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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dulaari asking Anshuman, if his mum haven’t told him about her. Anshuman says she showed me your saree and said that you was drowned in floods. Dulaari says your Maayi had kicked me out of house and said that you don’t like me. Anshuman says this can’t happen and is shocked. Dulaari says this had happened. She asks can’t you figure out what had happened with your wife in your house, and says your mum had troubled me. She says she kicked me out when Dhaani was in my womb. She cries. Anshuman asks you know that I love you very much, then why did you believe that I don’t like you and hate you. Dulaari says I didn’t agree, but your mum had forced me to believe. Anshuman says we have stayed apart since years, if you would come back to me, then we would have been

together happily. Dhaani recalls Viplav asking to clear the misunderstandings else they will be on the same place. Dulaari says everything is changed, our worlds have changed now. She asks him to go. She tells Viplav that she don’t want to hear him. Dhaani cries comforting her mum. Everyone get teary eyes. Anshuman goes, followed by Viplav.

Viplav calls Anshuman while he is leaving and asks will you leave before blessing Vidha. Anshuman says my blessings are with you. Viplav asks him to bless Vidha on her birthday. Anshuman says everything is over. Viplav says relations can’t end and says Vidha is lucky to have nani and nani’s blessings. Anshuman says my daughter is lucky to get a good man like you, and says he don’t want Dulaari to be sad if he stays back. Viplav says relations are delicate, and says Dulaari understands emotions better. He takes his blessings. Anshuman blesses him and asks him to take care of Dulaari and Dhaani. Viplav promises to bring him back and unite him with family.

Parshiya asks Pakiya to get spot light for Vidha’s birthday. He makes all the arrangements. Vidha tries to talk to him, but he is busy. Viplav comes to her and asks what is going on. Vidha says everyone is busy. Viplav says I thought this arrangement is for your birthday party. Vidha says yes and invites him. She asks him what is he hiding in his hand. Viplav shows paper wind and asks what is this. Vidha says it is paper wind. Viplav says I have something else also, and shows the friendship band. Vidha says it is friendship band. Viplav and Vidha ties friendship band on each other hands. Vidha asks if you have any friend? Viplav says he has a girl friend, elder than her but she is angry with him now. Vidha says she can make umbrella with paper wind.

Parshiya asks Pakiya to hurry up with the arrangement. He sees Vidha with Viplav and thinks he is taking her to his side. He thinks I will throw such a party and will surprise them. He asks decorator about rich people party. He says magician, joker, dancer are hired for the party, but then the expenses will be more. Parshiya says he will spend any amount and asks him not to worry about expenses. Dhaani asks Vidha to come and wear birthday dress. Viplav looks at Dhaani’s mangalsutra in his hand. Parshiya takes money from someone at high interest. The money lenders see Dhaani coming and says she is a mast item and that’s why Parshiya has taken money at high interest. He says we can spend lakhs on her.

Viplav gets angry and asks what did you say? He holds his collar and hits him. Parshiya comes to their rescue and asks them to leave. Viplav says I can’t hear nonsense against Dhaani and warns Parshiya not to let his friends come to basti again. Parshiya asks who are you to interfere and asks him to leave. Dhaani tells Viplav that she trusts Parshiya and those guys are his friends. She says you are an outsider here. Parshiya asks him to leave from there. Viplav asks him not to interfere between them. Dhaani asks him to go and threatens to cancel the party.

Vidha gets ready for the party. She shows her dress. Parshiya smiles looking at her. Decorator says joker couldn’t come. Parshiya asks how can it happen and gets angry on him. Magician shows his magic. Dhaani asks Parshiya why did you spend so much on party. Parshiya says I didn’t spend much and says Vidha is looking happy. Dhaani asks him to spend within limits. Parshiya says I have done this for you and Vidha. He asks her to enjoy the party. Dhaani thanks him. Parshiya thinks I can give away my life for you and can do anything to spend my life with you. He decides to confess love to Dhaani.

Vidha refuses to cut cake until Viplav comes back. Dhaani and Dulaari try to convince her. Just then joker (Viplav) comes. Everyone looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. May be it is cooked by Parshya and Kamini ,now Viplav think and unravel the truth,Dhaani still a big fool ,leave her Viplav she will live with Parshya

  2. hi good morning frs ..

    vip is rocking on screen .. our RENUis rocking off screen in telly up date in ikrs ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Hi good morning mam how r u.?

  3. Dhaani left and scold original good husband and taking shelter under false goonda husband to celebrate Viplav,s and Dhaani,s vidha how can she separate daughter and father ?and celebrate birth day function without vidha,s is rediclous and reveals the arrogance of Dhaani.

    1. Yès saraswathiji dhani’s behaviour is too strange n she cant trust her SAVIOUR; THE PERSON WHO TAUGHT HER YO TO LSUGH ; TO LIVE LIFE ; WHO WENT AGAINST HIS FAMILY.? N STOOD BY HER N SHE IS TRUSTING THE GOON PARSHIYA.







    2. I fooly agree Dhabi is so aroganc don’t like it

      1. Hi jose welcome to our family.? where r u from dear.

  4. Sujie

    Sometimes I wonder ……if all these things had to be faced by someone like Viplav in real life …… Then he would have said TATA BYE BYE…..and moved on

    Yesterday’s precap showed that Viplav will come dressed as clown….. He is doing all these things for Vidha…. But poor ?? Viplav …… Jindagi Ne oose sabse bada joker bana diya hai… ?
    I still remember and I bet most of us really do….. When Dhaani was in jail…. Viplav was there…working out on case just to free her…. He did not think of day and night….he did not think of hunger….he did every possible thing to bring Dhaani out….. Dulaari Maai was begging to Viplav to save her Buchiya…. But today the mother daughter duo thinks that Viplav is an outsider ……
    That day Viplav was not bound to free her…. He could have escaped from situation easily.. But Viplav is not a coward….. He fought with all the odds just to bring Dhaani out…because he loved her….
    Dhaani…. ???
    Parshiya??? that day when Parshiya observed Viplav and thought how could anyone love their partner so much… I thought now Parshiya is the one who will unite Viplav and Dhaani. But he is busy in making impression on Dhaani by spending….. But dude….. Don’t you know love is not about impressing someone????
    It’s about caring for others happiness even they don’t think you are part of it ..

    Poor Viplav ??
    Dhaani called Viplav an outsider in their life with so much ease….. But actually Dhaani was an outsider in his life 5 years back …… ??
    Sorry for being so harsh……but time and again frustration needs to be vented out…

    Parshiya…. Look at yourself…you might have changed yourself after Dhaani’s arrival…but mind it how much snakes are loved as their pets.. One day they will bite the owner… Because they cannot leave their habit ….. Same goes with you….. You were a goon that time..and now also you are a goon….that’s the reason you have such friends who cannot see a woman with dignity …but call her AN ITEM…. And other shameful words ……
    And a person like Viplav who could not tolerate any nonsense against Dhaani stood up…and confronted those morons…. But a goon like Parshiya ….can never understand it…..
    I must change my attitude towards Parshiya from now on…. He is just a shitty goon dreaming of marrying Dhaani…
    Dhaani ..humari mahan aatma??bhuri aatma ….she can trust everyone in this world but not her Viplav …..
    B chaara a Viplav….. It hurts to see him like that…..

    ….. After reading spoilers most of us have already known that it’s gonna be a bad week of IKRS ….but please don’t stop watching the show…. It’s our show…. I can understand there are ups and downs …but please don’t stop watching it …..

    WAITING FOR THAT DAY WHEN EVILS WOULD BE PUNISHED…AND Viplav Dhaani will get some peace ……
    But the only problem is I might turn old or even die ???waiting for that to happen because not a single crime of those pesky villains have been exposed ….and misunderstandings are blocking the way to truth….

    1. Wonderful sujie n i completely agree to u dear ?

      1. Sujie

        Thank you renu Di ???

  5. Since last 2 weeks dhani is reallg humiliating viplav n poor he is so much in love with her that doesnt gomplain. Earlier dhe called him CHARACTERLESS.? N NOW OUTSIDER.

  6. 100 comments over.

  7. Ade1111

    Good Morning everyone, hope you all have a good day.
    Not liking the spoilers for this week seems every has forgotten that Viplav is not so Bad feel sorry for him now
    Have a good day everyone ?

    1. Good day ola dear.?

      1. Ade1111

        Morning darling Renu ???

  8. Good afternoon ikrs family….lagthaa he dhaani ko IRRITABLE VIPLAV SYNDROME (IVS) hue hee thabhi toh use viplav se ethni irritation hothi he. Hamesha ignore karthi he..jaane keliye kehthi hee…dhaani u should consult A doctor????

  9. Areeb

    I don’t understand how a lady can support some friend over his husband? ?

    1. Areeb aisa hakeekat me nahi hota.?

  10. Angel20

    I hate Dhaani yaar, she is calling Viplav an outsider! The one who always supported her! Can’t believe this. I am really very frustrated! It’s really better to end this nonsense and come up with some new meaningful show!!! Sorry if I hurt anyone but I am really very angry yàar!!!!!

    1. Maria dear aap hi kyo sab log kafha hai?

  11. Angel20

    There is a limit for everything!! And this dragging has crossed it’s limits!!

    1. Lahaual vila kuwat ?maria ab dhani sabhi hade par kar di hai .

  12. Areeb

    Parshiya is irritating so much. Has he gone that much crazy that can go to any extent to be with Dhaani. Stupid. ? Kamini kam thi kya. ?

  13. sujie.. saraswathi n renu..
    thanks a lot for typing my mind n frustration too..

    I tell you. . anshuman n viplav did biggest mistake in life. . ie loving non deserving woman so much. .
    this mother n daughter duo have no taste..koyi class nahi hai unki..

    They love living life of poverty n difficulty. . They love basti n bastivaale.. no offense to people living in bastis. still o m angry with their taste

    1. Haha saras mam I too think the same… Wat Dhaani said was right.. Mein maai par hi gayi hoon….

    2. Areeb

      And now we know Dhaani is only following her mother’s foot step. ?

    3. Hi saras dear.? every one is sailing in same boat currently.

    4. Sujie

      Saras ma’am….. As I said earlier….. Frustration needs to be vented out time and again ?

  14. Yesterday’s episode was boring ? I felt soo aftr reading this update ? now almost I depnd upon updates rather than watching…

    Dhaani’s character is getting worse day by day..

    Calling viplav outsider? she forgt all the gud deeds done by viplav…

    Precap is quite good ? it seems…

    Viplav did the right think by beating that interest fellow.. Btt Dhaani supported parshiya…

    Viplav -vidha scenes are awesome?

    Hate both parshiya and VK…. I think after few days I’ll start to dislike Dhaani too?

    1. Hi shweta. ☺

  15. dulari prefers to suffer in this situation instead of having a life filled with love n happiness. .in spite of knowing her husb did no mistake n truly loves her. ..I simply don’t understand what these makers are upto. ..

    1. True saras ideally she should have accepted her husband as there is no fault of his. After that she should have encouraged dhani to move ahead with viplav but cvs have given a shocker twist.

  16. sujie and renu u r always super writers ……

    aushu ca;;s u dulari . now he is having a lot of money. bcz he acted as a father in dehleez .. he left u bcz he wanted to earn money .. now he is having …..

    1knot is removed …..PIYA was found in temple …… not his own daughter …… right…..
    dulari questione is perfect . why donot u forgive vip dhani ? and accept …..nice ..

    vip is also having son . and I think he has forgotten that he is a lawyer … . no case at all.

    1. Hi brara. Thks for yr analysis. Welcome to TU’s sweet IKRS family ? can i know yr name

    2. Sujie

      BR ma’am…. Frustration teaches everything ??????

  17. after kamini entry ….. sothapal …. vip loves dhani so much … right … if its true he should not marry any lady at any cast….. now he is having son ….. he speaks dialogue s … what about kamini position ….. vip is a lawyer ….. he knows law ..

    he is advising anshu I am younger than u …….cannot accept the dialogue …..

    dhani is insulting vip always he need not stay here …… yes he did mistake ……

    the writer and director confusing others ……A man has a wife legally… ill legal ………..wives …in india ……now what he wants to prove ……?

  18. sorry if there is mistake for give me ……but in olden days the ancestors did the mistakes but their children were suffered a lot in their lives ……
    No bond with their relations .. that is why I am telling …..

  19. How can the writers relate the story of Dulaari and Dhaani old one with new findings ,they came to Banaras after the killing of first husband of Dhaani, in the new revelations Dulaari kicked from house before Dhaani,s birth ,during the first marriage of Dhaani ,it seems they are not poor,where Dulaari stayed all these years and how she brought up Dhaani even not giving primary education to her,this should be revealed by writers,
    Dhaani trust that Parshya than Viplav ,who saved her life many times,some times I want to compare Viplav as Rama,and Dhaani to Seeta mai. But she is not seeta seeta did not marry multiple times,did not utter a single syllable against Rama,she knows very well that some thing compel Rama ,to leave her in forest at the time of her pregnancy,never complained Rama,very patient,and waits for him to hand over their sons to Rama,but here Dhaani always ready to fight and scold and think that others more superior than Viplav,with whom we will compare this blo*dy fool Dhaani?

  20. RENU BR ONLY TYPING MISTAKE BRra…… WHO IS ANALYZING U .. I am u rs the biggest fan . now saras also

    I love to read all comments ……reading is more interesting than writing for me …..bcz I am a poor writer …..

    1. Sorry mam once agsin sorry cud not recognise. ?

  21. old dhanni was good

  22. isha singh was good. sanjeeda sheik is very rude

  23. renu I am BR typing mistake .. I am the biggest and oldest fan of renu ,sujie, and .,saras .where is kavi? I love to read all comments more than writing…

    1. But mam we like you a lot

      1. Yes pooja all of us love BR MAM ?

    2. Sujie

      Ma’am that was a huge compliment…..keep commenting… Lots of love to you 🙂

  24. Thanks br madam for the comments. .
    saraswathi j is not me madam.. she is the one who writes nice comments. . I too only read n rarely write…

    Thank you all. ..

  25. Today’s episode confused ,execution of episode is not good ,in the pre cap Dhaani complaining to inspector on Viplav ,I think she is ready to support Parshya ,even she is ready to be his wife…..!,,,,,,,in coming episodes ,

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