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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Amma telling Viplav that they don’t want to sell the things and says no one will take part in the competition. Dulaari says we shall go back to Ashram, so that no one can trap us. Viplav says the organizer asked us to bring another team to cut their names from the participant’s names. Dulaari scolds Viplav and blames him for giving their names for dance. Viplav asks what did I do? Dulaari says Ashram ladies will not dance shamelessly. Raj Lakshmi says I want to say something and says I will take part in this competition. She asks why don’t you tied me in the Ashram, and tells she learnt dance in childhood, but then got married and became widow too. She says this competition is sent to us by God. She says God want us to take part in competition,

win it and solve our problems. Viplav says Raj Lakshmi is saying right. Viplav says one has to have much strength to take part in competition, and if they want to take part then………….

Dulaari asks Raj Lakshmi, didn’t you have heard what Badi Amma has said? She asks everyone to come to Ashram silently. Raj Lakshmi practises dances and asks Suwarna to come for dancing. Dhaani is busy painting. She says Badi Amma don’t want you to take part. They see Viplav coming and he shows the ghungroo in his hands. He asks them to dance forgetting all the limits and practice well. He says you shall dance well to make others change their perception. He plays music. Dhaani says everyone is sleeping. Viplav says I know. Raj Lakshmi practices dance along with Suwarna.

Dhaani looks at them. Viplav teaches them dance and asks them to keep practicing. He asks Dhaani if she wants to dance. Dhaani tries to go. He holds her hands and teaches her dance. Dulaari shouts Dhaani’s name and slaps her hard, calling her shameless……Everyone is shocked. Viplav looks on shockingly. Dulaari asks what you were doing? Viplav is about to talk, but Dulaari asks him to shut up and asks Dhaani what she was doing with him. Raj Lakshmi tries to speak, but Dulaari asks her to stop it. She asks if they want to make kotha in Ashram.

Kanak comes to Dasharath and calls him. Dasharath asks why did you break my dhyaan, and asks why did you come. Kanak apologizes and says our Viplav is selling widows’s made stuff and is teaching them dance. She says those widows have made my son a dancer, and asks him to do something. Dasharath asks her not to worry and says he will talk to Viplav. He asks her to go and think about solving the problem.
Viplav brings water for Dulaari and says you are thinking me wrong. He says I request all the women and don’t want to do anything wrong. He says I went to get their names removed from the list, but the organizer didn’t agree, then Raj lakshmi agreed. Dulaari says you are very rich, but we are poor and have only one thing ie, respect. She says I know that you are the one who gave my daughter’s name in the competition. She says you acts sweets, but back stabs us when he just turn. She says we have to bear being widows. Dhaani says she has seen with her own eyes and tells Viplav went to organizer, but he didn’t agree. Dulaari says you are talking in his language and says I will never agree. Badi Amma asks her not to say that. Dulaari says you might be blinded, but I will not bear it. Dhaani goes near the tulsi plant and sings Om Jai Ambe Gauri…………….All the ladies get down and hear the bhajan. Viplav joins them.

Viplav says I felt good seeing you dance in God’s shraddha, and asks if it is also dance. She says God has given us music, dance etc. He gives examples of Lord Krishna, Shiv……He asks how can you prohibit music, and it is heard by all. He says if we change our perception, then we will see bhakti of durga maa. In the morning, Viplav says good morning to everyone and takes the stuff to go to mela. He asks if no one is coming to mela and counts 1-5. He says ok, don’t come and tells about dussera. He says I will go alone and will return after selling all the stuff. All the young women, looks on helplessly.

Viplav likes the dance performace and is surprised to see Raj Lakshmi sitting. He asks who is dancing. Raj Lakshmi says Dhaani. Viplav is surprised. Dhaani dances well behind the curtain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Waiting 4mndy epi.

  2. Oh God…. Dhulari slapped Dhani…. Nooo… Don’t want her to create scene…. She is mom and only a mom can understand her daughter’s activity… But she isn’t…
    And yes…. Where are you Adi??? No comment from two days…. Are you alright Dude…..????

    1. yupp feeling bad for Dhaani… But I’m sure Monday episode wl b superb… and u r right Britto, Dhulari is height … 😉
      and sorry Brits, internet pack was over so cudnt come yesterday … How’s ur injury now?? miss you…

  3. This dulaari is really irritating …yaar…

  4. the only reason the widows in india hav to suffer a life of misery fr the rest of their life is nt becoz of the society attitude towards them bt becoz of people like dulaari……..these ppl hav to change their mindset first ….only then they can change their outlook

  5. Waiting 4 monday’s updates.. 🙂

  6. Nice to watch dhani and viplav. Their acting and combination are good.

  7. florentina moldovan

    I can t wait till tomorrow!!!!! Very nice epi, very nice precap,,!!!!

  8. Please repeat at 11.30 pm

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