Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma meets Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chawani says I know a devi who can tell you about past. Arohi says don’t joke. He says I am not kidding. she can know. Arohi says I don’t believe in all this. He says trust me. Come with me once. Arohi says okay I will go. This might help.
Arohi takes deeps somewhere. He says where are we going? She says I want you to meet someone.

Deep and arohi come to the devi’s place. Deep says where are we? What place is this? Devi comes. Deep says who is she? Arohi says that’s Kriti. She looks in people’s eyes and tells them about their past. Kriti says dont’ worry. When people come to me they are helped. You want to know what’s your past. your eyes are heavy. They have blood. Deep says I don’t hgave time for all this. arohi says

don’t doesn’t have a solution to bring your memory back. Deep says and she? She has a magic wand? I am leaving. Kirti says past is like shadow it never leaves you. Deep stops.
Kirti hypnotizes deep. She says close your eyes and tell me where you are? Who is with you? What do you see?
Deep says its snow. Its shimla. Virat looks for me. Arohi says that’s what he was told. Kriti says yoou are growing as a kid. You go to a college. You see a board. What do you see on it? Deep says Rajhistan. Jodhabai college. Arohi says that was written on his ID card as well. Danny texts Deep was studying here in Rajhistan in a college. Arohi tells her about the dream deep sees.
Kirti says who gave you that gun? Who is shouting in front of you? Deep says its very blurry. I can’t see it. She says look at this pendulum and tell me who is shouting in front of you. He hears a woman screaming. Deep says I remember.. The pendulum drops. Its Roma. Everyone is dazed.
Arohi says mom you here? Roma says what are you doing here? And you deep you came here with her as well? She is crazy but you are sensible at least. This is all superstition. Lets go from here. Kirit says you came on wrong time he was about to see his past. Roma says I have seen a lot like you. I will send you to jail. Lets go. The woman pulls Arohi’s hand and locks the door. She says this woman doesn’t want his past to come out. Maybe she wants him to never know his past. roma says deep she locked Tara inside. Deep kicks at the door and says open the door. He breaks it and says how dare you touch my wife. If you do any such thing I will get you arrested. The woman says do you even know the trouble you are in. She says your husband is in trouble save him if you can. There is a dark shadow.. Deep takes her from there.

Scene 2
Deep comes home and drinks. He sees the same dream. He says why do I see this? Whose voice is that? I will go crazy. He sees a gun. He says I was holding that gun. Maybe that gun will remind me of everything. He takes out his gun from drawer. Arohi says deep.. He turns back and shoots. Arohi faints. Deep says oh God what did I do. Arohi open your eyes please. A glass cuts her hand. He dresses her wound. arohi says I can die hundred times for you. just be with me. Arohi saays you say you don’t care for me but you do I know that. Deep says get it dressed. Heb sees her blood and sees flashbacks. arohi says what happened? He shoves her. Deep hears someone screaming Raj beta don’t kill me. He says who is Raj?

Roma says she has gone crazy for her husband. She will remind him everything. We have to keep her away from deep. They hear glass breaking. Deep comes out with a broke bottle in his hand. Roma and Virat stop him. Deep says who is raj? Roma says is everything okay? He says nothing is okay. I want to know who is raj? Why do I hear it? Roma says you.. Deep is daze.d
Roma says your childhood friend. You lost touch with him. Deep says why can’t I see his face then? And who was that woman taking my name? Virat says relax. Are you crazy. Mom told you raj is your friend. you don’t talk to him anymore. you need rest. Deep goes to his roo.
Roma says virat.. Deep is coming close to his past. if this happens we will be in trouble. Virat says what will you do then? Roma says we have to give him drugs in food to numb his mind. Arohi overhears.

Roma brings khichri to deep. She says I made this for you. Eat it you haven’t eaten anything. Arohi says in heart I have to stop deep from eating this. she takes the bowl and breaks it. Roma says what is wrong with you? Arohi says why is he being given food of ill people? Nothing happened to him. We have ordered biryani for him. He doesn’t need to eat tall this. Roma says okay eat that but don’t waste food like this. She leaves.
Arohi says I am doingg all this for your better. Roma recalls she saw Arohi overhearing them. She says what is all this. I have to ask Virat to find out.

Scene 3
Roma and Virat come to meet Tara in jail. She says Arohi is fooling you all. You will regret after I died. You will cry for Tara’s death. I want to laugh at you for being fooled. Virat says she is still fooling us. She says I am not.. i can prove you I am Tara. Tara knows deep’s past not Arohi.
Precap-Roma hugs Tara. She whispers Deep’s past. She says this is my Tara. That deep will die with his past and Arohi. Dany texts Arohi I will meet you in 24 hours I have known everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salley145

    Everything is OK but why they forgot about Aarohi’s bhabhi? She wasn’t dead, she was shown kidnapped at the same place where Chawani was captivated

    1. Hiiii sally they turn shows as they wish

  2. what a thriller… so arohi is ensuring she will destroy deep with her…
    howcome roma is alright just like that????
    dany would have known deeps past n will tell arohi the same…. so when roma comes n asks arohi ti prove herself as tara arohi will say every thing so roma will again belive tara tobe arohi only -:)

    1. hii saras i also think the same

  3. Hi frnds….
    What is aarohi doing bcoz of her now deep also in trouble.. she spoiled everything now Roma and Virat knows about aarohi… Dany I think he is not good.. He knows about deep condition y can’t he tell immediately instead of giving message… deep is ill now who will save ardeep… I can’t guess this twist.. waiting for tomorrow ..
    Gdnt frnds…

    1. hii sravanthi i like your name and about show i think arohi lost her brain somewhere yaa worried for ardeep

      1. Hi anvesha…
        How are you?
        Thank you dear…

    2. I think ardeep save themselves. But both are in dangerous.
      Ab arohi ka dialog hoga:”ye madharani mera madhath karna”
      So something will happened.

  4. I think before the 24 hours end daany will reveal the truth to arohi and when roma will torture or question arohi about it she will reveal deeps past in front of him and this way he will come to know about their past. Anyone agrees with me ?

    1. I wish this only happens but can’t say as anything can happen

    2. If it happens ardeep both will safe…

    3. hiii neethumol i hope so who knows what will happen tomorrow

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Boring episode. .

  6. I don’t care whether the Raichands come to know that the girl with them is Aarohi or not
    But all I want to see is that Aarohi should not get scared worrying and don’t do something foolish instead I want her that she stays brave
    outsmarts them and conspire against them in such a manner that Lastly they face defeat and nothing stays in their hand

    1. hiii imm i wish she’ll do something smart and tara she is smart in start of show but now she is only evil they ruined their character

  7. Tara always had an ego on her so called love
    But always remember that love on the basis of lie can never further bloom

  8. though writers have lot of memory losses n inconsistencies in story… they bring real good twists which you wouldn’t have thought of … ultimately nothing happens but stil very thrilling??

  9. hii Shraddha i agree the same drama again

  10. Hiiii friends i am here after 15 days i miss u all Dhara ,Amaira, Rhivanya,Imm,Shraddha,Saras,Savarthi,Sally
    & everyone whom i forget to mention(sorry for that) infact more than show i miss your guys comments
    and about show i love this show because i find it different from other shows but now a days it sucks the whole revenge in the revenge drama is left in middle and arohi what the hell is she doing??? i am her fan always love her but now a days she irritates me always behaving dumb why she always doubt deep & does she forget that she is here in raichand mansion for revenge .AND i think tara is a strong character whom they ruin very badly and storyline is very slow and dragged deep is shown too week and other characters are just forgotton again now again this tara and arohi and proof drama i am dying to know about deep’s past atleast then story will move forward

    1. Hi anvesha. How r u?
      I was miss you and your comments.
      Agree with you. Let see what happened next. I hope everything will be good in Upcoming episodes.

  11. I think Dany will die I hope he will tell arohi everything waiting for tomorrow

  12. Whats dis irritating drama.Raj raj. Already when arohi came out of jail, she found his name is DEEP RAJSINGH and not Deep Raichand. Now y dont she remember it.writers….fed up yaar

  13. Hello friends. How r u all?
    How Roma is Danny know everything. I can’t trust Danny.I think ardeep will safe. And Tara escape from jail.and the same drama starts……….

    1. Hi rhivanya…
      me too getting doubt on dany…

      1. Hi sravanthi.

  14. I think this week will be full of thriller one more interesting story. I think deep is real heir of all properties . And that roma trying to save her position in home thats why she was trying to hide past from deep.

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