Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 15)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 15
The episode starts with everyone seeing Kanak crying and consoling Viplav. Daadi comes to them and Kanak says that she was wrong all the time and now its time to rectify the mistake. DT and everyone come. Viplav hugs her and Kanak asks him not to cry as she does not want her daughter-in-law to call her son a cry baby. Dulaari and Badi Amma are seeing this and are overwhelmed. Kanak comes to them and apologizes for all her deeds. Shaalini asks all of them to smile and be happy as her Dhaani Bhaabi would get sad seeing their crying faces. Viplav says that he will go to Dhaani. He comes and sits besides Dhaani. The doctor tells him that Dhaani is fine now but she needs rest. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and kisses it. Dhaani opens her eyes slowly and looks at Viplav. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead. She smiles and says she is okay. She asks about Kanak and he says she is fine. He jokes and tells her to get well soon as he needs his Banaras ki Dhaani. She smiles and keeps her hand on Viplav’s hand.

Everyone get happy hearing about Dhaani getting fine. DT asks Daadi to go home and prepare for Dhaani’s welcome. She happily agrees and Kanak, Shaalini also accompany her happily. DT and Shambhu go to Dhaani. She sees them and DT asks her to get fine soon and blesses her. They go. Viplav tells Dhaani that he was so scared. She asks him not to worry.Viplav thinks about that accident and hugs her. Dhaani looks on and tells him that she has not gone anywhere and she would always with her Wakil Baabu. They smile. Jo tu mera hamdard hai plays……….

Dulaari, Badi Amma, RL and Suwarna come there . Viplav sees them and asks them to sit. Dulaari thanks god for saving Dhaani and RL, Suwarna ask Dulaari to thank Viplav for Dhaani’s wellbeing as Viplav’s love for Dhaani has been a boon. They all smile. Viplav looks at Dhaani and signs her to smile.

Suwarna tells Dhaani that she and Tripurari along with Durga are going to Mathura for starting a new life in a new city. Dhaani wishes her all the best and asks her to take care. They hug each other.Viplav completes the formalities and comes to Dhaani. Suwarna asks Viplav to forgive Tripurari for all the misdeeds he did and wish him and me for a new blissful life. Viplav tells her to forget the past incidents and live life happily. She goes . He holds Dhaani’s hand and brings her.

They reach their home. Shaalini informs everyone about their arrival. DT and Daadi get happy. Viplav and Dhaani are about to step inside but Kanak asks to stop. Everyone get shocked. DT asks Kanak if she is in her senses and what was that whatever she told in the hospital. Kanak smiles and asks everyone to stop as she wanted to do her daughter in law’s grah pravesh by herself. Everyone smile. Kanak comes forward and smiles. Dhaani looks on happily. Viplav whispers surprise is awaiting Shikayati Pudiya……. Ishq ishq plays……Kanak does their aarti and asks Dhaani to come. She blesses Dhaani. Dhaani reminisces herself being insulted by Kanak many times and her gesture in the present time. Dhaani cries happily. Kanak asks Dhaani to forgive her and folds her hands. Dhaani asks her not to do so as she is elder. Kanak hugs Dhaani and says that her son is lucky to have Dhaani in his life and she has understood this. Daadi asks everyone to come and have food.

Viplav pulls chair for Dhaani and makes her sit. They smile seeing each other.Dheere dheere plays…….. They all enjoy. Viplav gets a call and smiles. DT asks him to finish food first. Viplav asks them to wait. He opens the door and sees Pankaj. He hugs him. He asks about Dhaani and he replies she is okay.

Everyone see them. He greets everyone. He asks Dhaani to get ready for more surprises. She looks at Viplav and he winks. Mere ishq ka rang Safed plays.. Shaalini asks if there is any party. Viplav says yes… They get excited. In the meantime, Raj comes along with all the ladies of ashram and tells Viplav,”Guru, now what??? Viplav asks all of them to come to terrace. He goes to Dhaani and smiles. Dhaani asks him how did he manage the arrangements…. Viplav asks her to enjoy and says he is master of romance as he knows how to make his wife happy… They look at each other and smile. Dheere dheere plays.All the ladies are talking and Kanak apologizes to them again. She asks Daadi to forgive her for whatever she did in the past. Daadi smiles and blesses her.

Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and tries to romance. Dhaani asks him to control, everyone is here. Viplav smiles and tells her that he is romancing his wife so why to take tension. Dhaani smiles and Viplav looks at her lovingly. Raj announces that its time for couples to dance and every couple should dance. Ladies look at their husbands. Dhaani looks on and Viplav asks her is she ready. Dhaani says what was the need to do all this? Viplav smiles and says he wanted to make his Banaras ki Dhaani happy. Ishq ishq plays…..

It is announced that every couple should select one chit and they have to perform on the same song. No couple can refuse. They announce Kanak and Shambhu’s name and they perform on the song Saamne yeh kaun aaya ….. Everyone clap for them. Now it is turn for DT and Daadi. DT sings O meri Zohra Zabi and dances. Daadi feels shy. Everyone smile. Viplav teases Daadi and she pats him lovingly.

Pankaj says only one chit is left and its obvious they are our guru and bhaabiji. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smile. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her.Na seekha mein ne jeena mere humdum plays…….. Dhaani feels little giddy and Viplav takes her in his arms and they dance. Dhaani looks on smilingly and Viplav looks at her lovingly. Everyone clap for them and Dhaani asks Viplav to leave her. Raj comes to them and says Guru will not leave you easily Bhaabi, it is obvious he will dance in the chance. They smile looking at each other lovingly.

All the ladies of ashram greet DT and family. Viplav asks Raj and Pankaj to drop them well. They greet each other and leave. Kanak asks Viplav to make Dhaani rest. Viplav agrees and goes with Dhaani. Viplav opens the door and surprises Dhaani. Dhaani looks on happily and asks how many surprises are left now? Viplav smiles and tells her that for today it’s the last one. Dhaani looks at Viplav. Ishq ishq plays… She says she does not need anything now as her Wakil Baabu is with her. Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani. Mere ishq ka rang plays. He makes Dhaani rest on the bed and sits beside her. She leans at Viplav and falls asleep. Viplav looks at her lovingly.

Its morning, Dhaani wakes up and does not see Viplav. Viplav comes with breakfast for Dhaani. She scolds him for not waking her up. Viplav replies that he wanted to do something for her shikayati pudia. He makes her eat breakfast. She looks at him lovingly and tears roll down her cheeks. Viplav sees this and wipes her tears. He jokes saying Dhaani I hate tears rey…… She smiles. She asks him if he is not going office today. Viplav says he wanted to stay with her. Dhaani requests him to go as work is important. Viplav replies not more than his Banaras ki Dhaani…. She asks him not to take tension and go happily as he can call her anytime.Daadi comes and cares for Dhaani. She says that Viplav made breakfast on his own for her. Dhaani asks Daadi to convince Viplav to go for work as you all are with me and assures that she is fine.Viplav agrees and goes to change. Daadi goes.Dhaani says she loves to wait for his call when he is at work. Viplav comes and smiles hearing Dhaani. Dhaani sees him and feels shy.

Precap: Viplav is buying flowers for Dhaani. Some men talk against Dhaani and taunt Viplav for marrying a widow. Viplav gets angry and goes to them.

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  1. I like it sujie. Well done… Keep it up ur good job ??

    1. Thank you Jova 🙂

  2. Superb,i think u are enjoying your writing so that we get these intense scenes of vidhani and u know success lies in not getting much comments,it lies in the smile that comes on our face when we read this,in that case u are blessed as i can say with 100% sure that noone can escape from smiling after reading your romantic vidhani scenes.that much enjoyment yaar.keep it up yaar.

    1. Saranya Thank you for good words…. really very inspiring…. you made me happy with your compliment ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Enjoyed the scene in which dadi danced with dt,that too with a perfect song and thanks for showing kanak as positive.

    1. That song clicked in my mind as I was writing and without any second thought I continued writing…. i am glad that you liked it …

  4. Nice Sujie I liked this episode a lot

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