Ishq Unplugged 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny tries to upload Mandy’s dad’s video from Antara mobile. Antara enters suddenly and Sunny drops phone. Antara sees phone on floor and says this is her phone. Sunny says even she is surprised how did it come here. Mandy comes calling Antara. Antara says she does not want to talk to him. He drags her from there and shows her torn top in mirror. She asks why is he concerned about him. He asks if she will go on stage with torn top. Their argument starts. She says she is here to win the competition and not make friendship. He says only he will win. She says he can stand infront of her dedication. He asks if she took her aayi’s permission before challenging. She says he tarnished her mom’s image, she will correct it by winning the competition. He says at least now she stood for herself without her aayi. She leaves.

Antara sits in green room. Sunny comes and keeps her phone next to Antara’s phone and starts chatting with Antara that they should do different and not let boys win. Antara says yes. She silently takes Antara’s mobile and leaves.

Shaan enters record room, picks Mandy’s file, and clicks pics of his data. Button enters and asks whose file he is checking. Shaan says he will pay him to get data of this file. Button warns him to mind his tongue. Shaan says for the sake of his love. Button says nobody even likes him. Shaan angrily walks out.

Mandy enters changing room and changes clothes in open. Antara enters and he hides his modesty. She asks why cant he change clothes in closet. Designer comes and asks why did he shout. Antara says he should have changed clothes in closet and not in open. Designer says Antara is looking pretty with new hair cut. Mandy says he does not know. Button comes and says Antara is looking beautiful. He takes her for photoshoot. Mandy sees her and thinks she looking beautiful. Sunny transfers Mandy’s dad’s video from Antara’s mobile. Mandy’s turn come next and he gives different poses. Antara reminisces their earlier photoshootand friendship and smiles. Mandy imagines Antara clicking pics with him. He gets out of imagination and sees Antara really smiling.

Sunny transfers file fially and keeps Antara’s phone back in green room. Photographer asks Antara and Mandy to stand together. Antara stands nervously with him. Sunny comes and fumes seeing them clicking pics closely. She thinks with her planning, plotting and manipulation, she went far away from Mandy and Antara closer to him.

Antara looks at her short haircut in mirror and thinks what will Aayi say. Mandy enters and Antara thinks it is Sunny and says she is glad with new hair cut, but is also afraid. Mandy asks from whom. Antara says they decided not to talk. He goes to bed murmuring.

Shaan goes to meet Charu. She asks why did he come at this time. He says it is important. She asks what he wants to say. He says he saw Mandy and Antara missing from dormitory every night. She says she spoke to Antara already. He says he wants to get Antara out of Mandy’s influence. She asks how will he do that. He says he will upload Mandy’s real parent’s photos in social media and once judges see that, they will eliminiate him from competition. Charu asks him to leave. He shows video. She says she knows about it already and promoted him as he is talented, he deserves his success. He says she is not understanding. She says if he would have rehearsed well instead of plotting, he would have won competition. He says what if he expose her that she helped Mandy get fake parents.

Sunny cries that Mandy helps Antara and not her. Mandy comes and asks what happened. She says tomorrow competition is finishing.. He says it is just a competition and cheers her up with selfies. Antara sees them smiling and smiles herself. Button sees Antara smiling and asks why is she smiling. Antara asks why we smile when someone smiles. Button says it happens when they love someone. Antara says shutup..He says he is telling truth. Sunny thanks Mandy for cheering her up. He asks her to come to him when she wants to cry. Shaan calls her just then.

Precap: Mandy asks Charu why she forces her decisions on Antara. Charu says she does not need to answer him. Antara says shutup. Mandy walks away. Antara says Charu Mandy is right, it is just a hair cut.

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