Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Intro and Ep 1)

This is to notify that this is not the update of the show telecasted and is a fan fiction only. Hope you all will like it.

Introduction of the characters:
Viplav Tripathi- a carefree, naughty grandson of the Mahant of Banaras, good at heart, lawyer by profession, Dhaani’s fiancé .
Dhaani-Viplav’s fiancée, a young widow living in an Ashram with other s like her along with her mother.
Dashrath Tripathi- Mahant of Banaras, Viplav’s grandfather, cunning old man
Sushman Tripathi- Viplav’s grandmother, quiet, cute, Viplav’s favorite person.
Shambhu Tripathi- Viplav’s father, handicapped, often taunted by his wife.
Kanak Tripathi- Viplav’s mother, cunning woman, dominating
Shalini Tripathi-Viplav’s sister, cute, sweet, doted by her grandmother and brother, often taunted by her mother for being fat
Tripurari- Dashrath’s illegitimate son, from his 2nd wife Durga, Dashrath’s right hand in his selfish, cunning deeds
Durga- Dasharath’s 2nd wife
Dulaari- Dhaani’s mother, a widow
Badi Amma- founder of the Tarini Widhwa Ashram
Rajlakshmi- Dhaani’s friend, one of the widow
Suwarna- Dhaani’s friend, a widow in the past, but now Tripurari’s wife
Raj and Pankaj- Viplav’s friends

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As per the current track, misunderstanding is growing in Viplav and Dhaani. Today’s part is little bit sad. But no worries, I will be doing my best to bring ViDhaani together.

Viplav is at some tea stall talking with Raj. He says Dhaani should not have done that. I don’t want to talk to her. Then Raj explains him not to say this. Don’t you trust your love. There must be some misunderstanding. Viplav says, everyone said that Dhaani came to free Tripurari.Why did she do this? Raj asks if you called Dhaani? Viplav says No..I don’t know how to talk to her. She could have said. I don’t want to talk.
Scene shifts to Dhaani’s Ashram, she is getting ready and staring at her ring with a smile on her face. She comes down and looks at Viplav’s handprint on the wall, which he had pasted that day. Rajlakshmi comes and sees Dhaani smiling. She teases her and Dhaani feels shy. Then Rajlakshmi aks Did Wakil baabu call? Dhaani says No. I am afraid, he might be angry with me for not telling about what happened with Suwarna yesterday. Rajlakshmi says, then call him, explain him, he is very sensible, he will understand and also tell him to meet you somewhere so that you both can spend some time together. Dhaani feels shy and Rajlakshmi gets busy in her work.
Viplav is thinking about Raj’s word about talking to Dhaani. Dhaani is wearing her bangles, she sees Viplav’s call and excitedly picks the phone up. Viplav, without saying any other thing, tells her to meet at the temple now. Dhaani is about to speak but he cuts the call. Dhaani wonders if he is really angry. I will make it up and wear the bangles given by him. He will forgive me then. Dhaani calls Badi Amma and her mother and says that she is going to temple to meet Wakil Baabu. Dulaari and Badi Amma agree and tell her to come soon. Dhaani goes happily.
She reaches temple and sees Viplav waiting for her. She comes to Viplav and he sees her and asks why did you break your promise. Dhaani goes pale seeing angry Viplav and asks what promise did I break. Dhaani tries to clarify but Viplav is adamant. He asks why did you free Tripurari. Dhaani is shell shocked and tells him that I did not do anything. Believe me. Viplav is reluctant to hear Dhaani. Tears start to roll down from Dhaani’s eyes. Viplav is hurt to see that but remains silent. Then Dhaani says Fine, if you do not want to hear anything, I will not say anything until that day when I prove my innocence. Till that time, good bye Wakil Baabu… She cries and turn to go . Viplav looks at her silently,but she hurts her foot and is about to slip when Viplav shouts Dhaani and holds her. Both share an eyelock. Ishq ishq plays.
Dhaani shoves his hand away and asks why do you care so much for me when you do not believe me, tell me why? Viplav remains silent and gazes Dhaani with tears in his eyes. Viplav is about to say something but Dhaani goes away crying. Viplav is hurt.

Precap: At night,Dhaani and Viplav are not feeling like sleeping.. Ishq ka rang Safed plays in the BG and they both come by the side of the window and gaze at the sky. Screen freezes at their faces.

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