Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamini tells Dhaani about Dadi Bua’s anger. She gets the goon’s call again, Dhaani comes to Dadi Bua and requests her not to complain her mother about any of her mistakes. Dadi Bua slaps Dhaani hard accusing her to be a dancer in parties, Kamini saves Dhaani from Dadi Bua who hated Dhaani. Dhaani tells Kamini she wants her mother to be happy always, may be her mother may think she is trying to divide the family.
The goons again calls Kamini, they stood outside their house. Dhaani was concerned, the phone bell rings. Dhaani picks up Viplav’s call, she couldn’t hear him. Kamini asks her to do packing, Dhaani was upset and thinks about meeting her mother. Kamini suggests about going with her, but Dhaani promises to meet her in market. Dulari cries worried about Dhaani, Viplav was a

hope for her still her daughter wasn’t happy.
Dushranth comes to Dadi Bua, she demands Dushranth to throw this Dhaani out of the house before time is over. Dushranth also wanted this. She complains how they couldn’t know about Viplav’s wedding with her.
Kamini awaits Dhaani in the market, she calls Dhaani but couldn’t connect. Her phone bell rings again, she doesn’t pick up the call, then gets a message that they have kidnapped Dhaani, and calls her to an old compound without informing police. She then calls the number, Dhaani cries telling Kamini she doesn’t know where these goons brought her. One of the men ask Kamini to come her as well, they will leave her only if she comes here. He cuts the call.
Dushrant was annoyed at his insult, Dadi comes looking for Dhaani. He accuses his wife and Viplav for bringing him to this position. Dadi Bua comes downstairs asking for the biggest lawyer in town, she wants to make her will.
Dhaani argues the goons. The man calls Kamini his friend for which he would use Dhaani. He met Kamini in bus, she never picks up his calls. Kamini walks the way panic. She calls Viplav on her way for help, it doesn’t connect. She stops an auto in the way. The goon demands Dhaani to make him and Kamini marry. Dhaani shouts if he has seen her face, who would marry him with this face. The auto goes out of order, Kamini leaves her wallet in there as well.
Dadi Bua didn’t believe on Dushrant, she had intended to name all her property after him but now since Dhaani is here in the house Dushrant won’t get a single penny. She asks him to sign the papers, Dushrant does the signatures saying this time would also pass.
Kamini reaches the compound. Dhaani shouts at the goons to unwrap her hands. The goon deters them of shooting if there is police around. Kamini asks him to leave Dhaani, he had promised this to her. They won’t leave Dhaani, Kamini sweetly speaks to the goons winking at Dhaani.

PRECAP: Dhaani and Kamini flee from the compound and go to hiding, Dhaani’s phone rings and they were caught again.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Saraswathi.j

    What is this story? Always goons and crime showing , the editing is very poor not connected incoherent story , what the writers,director and producers want to show always crime and promoting villains and fighting for properties and molestation of women ? .where is the so called hero Viplav ,he knows very well that his family members did not like Dhaani ,what better life he has given her always humiliation and beating by his mother and now dadi bua the innocent girl Dhaani facing so many problems after he enters her life ,your treatment of story gives the message never remarry you have to face so many problems and humiliation in the in..laws house and also in society.Is this the message you are giving by this show to society? .

    • True saraswathi that always villains win opposite to the global fact that truth wins good wins over bad. But writer’s might have thought of a track to change the monotonous saga of Dt n Kt as CHANGE IS NECESSARY N IT IS THE ONLY CONSTANT seems that we woukd get to see all evil game plans n wicked policies till the truth is brought to the forefront n ofcourse the show would end with all confessions apologies n beginning of right track.

  2. Felt bad for dulari mai . She would be happier n relieved if she comes to know that biplav acts like a pillar for dhani n would always keep her happy.

    • Nimisha ?

      Me too. Really looking forward to some ashram scenes with Dhani and Viplav clearing the air so that Dulaari Maai and the other ashram lovelies can stop worrying,

  3. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di again a big big thanks to you..
    Dont know if u say something new or the same but your words are so powerful for me..
    I am finally overcoming the trauma.. and yeah i am ready for my exam on 1st may
    I will give my best in it??
    Love you lots??

    • Porkodi

      All the best for ur 2nd tier and May 1st test. Definitely u will do well and u will get a seat in best college. I m so happy for u.

    • Nimisha ?

      Oh gosh. Glad to have been a bit helpful.

      Remember what your mama says, do your best and leave the rest to God.

      Is it confirmed that you are in the first round? Good. You’re ready so just go for it!


      • Arshdeep

        Hmm all those who have filled aipmt form will be in 1st round.
        Yup i am ready..
        Just revision for biology tomorrow and then i will be resting well on 30th before exam..!!

        Di i wanna talk to you just after my there a way to do that??

      • Nimisha ?

        Let me have a think Asrshdeep. We’ll find a way! Xxx ?

        Really really prod f you for getting through round one. My hope you’re feeling a bit more confident now.

        Well done again. Really! Your family must be soooo proud of you. Xxx

      • Arshdeep

        Hmm find a way soon.. i really want..!!

        Yaa mumy papa was very happy??

        Again somebody is asking supreme court to conduct a single exam on 24th july for all students and cancel 1st may exam.. result of SC will come out today by 3 pm i think..
        Will wait for it..
        They are seriously confusing us a lot??

      • Nimisha ?

        I also call my mum and dad, mummy and papa! ???

        It seems incredibly unfair to make last minute changes to important dates. I hope someone if fighting the corner for all the students. Maybe they have their reasons.
        Either you’re ready if it’s on the 1st and will be ready if it’s later.

        Fingers crossed for your results today. Let us know how you did.

        I have thought of a way by the way. Just give me a week.


      • Nimisha ?

        Gah, I wish I could type..

        I meant…

        Either WAY you’re ready for the 1st or you will be if it’s later.

      • Arshdeep

        I am ready but still who wont like to have more time
        Anyways results have come they have said 1st may exam will be conducted for sure and next hearings abt this will be on 3rd may now

  4. Arshdeep

    And thanks to all for your best wishes ??

    I have cleared my AMU 1st tier exam and has qualified for 2nd tier. ??

    I think it dont make any sense now bcoz neet has come up but still m very happy and it gave me lot of confidence and positivity..  so wanted to share it with you all????

  5. Arshdeep

    I havent watched the episode.. and couldnt understand much.. maybe my mind is still in studies .. so sory no comments today?

    • Its true arshu there was not much shown today that too WITHOUT OUR HERO VIPLAV. First it was Db accusing dhani to be a dancer then db asking DT to throw dhani out of the house n finally declaring to get her Will made. In between they showed 2 goons constantly troubling kamini n end up kidnapping dhani to blackmail kamini. Both dhani n kamini try to get out n run away from goons trap but r caught due to dhanis phones souns thats it seriously nothing much to comment.

    • SARAS

      no need of comments arshadeep.. God news u gave is enough. .
      congratulations n all the best for your may 1st exams..
      God bless you. .

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    This show brings all female leads to negative or short role to IKRS first they bought uttaran heroine as negative and now shasthiri sisters..

  7. Cant understand that when vidhàni had to go for picnic then all of a sudden how come this kidnapping track though i havent seen today’s episode as yet would see at night.

    • Nimisha ?

      It’s because Mishal isn’t well. It was on IF last night that the track had to be tweaked to allow for him not being there.

  8. SARAS

    What time pass are they doing? ??
    too funny.. At least we can relax no biting nails like last week. ..

    I m watching udaan n I m liking it..
    I don’t watch any other channel actually. ..

    • Mahira

      Hey! Mind if I suggest two shows. Two new shows i’m liking these days are with unique plot and especially the cast is just so superb!

      If you can make time, do watch Dehleez on starplus & Kuch Rang Pyar K Eisy Bhi on sony. ?

      • eshani

        Hey mahira am watching kuch rang pyar keep raise bhi it is nice….but dahleez I heard is gud would wish to watch timing is a issue for tht

      • Nimisha ?

        Mahira, BR Mam also suggested the second show you mentioned so I watched the promo and it’s on my list to watch. I tried dehleez but didn’t really get into it in the first episode. Thanks for the recommendations,

      • Mahira

        Yeash, Eshani.. Maria.. KRPKAB is good. Especially, scenes od Dev and her mom are just stupendous! ❤

        Nimishi.. my friend told me listen the OST of Dehleez.. I loved it! So I just thought to give a watch.. and by i’m following the show. ? And loving it.. the whole cast is perfecto! ?

  9. eshani

    What was all these in d episode seems like a repeat n this is too much harrasment on a women delivering wrong message to society….should show that ppl r changing their views towards women society and these episodes doesn’t look like

  10. eshani

    Where is viplav in d whole episode he shed have come to the rescue and even after he couldn’t speak to dhani he didn’t try to get in touch with her….y so less mishal scenes these days

  11. Anne

    Was a little confused now I’m a lot confused.
    I’m worried about Mishal . No one breaks from ongoing drama without a very good reason..?xxx

  12. eshani

    Yah looks like mishal is unwell so giving him less scenes I guess really hope he gets well soon and deer more vidhani scenes

  13. BR

    good evening saras super … analyzing the message u give us no remarriage the word is good . so many obstacles u have to face … renu dhanni wanted to see her mom on the way kidnapping …. renu u answer is good




    • Hi nimmy i just saw last page comments n found yr query
      Actually i am from textiles so thought to check with you. Also my hubby is from IT.??

      • Nimisha ?

        Textiles sounds interesting. Would Love to hear about it Renu. Were you in a creative role? I thought you might be in a medical profession as a while back you said you’d sat the same exams as Arshdeep is currently. I was also in IT before having kids. A software consultant, but not a programmer. Ive been out of it since my daughter was born, so about 8.5 years. Would love to work in a behind the scenes role in the Indian TV/media industry or Bollywood, maybe as a journo, but I’d have to live out there and that can’t happen as my hubby wouldn’t want to move,

        Maybe one day we’ll get the chance to make the move. Fingers crossed.

        Thanks for answering the question. Niall a lot so you did well to find it buried under my mountain of posts,

        Lots of love Renu. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        The last bit should say, I post a lot so you did well…

        Wouldn’t make a good journo with allllll my typos eh?? Lol.


  14. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..
    Thank you Sona for the update……
    was this whole episode without Mishal???
    Did I read the update where Viplav is not seen for atleast once in whole episode?? Worried for Mishal…hope he is okay…….. and I am badly missing those old episodes…thanks to youtube and DHFOMRV fb page…… I hope this DB Kamini track finishes soon and ViDhaani can live in peace with all the culprits getting what they deserve ..

      • Sujie

        Eshani ….that was really a blink and miss role for Viplav aka Mishal in today’s episode…..wondering why??

    • Nimisha ?

      It’s weird Mam. Anne noticed it on IF last night. Then today lots of get well soon messages but I couldn’t find the source of the information on there,

      Just hope he’s okay, that it’s not serious and that he’s back to good health soon and back on our screens soon too. Xxx

  15. Mahira

    Precap is kinda horrible but hoping Mishal makes an entry there! To rescue Dhaani! ? Agar mood ho tow Kamini ko bhi bacha ly. ??

  16. Nimisha ?

    Hi everyone.

    Very sad to see the epi without Nishal, but he was in it for the briefest of moments.

    I’m impressed that the writers and production team can change the story so quickly to accommodate.

    On the plus side KT wasn’t there either.

    KAmini, seems good, but what is her past with the goons.
    How did the goons know where she was staying as they were outside AN?
    What happens on the bus? Were they evebashing or is it more.
    How did they get her number if they were only harassing her on the bus?
    How did Kamini get Viplav’s number?

    So pleased that the montage has our Mishal on it as felt happy seeing that.

    I think the episode was better than the one in the spoiler where VIPs tells Dhani off when Kamini is kidnapped. At least it’s now Dhani kinapped.

    She,s really feisty with the goons which was good to see,

    Mishal, hope you’re okay and feeling better soon. I missed you very much today. Xxxx

  17. Sujie

    I seriously hope that Mishal aka Viplav comes to save Dhaani…..and ultimately Kaamini too will be saved…….
    This track was not needed….. I want all those unfinished tracks to finish first….agar current track ka link kisike past se related hai…toh bring it fast ……. no separation no misunderstanding is needed for a serial to drag it unnecessarily…makers can show ViDhaani’s togetherness in fighting with the evils and bringing the reality of dual faced hypocrites…….

  18. Nimisha ?

    I also think New girl was impressed by Dhani,s gutsy behaviour. DHani was also naturally protection of her in the last scene and was looking after her. This is who Dhani is now thanks to Viplav. Good to see her standing up for herself ( even though most of it was whilst she was sitting in the old mill place)

  19. Nimisha ?

    Oh, and when the phone rang when Dhani and new girl were hiding, maybe it was Viplav. Fingers crossed he’s back soon.
    Maybe Dhani will have answered but not spoken and he,ll have heard the goings on and then will GPs track her and will come and rescue her, and new girl.

    I’m wishing for Mishal,s return soon.

      • Nimisha ?

        Anne, where did you read the thing you mentioned at the end of the last thread about the change in the story?

      • Anne

        Die hard fans of mishal raheja. They put some new olvs on frequently ,different to” die hard fans of mishal rahejas videos ”
        Just put olv on twitter I found on IF. Sent it to all, so people puzzled! What is this!!!!???? Haha ?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Lol Anne. That’s hilarious!

        Hope you’ve had a good day lovely!

        By the way also loved loved loved seeing you on Twitter. ?

      • Nimisha ?


        Seriously feel happy now!, whoop whoop whoop!

        That means he did call Dhani and he will rescue her. And new girl.

        Thanks Anne, you’ve made my day! Xxx

      • Anne

        Just had a horrible thought usually don’t film in sequence so may be filmed before he went off sick….oh sorry if that’s the case….?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Annnnne, that OLV. Just watched a bit but when she hugged VIPs I couldn’t watch anymore,… New girl STAY AWAY!!!! Anyway, she’s in a different sari to the one in today’s so I was wondering if that’s an older OLV for the original storyline where new girl gets kidnapped and VIPs goes to rescue her?!

        Is he def back tomorrow??

      • Mahira

        I think Viplav will rescue them in today’s episode. And about that olv.. it might be of after kidnapping.. I guess Kamini will show the place to Viplav where they’ve been taken by kidnappers.

        And yeah, I too hate that Kamini taking advantage of the situation by hugging Mishal! ? Stay Away Please! ?

  20. Sujie

    just saw lots of GET WELL SOON MESSAGES for Mishal in India Forums…hope nothing is serious and my Mishal gets back …….. Get well soon Mishal….and be back with a bang …….
    It seems like a dish with no salt at all when Mishal is not there in the episode ……..

  21. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I totally agree with Saraswathj….yesterdays eoisode we saw ladt vipdha suppose to go away for two days? Now wats happening bad video shown abt dha to granny??? Wers the advert we saw wen dha/vip shivering?
    I was hoping they unite…now wat kidnapping? N property n abuse too much promotional emotional abuse against women?????

  22. Wow today’s Vidhaani scenes were gr8: I wanted to say this but they never show Viplav at the first place can’t even imagine IKRS without Viplav , I m sure this is some sort of kamini drama

  23. I don’t the channel respects the feeling of viewers. I had requested for a recap of ikrs but there is no response. Next time l will have to think twice before following a serial

  24. shanitics

    Arshi didi congrats… Proud of you didi..
    Today sleep ? well.. Do not take tension and wrote the notable points on a sheet of paper and refer it before entering the xam hall… Didi tension math lelo.. This exam will be easy one.. I’ll pray to god..
    Just finish DB and Kamini track as soon as possible…
    Missed orange Viplav alot.. Mishal in orange attire suits him the most..
    Misha didi Arshi dii,lols missing u alot…
    Tight hugsss.. Putting just one cmnt makes me sad ?… Really missing… A day is not complete without talking to y didi’s?… Completely sad?

    Yesterday’s episode WHERE IS THE SALT OF OUR DISH AKA MISHAL???
    Yesterday’s epi saree and designer blouse worn by hr matched her beauty.. Bt tat saree makes her look more old!!!
    Yesterday I saw the epi with my cousins’ and whn I askd thm hw is the serial the sudden reply was this:-either make That Kamini wear the saree properly like Dhaani or else ask the camera man to take the video from the Kamini’s height.. And I was laughing..
    Missing u alot…?
    Mujhe bhul math Jana…

  25. I don’t think the channel respects the feeling of viewers. I had requested for a recap of ikrs but there is no response. Next time l will have to think twice before following a serial

  26. SARAS

    yday I was watching kumkum bhagya.. after May be three months. . believe me is exactly in the same page…
    Then I realized. . people like such serials without story .. no twists no turns just few scenes of routine life style just life tpk.. u can watch it without taking anything to heart. . May be that’s y these serials have good trps

    • Hahahha lol Saras KKB Is worse TPK is dragging a lot KKB is dragging toooooo much , I think trp is high for KKB because people know that tey can watch whenever they want so they stay in touch with the story as story is same for a long time 😛

  27. SARAS

    arshi.. i saw in news paper today there will be two exams for medical entrance only for this year. ..

    • Arshdeep

      Yeah mam
      I have to give the first but today they again asking SC to let everyone give 2nd exam and cancel out 1st one

    • Thks zea infact i was about to ask u abt the movie n there u told it . Even i was excited to watch it on reading review in paper now since u have also said would go for it sure.

  28. I love to watch kuch rang pyaar ka too infact now my 1st priority of me and my mom is kuch rang Pyaar ka we watch it together among all shows the story is so natural and relatable and denakshi chemistry also is gr8 and then dehleez is also one of my fav too swadarsh share good chemistry too and no charcter is too goodie goodie or baadie baadie and also it’s realistic both shows
    Besides these two I love ek duje ke vaaste and Bahu hamari rajni Kant as I m a student I watch these 4 only other shows like IKRS for example I watch it whenever I m free like weekends as it’s recorded

    • Hi suman please maintain the dignity of such a good name su ( GOOD ) MAN ( HEART ) Ĺet me ask you how old are you many people have told you sweetly. Politely n at times harshly. Not to post bad comments on this site which has connected us together it seems either u r a TEENAGER OR A TAUREAN (sundign) who r adamant n arrogant. Looking forward to your reply dear . God bless you ✋✋

      • Nimisha ?

        Renu.. Love that..

        Your are wither a teenager or a Taurean… I actually laughed out loud! Brilliant line!!!

  29. Yetty

    Well done Arshdeep for going through the first round of your exam, the rest will be great.
    Best of luck in the coming one’s

  30. Louella

    Arshi di happy to know that u passed the first test and u r for the next one. All the very best di. And keep it up. Proud of u.

  31. Louella

    Renu I have learned stem stitch, chain stitch, back stitch, running stitch and split stitch.

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes Louelle, well done. Did you enjoy it? Which is your favourite? For some reason I love blanket stitch. It’s a Eire thing to like but I still remember learning it at school and going ‘wow’ when I saw it. ???

  32. Louella

    Aww swetha di!!! U were missing us. Even I m missing u. Don’t be sad. Plz come ASAP. We all sisters r incomplete without u. Sending u also very tight hugs.

  33. Hi nimmy its true that teenagers are high on themselves n think others to be dumb n they think that they can do everything n even taureans r adamant that they dont listen to others it is just my speculation lets wait for suman s reply.

    • Nimisha ?

      Renu, There’s a lot to be said for star signs in my case. I’m a very virgoan Virgo! ? I was amazed when Florentina did that thing for me as she got me spot on.

      By the way I replied last night to your textile question but it’s up there somewhere.


  34. Just out of the way my freinds used to praise a lot about series on zindagi channel specially HUMSAFAR. THOUGH I HAVE Never seen it but is said to be too good. N the actor fawad khan was praised n adored by all in the way as we love n respect our Mishal. Has anyone seen it.

    • Fatarajo

      Fawad khan the Pakistani actor the same actor in Kapoor and sons and also khoobsuratbright right

      • Arshdeep

        I will give u a lost of shows to watch on zindagi.. pakistani serials..their dialogues..words..acting skills are superb
        You will forget these so called indian shows? when you compare it with them. (Except ikrs?)

    • Arshdeep

      Yaa i have seen the complete series of HAMSAFAR..
      Such an amazing show.. I really loved it..!! Their acting is so natural. You cant just take your eyes off.

      Actually i used to watch many shows on zindagi.. Its pakistani serials.. They have fix no. Of episodes.. Start and soon end..not like our indian shows..dragging nd dragging..!!
      All shows are good and characters are almost same in one or the other.
      But i was disappointed some time later from them when i found many having a similar concept and i really dnt like the tradition in muslims to have more than one wife. I am sorry..dnt want to blame any religion but just said what i saw from the serials.

      • Arshdeep

        Many serials i watched were like a man marrying a woman. The villain was her mother in law unhappy with her used to trap her and prove somehow her relation with some other person showing her characterless..etc etc and creating rifts between them. How can a mother play with his son’s happiness (that too in many serials not just one) ??

        I know we have same mother here too(kanak).

      • Arshdeep

        Some of the shows i loved on zindagi i would surely suggest to watch. Just wait i will give a list of them 😛 😀
        I used to watch it 10th and till 11th too
        Do watch them if you have time

      • Arshdeep

        I am sorry but Didi i dont remeber the names even.??
        I will tell u after my exam for sure.
        One was i think dhoop chaon.. another dil e nadaan..

        And the best one was ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI..It was a series of 26 episodes starring fawad khan and sanam saeed.. the female lead was shown as a very strong girl..educated and supported her mother and her 2 sisters. Her father married some other woman and left them. Overall the show was good and when female is shown strongly i hope you will surely like it.?

      • Mahira

        Glad you like Pakistani Serials. And yeah they are fixed with few episodes. But still , sometimes I get so attached to the story that these few episodes looks very dragging to me sometimes. ? But yeah, Hamsafar is one of the best dramas I’ve watched! ?

      • Arshdeep

        Appi i actually loved to watch them..their learn those typical words..
        I would start to watch them again soon?

    • Mahira

      Hey! If haven’t watch it yet. I would say it’s a must watch thing!

      The whole story, the cast and especially dialogues are amazing! And yeah, the best thing is Fawad! Bae! ?

      I’m not sure if Zindagi has telecast Fawad’s another drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai.. but it it again no doubt a best one! ❤

      • Arshdeep

        Yeah i mentioned about zindagi gulzar hai above but my comment is still awaiting moderation??

      • Arshdeep

        Yaa ZGH is one of my favourite too.. fawad as zaroon was awesome
        I still remember the scene when they both got married and were their in kashaf house
        Such a lovely night?

      • Mahira

        Haha yeah me too! And that scene when Kashaf was making kababs in the Kitchen and Zaroon was continuously texting him! Was such a lovely scene!

  35. Nimisha ?

    Swetha, your comment about the camera height is soooo tru, and also funny. I was thinking the same thing,

    The way she wears her sari is also just wrong, she doesn’t dress or seem like the sanskari girl that DB/KT/DT see. Her attire seems very provocative, esp when you compare her to anyone else in the show, her belly button is always on show too.

    I remember how shy Dhani was when Viplav gifted her that ‘western’ dress as it was sleeveless. I can imagine is Dhani wore that DB/KT/DT would attaché her but new girls blouses are so skimpy by comparison but they accept her completely.

  36. Anne

    Sad I can’t watch any more shows because I have only Colors and Rishtey ,they are free and if I want any more I have buy expensive stuff that I don’t want .
    So pleased IKRS is on colors .?!!!!!xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Same here Anne. But online is always an option, although haven’t found a site that also has subtitles.
      Hope you,re having a good day. Just had loads of hail here. I think the weather has forgotten it’s nearly May. Did you have snow where you are? Xxx

      • Anne

        Got snow at 6 am but melted by 7 ,freezing wind now .
        Sorry Arshdeep!
        Cooking massive chick, comfort food lol. ,cat happy.!
        Waiting nervously to see if vidhani are back together ?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Ooh Anne. Snow! Love it!

        I’ve just been making cupcakes, also comfort food. Not happy cat but kids will be happy.


    • Fatarajo

      Oh Anne actually nowadays I don’t like colors much especially since the day I came to know they are gonna off air IKRS , I only like to watch colors in weekends for their weekend shows, n also IKRS, TPK and sometimes Udaan, Kasam when i have nothing to watch.
      But nowadays instead of colors serials I like to watch sony

      • Nimisha ?

        It was a rumour and prob still is and will be til colors announce when the new shows will be aired in terms of time slots. I’m going with the enjoy it while it lasts and long may it last mindset as tired of worrying will it?? Won’t it??

  37. Sujie

    Hi Friends….. just wanted to ask one question…. does anyone here likes the title song of KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI … along with the back ground music of flute ??

  38. Nimisha ?

    Ok! ITs official.

    I hate new girl. ???????

    Mishal looked lovely today. Properly handsome ???

    But I want to slap Viplav for offering her his hand, grabbing her wrist and that Precap! GAH!!!!

    That OLV was real. Was seriously hoping it wasn’t. Can’t stand seeing Viplav with anyone other than Dhani. I wanna cryyyyyyyyyy!!

    • Anne

      Just watched, without reading any updates so NO idea what was what! But not happy what I saw ,is kaminicker good or bad ? What’s going on! Ahhhhhgggg xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Kaminickervis baaaaad!!!
        They get away from the goons
        Dhani tells Viplav about it
        Dhani and VIPs agree to go and check out the place where the kidnappers took them
        VIPs goes to check that kaminicker is ok
        DB notices KN,s important ring is lost so goes on about it for a bit
        VIPs says don’t worry I’ll help her find it
        They go off to look. VIPs forgot Dhani. I mean WHAT!!!
        They arrive at the barn thing and VIPs gets a call from Dhani. He tells her not to worry and that he loves her,
        The rest is self explanatory
        I was fuming at some of the scenes, it’s so out of character for Viplav to offer his hand so much, I don’t think he even did that with RL ever.

        I think KN staged it all. I think the other version of her name suits her better. She is a lady dog! She knew what she was doing.
        In the Precap, Viplav says to her,msee how nice you look when you smile, and Dhani finds the ring that KN supposedly lost.

        Does that help?

      • Nimisha ?

        Oh and KN convinces Dhani to not tell anyone else about the goons. Only viplav.
        Kn also tries to convince DB that Dhani is a nice girl but all DB says is you are so lovely and sweet and innocent blah blah blah

      • Anne

        ?Thanks,Nimisha, that helps A lot ..
        Wondered WHY Viplav n Kamini went to barn —-I had no idea.
        Why did they get kidnapped in the first place????xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Oh, and the other thing is when Viplav gets back from getting the camping things, DB tells him to take KN along with them he refuses and then agrees after DB says what will she do on her own. ?
        The Dhani walks in and says they won’t go as its too hot. KN says she’s tired so wants to rest.

        I know I’m not very good at this so sorry if I’m confusing you more Anne.

      • Nimisha ?

        The goons said they kidnapped Dhani because the tall one had been shunned by KN and he ‘loved’ her but she insulted him, or summat like that.

        I think as someone on here guessed already that she has staged the whole thing. At one point the goons alluded to it all being her plan before KN arrived and they were holding just Dhani.

        The thing I don’t get, is why did KN keep acting afraid even when she was by herself.., also Viplav fell into her trap a bit too easily. But I guess there’s no point in over thing it,

        I don’t think Viplav is doing anything wrong, he’s just being friendly but… I Don’t like it one little bit! Nope! Not at all!

  39. Sujie

    Okay…i watched it…… just to know if Viplav comes to save Dhaani….but NO….The story got different……… Viplav along with Kaamini reach the barn just to find a ring ……. and offers his hand……….. WHY???? That was not needed….. Wondering if Viplav applied fevicol on his hands so that Kaamini was not leaving his hand ……..DISGUSTING ……and as Nimisha said RLalso might not have held our hero’s hand like that….omg kill me someone please………. UTTHALE BHAGWAN…UTTHALE,……. WHY WHY WHY????????
    And Viplav complementing Kamini that she looks beautiful…. i can’t stand this …… why ???
    Dhaani finds Kaamini’s ring that might be supposedly hidden by Kaamini herselff…… why these episodes……… show us the real face of KAAMINI….. send that DB out of the house…..Expose DT and KT as well. Let Viplav and Dhaani live their life is peace….

    • Nimisha ?

      The reason is TRP’s


      Like you say Sujie, why can’t they just let them live in peace,

      I think KN is acting all scared so Viplav is trying to cheer her up in his friendly way, but she’ll probably use that by dropping it into convo with Dhani to slowly shake her trust in Viplav. But Dhani did find the ring so fingers crossed this ends soon and doesn’t carry on like the Awasthi track did.

    • Nimisha ?

      And didn’t the goons allude to their being a lot in it for them. Presumably KN has promised them a huge reward when she gets her hands on Viplav. DB is already ready to sign over the tripathi fortune to her so that’s what she,s after. Viplav and his fortune.

      I love Viplav but, bless him, he’s a bit dim sometimes! He’s never discovered any of the scheming that has been present pretty much since the show started. Dhani has told him KN came to rescue him so of course he’s grateful but all the touching her shoulder, arm, wrist and hand was out of character.

      Thank goodness he looked awkward when she hugged him.

  40. Nimisha ?

    Just had a horrible thought… What if the goons are still around recording all the goings on in the barn/mill place???


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.