Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera continues yelling at Shravan. Gaura asks Shravan to calm down as she can’t go from there because of her health. Shravan tells her to come, and blames Meera for Gaura’s condition. Kokila apologizes to Gaura and Shravan. Kokila tells I will not let you go from here. She says just now Vidya told me that Shravan saved Meera and Vidya. Gaura is surprised. Gopi says we can’t forgive ourselves if you go from here. Gaura coughs. Shravan insists to take her to hospital. Vidya tells you are taking a big risk if you are taking her from here. Shravan says if she stays here, then also she is at risk, because of Meera. Vidya asks him to think as it is matter of her life.

Kokila folds her hands and apologizes. Gaura asks them to leave her alone for resting. She says she is helpless to stay at Kokila’s house because of her. Once they leave, Gaura looks ok.

Kinjal tries to convince Dhaval to accept London job. He says he will not go without Urmila. She says she is his aunt and not mother, so he cannot take her along. He says she is showing her right as his wife, but Urmila took care of him when his parents died, so he cannot leave her alone. Kinjal continues yelling. Urmila hears their conversation standing at door and starts crying. She enters. Dhaval makes her sit.

Vidya tells that she will bring lep and something. Gaura smirks. Ahem tells family that they all should go and apologize Gautal till she calms down.

Kinjal starts yelling at Urmila that she cannot see Dhaval’s success and wants to hold him here to serve her and is jealous. Urmila asks her to shut up and says she came in to convince Dhaval to accept London job, but looking after selfishness, she is convinced that she cannot change and when she can trouble her own mother Kokila, why will she spare her. Dhaval loves her as mother and she loves him as a son, now she will stop Dhaval from going to London.She says she had decided to let them go to London, but now she won’t let them go especially Dhaval. She asks Kinjal to go and do whatever she wants to.

Kokila continues apologizing Gaura and pleads her to stay back and keep their friendship alive. Gaura asks what will she give if she stays back. Gopi tells Gaura that Kokila is suffocating inside because of the happenings, all thanks to Meera. Ahem supports her and says the same. Gaura asks what can you do to get my forgiveness. Kokila says she can do anything for her. Gaura says anything. Meera thinks this drama has started again. Gaura says think again, will you give me whatever I ask for. Kokila folds her hands and says she is ready to accept her conditions. Gaura looks on.

Precap: Gaura tells Kokila to keep their old friendship alive, she wants to her grandson to marry Vidya. Gopi says she does not accept this alliance.

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  1. Good episode

  2. Meera kabi nahi sudarega

  3. Pawanjeet Jha

    bindass episode love this so much.
    thanx for updates

  4. God vn vl dis stupid drama end????? so sucking…

  5. Stop this serial please

  6. Vidya and Shravan will make a cute couple!

  7. Ohh…vidya n shravan…so cute

  8. I love Vidya and Shravan… I really do hope that they end up together. Does anyone think that Gopi’s character is quite boring now? Because I understand that she’s older now but it’s as if she has no personality.

  9. Best serial ever.

  10. Tolu molu nd pari r d only charactrs dat r realstic

    vidya nd pappu r much closr

    all th othr chractrs r beyond imaginatn

    nd gopi ahem nd kokila

    no wrds fr dm

    1. Yes!! Absolutely!!

  11. Wow lts “Sardya” sarman and vidya cute couple

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