I’m surprised, Deep is a bastard afterall. What I AM surprised about is that Arjun and Aalisha would agree to this nonsense. One HUGE oversight…how can Arohi be pregnant? She was BURNED and had MAJOR surgery to have her face reconstructed….yet she is having a healthy pregnancy and is 3 months pregnant LOL. Between the trauma, stress, medications, lack of eating properly…HOW exactly is she pregnant? Foolish writers. I’m from Canada, and this show angers me immensely. I can only imagine how upset those of you who live in India are.

    I hope that this show ends quickly. Hopefully the ratings will drop significantly and they’ll have to cancel it. I thought that perhaps Arjun and Aalisha may actually want the show to flop so they can move on? But then they could just quit. Arjun is hosting Dance Deewane so maybe he would be relieved if it ends. I’m trying to make sense as to why they would settle to work for these crappy directors, producers and writers.

    Like Disha said, this show is depressing and not healthy. t also made me depressed and does affect your mood after a while. Not good to fill your head with this crap. Most Indian serials do have dark and evil undertones. I agree with Disha when she says that the writers of these shows have twisted minds as to what they consider to be entertaining. Creepy and disturbing to think that women being abused and mistreated again and again is entertaining. It’s rarely the men, but always the leading woman who is being hurt, either physically or emotionally. Disturbing. Indian television has a long way to go.

  18. You know guys pls read this message I know it’s long but it’s clear ur doubts really
    ……now I m sure about that how arohi take her revenge from deep ,.and the entire story of ishq me marjawaa, becoz mujhe aisa lagta hai!! so pls….listen carefully…
    U know jab IMMJ start hone wala tha tab 1st promo me ye dikhaya tha ki arohi jail jati hai murder ke case me or kehti hai ‘pyar ne wo kiya hai mere sath jise sun ke duniya ka bharosha utt jaega aaj ke bad’.. and ……………….2nd promo me deep jail jata hai or yahi line kehta hai…..but u know aap logo ne 2nd promo me ek chiz care kiya.??
    ,2nd promo me Tara phir se ek murder kar deti hai, wo vi bathroom me jisme ek ladki ka dead body bathtub me pada rehta hai wo vi blood se I mean khoon se or u know u have to care that the dead body of girl is none other,balki wo dead body nia sharma ka rehta hai jo abhi aarohi ka role nibha rahi hai …………
    I don’t know ki serial me aisa Kyu dikhaega ki arohi yani nia ka murder tara ki …..lekin u know some mystery is there ,,,,ofcourse ye arohi ka koi chal hoga deep ko fasane ka usko jail bhejne ka liye ………….
    deep Tara ko bachhane ke liye khud jail Chala jata …………..
    …….2nd promo ko ek baar phir se dekhna aaplog jisme deep jail jata hai ,us promo me jo dead body bathtub me dikhata hai uspe care jarrur karna ….Ok …..
    Agar isase aplogo ka confusion thoda dur huwa to reply jaroor karna….. byeeee

  19. I’m not sure what the writers are thinking, another daft story line. I’m from the uk & don’t watch many Indian serials or not many from the start. However I have been watching this 1 right from the beginning & really enjoyed Alisha playing Tara & Aarohi…….Watching Nia is just not the same. Apparently the writers decided to make this change due to falling number of viewers. Looks like it has backfired on them as I too won’t be wasting my time watching this rubbish anymore.

  20. Speaking of the actors themselves, they don’t have the kind of rights to decide who plays what role & who doesn’t. That’s largely up to the producers/directors/ writers. I don’t think Arjun would want this show to flop just because he’s hosting Dance Dewaane. That’s not a full time job. Having 2 characters that require them to be on screen together (Aarohi & Tara) is just a lot less time consuming & more cost effective if another actress played Aarohi so maybe that’s a reason the part went to someone else.

    1. Hi Mesha, I’m aware the actors cannot make those decisions. Like I said, I was trying to come up with possible ideas as to why the show changed this way. Nothing set in stone, just random thoughts.

  21. Hi Sof yeah it just seems like Indian serial changes have no logic behind them but mostly make changes to keep rating highs. Though Indian shows are illogical & don’t make sense anyway that’s why I don’t watch many cuz they are too daft & unrealistic. But with a great storyline you do hooked.

    1. Hi Mesha, I agree! It’s hard to find an Indian serial worth watching, and when you finally do, it’s always ruined somehow!

  22. Hi guys just a quick question…..
    Do you prefer Alisha playing Tara or Aarohi? Also which actress would you prefer played the other part? Be interesting to see you’re opinions. I like her playing Tara but not sure who to play Aarohi as I don’t know much about Indian TVs actresses.

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