REVIEW BOOK for Fanfictions of TU (Review of second nomination)

Here is the review of Trapped -Yuvani ss written by an amazing writer Napsha. There is just 8 shot in your story that’s why we read all of the parts . Let’s move toward the review .

TITLE – We really like the title .It’s perfectly suited on the story .

CONCEPT – Concept is actually nice but not different . Mostly in these type of concepts , Male lead is already in love with other girl & at last get married to female lead for the sake of their family . In the end , Female lead win over him with care & love but roles are reversed in your ss. We really love how u portray Suhani’s insecurities . Yuvraj is very sweet character in ur ss. That’s good u practically shows the difference between Sambhav & Yuvraj in story . We would love to see How Somya react after knowing their relationship ?You can add a part to show Somya’s point of view too because she is also play important role in Yuvani’s life .If u add some moments between Pratima ,Dadi & Suhani , then it’s like cherry on the top.

DIALOGUES – I pretty liked all the dialogues but u can improve ur dialogues . I expected some intense dialogues from Yuvraj when he feel betrayed . Hope u get my point .

WRITING STYLE – I must say ur writing style is pretty good .I love how u shows the scenes from the pov of Suhani & Yuvraj inspite of adding unnecessary dialogues .

STORY MOULDING – Whole story is perfectly blend with scenes .We feel that your rushed a lil bit with ending .You can add one more shot with description . We like that Sambhav got punished in last.Many of the writer forget this after leads got united but u didn’t that’s why we appreciate ur writings .

FLAWS – We would love to read some more intense dialogues .Well, We have to say there are a very few number of grammatical errors, that’s really common but still if u want then u can checked your article before submitting .

Overall it’s a very good book .Those who want to see Yuvraj’s caring side , they can read her book .It’s interesting & romantic too with perfect ending .

Rating – 8/10

Thank you for nominating your book .Hope u are satisfy with reviews .Don’t get demotivated , your book is amazing .I want to comment too but unfortunately comment box get closed.

Keep writing & Stay blessed .

All the best for ur future .


Hania & Neha

  1. Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for reading my fanfic.. 🙂 I’m glad that you liked it.. 🙂

    Coming to your reviews, I definitely take it positively..

    >I feel I should have written the 4th shot entirely on Yuvraj’s feeling betrayed by his wife.. 🙁

    >I love to write in POVs of the characters.. 🙂

    >You are right, I was in a hurry to end it as I needed break from writing to prepare for my exams.. That’s why I just wrote that Suhani’s relation with Pratima and Dadi started to improve, instead of showing her scenes with them.. Also, I couldn’t write much about Soumya.. 🙁 🙁

    >For grammatical mistakes, there are many in this review book too.. 😀

    >I didn’t understand what do you mean by “more intense dialogues”..

    1. Hania

      Hi dear , first of all thank you for ur opinion about our reviews. I want to say dear that u get amazing talent to describe feelings on point .I really like the way how u describe each characters feeling but it get more better if u use some heart-touching dialogues . Intense dialogues refer to heart touching dialogues in the article .I already mention that we are not going to count ur grammatical errors that’s why we add that line in flaws of every review because every writing have some mistakes even there are some mistakes in my article too as u say . Your rating decrease because of concept & ending . I don’t know that u have exams on that days. Dear , don’t worry ur remaining books get reviewed very soon & we tried to read all the parts. We are trying to give our best to ur book because it’s our responsibility to be honest with reviews. Lastly , I want to tell u that I love to read ur books, whenever u are free send me link of ur ff . I will surely follow ur book after review book because I am in love with ur writing style .Thank you & if u have any other queries , u are free to ask.

    2. Sure. you can read them.. hope you are there on Fb.. here is the link to my profile.. scroll down and you will get the entire list of my fanfics along with the links:

      Hope you will enjoy reading.. 🙂

    3. Hania

      Yeah will surely follow ur books.Thanks you ?

  2. I wana ask something.. I’ve nominated two more ffs- one has just 2 parts while the other has 23.. How many parts will you read for the other one?

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