ISHQ (KRPKAB & EDKV) Episode 1

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Episode 1
Near India gate a man is shown jogging
Dev!! A shout is heard from backside man turns back with pleasant look (as if he knows who is calling)
Another man reaches him in 2 mins app ne intezar kyu nahi kiya (y u didn’t wait)
Dev – Shravan vo main socha tha ki tum Suman ke saath hoga (i thought you would be with Suman)
Shravan – aap ne aise kyon socha (why did you think)
Dev – vo Suman ko (he took a moment to observe the expression of Shravan)
Shravan – Bhai kya huva Suman ko (Brother what happened Suman) (dev could clearly notice the concern and tension on his face)vo tek hai na (she is fine right)(Shravan did not give any time to Dev to finish his sentence) tho aap yahaan kya kar rahe hain (then what are you doing here)
By catching his shoulders and looking into his face

Dev – arey saans tho lelo (take a breath) kuchh bhee nahin huva Suman ko tho sirph halke sardee hai (nothing has happened to Suman she just got mild cold)
Shravan – tek hai (okay) (with sign of relief) but still he was thinking about her in his mind)
Dev – now we will jog come (seeing his sad face) and after this we will go to home
Shravan – nods (with smile of course fake smile)
Dev could easily read his mind
They finished jogging in 15 mins (for the sake of Shravan he finished it fast)
They left for Dixit’s Mansion
(Guys by now u could understand that Dev and Shravan are friends and Dev knows about Shravan feelings towards Suman and yah the story takes place in Delhi)

Dixit’s Mansion

A women is shown offering prayer and doing arthi (yah she is our great Ishwari)
She reaches hall and calls Kichu chai leke aa (Kichu bring chai)
At this point both the prince enter the mansion
Ishwari – a bit surprised welcomes them
And calls Kichu pani leke aa (Kichu bring water)
Ishwari – bolo Shravan kise ana pada (tell Shravan what is the matter)
Shravan – namsthey auntyji Suman se milne kuch kam hai (to meet Suman have some work)
I – with smile vo apane kamare mein hai (she is in her room)
S – Nods and heads towards her room

I – Dev achchha hai ki tu jaldee agaya (good u came early) muje kuchh jarori baat karane hai (I have something to talk)
D – Tek hai maa study may cheyle (okay mom let us talk in study)
By saying this he leaves to study Ishwari follows him

Malhotra mansion
A beautiful lady is preparing coffee someone shouts aur kitna der Sona (ha princess Sonakshi) (how much tim sona)
Holds tray and leaves to hall
Sona – papa coffee
Ramnath keeps paper away and grabs coffee cup

He sips coffee and says hmmm for the coffee sake any one can marry you

Precap – Dev Ishwari conversation SHRAMAN

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