Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya informing Viplav that he has seen kidnapper in his area and he is wearing brown kurta. Kamini asks how do you know and says this is not right info. PArshiya says it is right info. Just then Viplav gets a call from Tripurari asking him to bring 1 crore Rs and asks not to call Police. Viplav asks where to bring money? Tripurari says old mill. Dhaani and Kamini ask what happened? Viplav says he is asking 1 crore. He says I will inform Police. Kamini says no and acts as worried for Atharva. Dhaani says nothing will happen to him. Viplav gets Inspector’s call who says kidnapper’s call is traced and he is still at the same place. He says our team will be reaching there. Viplav apologizes to Parshiya for doubting him. Parshiya says it is okay and asks Viplav to come.

Kamini apologizes to Dhaani. Dhaani says it is okay, asks her to go to Atharva. Kamini thanks them. Viplav and Kamini come to that place. Kamini calls Tripurari and asks why did you call? She says your call is trace, asks him to leave from there and keep Atharva at safe place. Tripurari says Police is everywhere, what to do? Kamini asks him to do as she said. She turns and sees Dhaani standing. Kamini says Dhaani….Dhaani asks her not to worry and says Atharva will be back to you soon. She asks her to have strength and don’t worry. Kamini acts and cries saying Atharva is so small. She hugs her and thinks stupid woman. She thinks nothing will happen to my son, but lets see what I do to you.

Inspector and Constable search for Atharva near the chawl and asks someone about the place to go away from the chawl. He tells about the isolated place. Kamini feigns to be dizzy. Parshiya asks her to go inside and rest. Kamini says she is okay here. Parshiya tells Viplav that Police went to that isolated area and says he will check. Kamini thinks thank god, I have alerted Tripurari at right time. Dhaani comes to Viplav and says she has seen that same which Parshiya described. Viplav asks Dhaani not to come with him, but Dhaani insists and sits in auto with him. Parshiya sees them going and asks someone. Kamini asks Parshiya. Parshiya tells that Viplav went following the kidnapper. Kamini asks where is Dhaani? Parshiya says she went with Viplav in auto, and asks her not to worry. Kamini gets angry and says they come closer everytime. She calls Tripurari, but the call is unanswered. Kamini thinks they shouldn’t find Tripurari.

Tripurari is escaping on the bike. Dhaani and Viplav follow him in an auto. Tripurari stops the bike and hides somewhere. Dhaani says where did he go? Kamini calls Tripurari and calls him stupid. She says where are you? She asks him to escape soon with Atharva before Viplav and Dhaani could reach him and says her plan will flop. Tripurari says the person is not born who could end my game. He says I have fooled both of them while on the way. Kamini asks him to shut up and asks him not to try to become over smart and do as she said. Tripurari says okay, I will take Atharva and inform you. I will also leave for Banaras. He says he is tired of chor police game. Kamini asks him to be careful. She says if you are caught then I can’t help you. Tripurari cuts the call and goes from there. Dhaani and Viplav come to the place where Tripurari has parked his bike. Dhaani shows it to Viplav. Viplav asks the driver to stop auto. They get down the auto. Tripurari sees them from his hideout and wonders how did they come here so soon. Viplav checks the bike engine and says it is hot. He says it seems the kidnapper is around. Dhaani says don’t know, bike could belong to someone else also. Tripurari thinks to kill them. Dhaani tells Viplav that there is something there and signs at old factory. Viplav says lets go. Dhaani and Viplav get inside and search for Atharva. They collide with each other. Dhaani says sorry. She says where is Atharva.

Tripurari aims at Dhaani. Dhaani gets hurt and sits, while Tripurari misses the shot. Viplav asks what happened and removes the glass piece from her feet. He ties the cloth to her wounded feet. She thanks him. She starts getting hiccups. Viplav says I know you did not get married to Parshiya. Her hiccups stop. He says shock stops everyone’s hiccups, but you have to give many answers. Tripurari shoots at them. They both bend down. She tells Viplav that there is someone there.

Viplav goes to see and till then Dhaani disappears. Tripurari calls Kamini and says Viplav and Dhaani were acting smart, I shot at them, don’t know who got shot my me. She asks him to not make any mistake and takes godown address from him. Viplav sees Dhaani and asks what are you doing here, come with me, its not safe here. She says someone is crying, go and see. Viplav finds Atharva and gets him. Viplav hugs Dhaani and Atharva. He says lets go home now. Kamini comes there and stares at them. Dhaani faints and falls down. Viplav gets shocked seeing the blood on the floor. He finds Dhaani injured and holds her bleeding back. He realizes Dhaani got shot and asks Kamini to take Atharva home, I will take Dhaani to hospital. Kamini thinks you are worried for Dhaani, see what I do now.

Viplav rushes Dhaani to hospital, and asks doctor to check her fast. Dhaani is taken in OT. Parshiya tells Viplav that you have done a lot, thanks, you can leave now, I will manage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I read somewhere Parshiya will come to know Kamini’s intentions and he will decide to separate Vidhaa forever so that she does not harm Dhaani?????

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      Noooooo!! Really!? ?

      Ye Dhaani ke Dewaana Viplav ki Dewaani ko competition kyn dy raha h bhae. ??

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        I am not sure whether it’s true or not! But I read it.

  8. Areeb

    Applause for that last scene! I really loved that! ? Dhaani got shot on her shoulder but still she made Viplav to search the kid first. ?

    1. Shanitics

      Yaa tat the Dhaani character?

  9. Areeb

    Viplav hugged Dhaani, Aww. ?? It was so relieving, after so many days they were like this.. free from all the bitterness and anger! ??

    Kam’s entry to the frame added four stars to that scene. Poor JellyBelly!!! ???

    1. Angel20

      Yes that hug was????

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    Wondering how the floor get flooded with that much blood. ? ? When the bullet hit her on the upper back. ? Khaiir, Sanu ki. ? As long as it was a really good scene! ?❤

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      Loved that “sanu ki”??

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    Precap is good. ?

    I just hope Viplav doesn’t leave the hospital in anger. ? Excited to watch some hospital room drama. ? As for Kam attempting to murder Dhaani, I’m not much worried. ? Just eager to watch how she fails in that. ?? Lol. Of course she won’t get caught, anyways. ?

  12. Areeb

    That ‘ Apology and Thanking ‘ game was quite cute and fun to watch!! ? ??

    I was like one more time pliss! ? But then, Trip felt bad and he fired the bullet. ( This time on point. ? )

  13. Areeb

    I really want to give an advice to Dhaani. ( Against Dt & Kt ) If life gives you a lemon, squeeze it and make grape juice and let people wonder how you did that. ( Against Kam ) Squeeze the remaining lemon into a beautiful pair of eyes and let the tears make their own way.

    P.s. I’m just suggesting. It’s up to her whether to act smart or not. ?


    1. Latha

      Areeb well said, but still she is old dhani only….

    2. Arshdeep

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    I’m launching a new term ” Kamini ” . ?
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    Hey Arshi, your words for today. ?

    • Bab ( Chapter )
    • Khatam Shud ( The End )
    • Sehatmand ( Healthy )
    • Gumshuda ( Missing/Lost )
    • Taasub ( Discrimination )
    • Mayal ( Attracted )

    And to be honest I’m very bad in giving good words. ? So ask whatever you want. ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Aww thank you??

      No you keep giving. I wil ask whenever i want to

  17. Anne

    Good afternoon everybody , waiting for next episode..☺Beginning to feel sorry for Parshiya, ii just hope his love for Dhani doesn’t lead to more trouble?
    Who am I kidding?!!!! Of course it will ! I just hope that Parshiya is not going to die defending Dhani in the future….????????

  18. Angel20

    44 mins to go??

  19. Arshdeep

    ISHQ KA RANG SAFED  25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

    The episode starts with viplav bringing dhani coming to hospital. Viplav says it is emergency. Much blood is lost. Doctor says they will start the treatment. Dhani taken to OT. Ishq ka rang safed plays….. Dhani’s operation is going on. Parshiya and dulaari come to hospital. Dulaari is crying and ask where is dhani? Viplav signs them inside at OT. Dulaari and parshiya cries. Dulaari asks how this happened? Viplav tells everything. Fb shown dhani shot with bullet. Dulaari cries.

    Ayodhya Nivas
    Kanak phone rings. The person on phone tells Atharva is found but dhani has received bullet. Kanak is shocked. She prays to shiv ji to save dhani please. Please save dhani. She can protect us from kamini dayan. Please save her..please.

    Inspector asks viplav when will your wife come? Kamini comes. She says atharva is ok and sleeping. Viplav says They want to ask few questions. You answer them I have to go to OT. Viplav goes. Kamini says she dont want to do anything against kidnapper. The kidnapper have kept atharva safely. I dont want to send him to police station. Parshiya asks but he has shot dhani. And how she knows he has kept him safely? Kamini says atharva told me. Parshiya says but now only you said that atharva has not seen his face. Kamini says she want to take this case back. Inspector says this cant happen. You cant take the case back now.

    Nurse comes to viplav and says that these are some important medicines. Bring them. Parshiya snatches the paper and says dhani is my responsibilty.. not urs. You have done a lot. You may go now. Viplav looks at dhani from window. Viplav sits near dulaari who is crying. Dulaari says when she saw you first here in mumbai she came to me and said now we wont live here we will go now from here. I should have taken her from here. The day she has married you she has received only problems.. no happiness. Viplav says i want to know just…. Dulaari tells what you want to know? What happened in 5 years. She was happy day and night only vidha vidha, but why to complaint you. Complaint is from god. He cant see my daughter happiness. Viplav says kaki… Dulaari folds hands and says please leave us alone. Dont force me to say what i should not.

    Vidha comes saying rakshas uncle and hugs viplav. Parshiya’s friend says i tried to stop vidha but when she heard dhani is in hospital she came running here. Vidha asks where is my muma? Vipkav says come and sit with me. Vidha goes and knocks the door of OT. Dulaari stops her. Viplav carries her and says muma is with good doctors she will come soon to you.
    Kanak calls kamini and lies that what have you done there. Police is at home. Kamini says atharva was kidnapped but now found. Kanak says now police is questioning us what should we answer? Kamini asks her to Give them money and asks them to go. Kanak says i dont have money. And keys are with you. Kamini tells her the place of keys. Kanak gets happy seing money and necklaces and says yes i got it. Kamini asks her to take money how much needed  And asks her to be in limits. Kanak taunts her(sorry missed it)

    Parshiya beings medicines. Nurse tells we will shift her in icu soon. Kamini eyes medicines. She comes and collides with nurse. Medicine falls. She changes the medicine. And smirks(the smirking queen) and thinks i am sorry parshiya your dhani wont ever come now.

    Nurse brings medicine inside to doctor. Doctor tells to give injection. Viplav tells vidha not to worry. Your muma will get well soon and come to you. Vidha says i have to go to muma. Viplav says your muma is with good doctors. Vidha says whoever goes in this room dies. Viplav says where you saw it? Vidha tells on tv. Viplav says your tv is old one. In our tv whoever goes in this room comes back well and smiling.
    Viplav brings vidha outside dhani’s room. Vidha asks my muma will come to me smiling na? Viplav says yes you will keep on saying her when she will come smiling. She goes to dulaari.

    Nurse gives injection to dhani. Dhani condition deteroates. Nurse calls doctor. Everyone worry, kamini smirks. Dulaari asks what happened? Nurse says her bp is falling suddenly. Doctor comes and check the medicine. She comes outside and asks who brought this medicine? Parshiya says I. Doctor says it could have been poisonous to the patient.

    1. Arshdeep

      Sorry guys i am not so fast as hasan mam and missed many things and dialogues.
      But hope it will help you a bit

  20. Arshdeep

    Kamini scolds parshiya for bringing wrong medicines and tells viplav would have killed you and even would have gone to jail for it. Viplav is seen sitting beside dhani saying everything happened because of me. I will go away from you now. Parshiya comes to viplav and says i did not do it. I brought whatever was written. Viplav says i have accepted your and dhani’s relation. You will keep her happy i know.

  21. Not much in this 25th episode just Kamini exchange medicine which Parshya bring that made Dhaani,s condition critical,doctors told Viplav wrong medicine so he is worried,Dulaari came to hospital and scold Viplav she wants to shift to another place because of fear of troubles from you ,and she questioned him where have gone for last five years do you find whether you alive or dead so and ……he told that he not known about them but she did,t listen to him ,in the mean while vidha came and ask rahkshasshas uncle what happened to her …?.he made her console and her mum in icu ,the wrong medicine reacted but Parshya told I bring according to prescription,then after some Viplav told to Parshya you are jealous of so you did this .?…on one side filthy Kamini is laughing sure Dhaani will die ,….some one kanak I informed that Dhaani injured and serious….kanak prayed Siva please do not kill our Dhaani …..she is the to kill Kamini bhagavan do not do any harm to our Dhaani etcetera….and she called Kamini police came and asking me about Dhaani accident what can I tell them(fake creation of Kanak) Kamini told her give them money and she told her locker key and take money ….Kanak happily took lots of money from locker,here in hospital Viplav is icu with Dhaani talking may be his love for …this for tomorrow,Kamini poisoned Parshya mind and made him against Viplav….Kamini is very happy that Dhaani is going to die

  22. I will immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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