Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani talking about widow’s customs. Dhaani gets stunned with Raj Lakshmi’s questions and starts crying. Raj Lakshmi couldn’t see her with tears and apologizes. She says she was angry and vent out her anger on her. Dhaani hugs her and cries again.
Dasharath’s wife Dadi tells her bahu that she is very happy to celebrate Viplav’s birthday. She says they used to wish him on phone when he was away in hostel. Her bahu seems uninterested and goes from there.

Viplav’s s mum scolds her daughter for over eating. She says she is so beautiful and her daughter is so fat. Her daughter cries. She asks her to fake a smile. They come out and wish Viplav. He thanks his mum. He asks her sister to eat anything whatever she likes on his birthday.

His mum says she will make her daughter eat and looks angrily.

Dhaani hugs Raj Lakshmi and cries. Raj Lakshmi apologizes to her and says we are dying with each other because our husband have died. Dhaani tells that she don’t want husband’s love or sindoor, and she is happy with her widow’s status. She says she won’t let her dupatta get black spot on it. She says Ashram is my home now. Raj Lakshmi tells I am 3 years elder than you, please forgive me now.

Dasharath asks his wife, where is Shambu (his son), while some puja is going on. Shambu comes. Dasharath tells you have done a favor on your son by coming here and asks him to sit. Dasharath taunts his wife and calls her burden on earth. Shambu’s wife taunts him. Dasharath asks Pandit to start the puja. Dasharath asks Viplav to concentrate on puja and folds hands. Viplav signs Dadi that she is looking beautiful.

After the puja, Dasharath tells Viplav that he will miss him once he goes to foreign. Viplav says I will not go then and will stay at home. Dasharath asks him to sit and gives him bath with milk. He asks Pandit ji to take out evil eye from him and says he wants him to go there with clean body and soul. He asks Pandit ji to take him to temple for the utara( distributing clothes to the poor).

Dhaani, Raj Lakshmi and others come to temple. Viplav is seen distributing clothes and food to the poor. Pandit ji asks them to take them utara. Raj Lakshmi says we will take it and takes some other girl with her. She says our fate ie already bad and nothing can harm us. Dhaani says they give us utara to unburden with their sins and bad luck. Viplav sees Raj Lakshmi and goes to give her Utara. He asks her to take it and says it is a prasad. Dhaani says she don’t need. Viplav asks why she is not taking, and says it is not a poison. Viplav says he is giving her prasad with love. Dhaani tells him Prasad is the Chadava and not Utara. She leaves. Viplav gets irked and tells his friends that no one can refuse him. Pandit ji says she don’t deserves it. Viplav asks his friends to have tea and goes after Dhaani.

Dhaani sees a religious group going, and moves from their way. Viplav comes there ……Isjq ka Rang Safed plays……..He stops someone taking the gulaal plate and throws it on Dhaani. Dhaani gets shocked and cries seeing the color on her white saree. Viplav recalls her refusal to take Utara. She sees Viplav offering prayer in the temple. Raj Lakshmi sees color on Dhaani’s saree and gets shocked. Viplav smiles victorious. Dhaani cries. Raj Lakshmi comes to her and asks her to come to Ashram to change her clothes. Dhaani calls Viplav and asks him not to pretend. She asks him not to forget that God is seeing everything, and says it is a sin. You have insulted me, and Shiv ji will never forgive you. Viplav says no one can talk to me like this. When I was throwing Gulaal, you came and stood infront of me. Raj Lakshmi comes and apologizes to Viplav. Dhaani tells Viplav that God ji will never forgive him. Viplav’s friends ask her to go home and clean the clothes. Other friend says she is thinking you as an atm. Raj Lakshmi asks her to come. Dhaani calls him devil before leaving from there, shocking Viplav. His friends instigates him against Dhaani and asks him to teach her a lesson.

Viplav adds wine in Dhaani’s pot. Dhaani is about to put it on Shivling. Dasharath sees her putting spiked milk and yells at Dhaani for ruining their Dharma. Viplav comes to Ashram to meet Dhaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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