Hello guys how R u all ???? Well I am back again hmm mujhe sab ne dhuvidha me dal diya nah ab mein kya karu end karu ya nai well guys I am not ending it bcoz of less comments sachi batau mere paas aage k liye story aur time dono nahi hai?????? and this is true ?
Well don’t think this I am ending it bcoz of less comments nope it’s not like that ….
And about starting a new ff in Jan well I’ll surely try to come back with a blast in Jan ??? if again a story comes in mah mind I’ll surely back
So well now no more bak bak ….
Let’s us begin ??
Recap: revelation of truth to tanejas n sarnas
The episode starts with Rt leela Manohar usha n everone were recalling the recent happening n about the revelation n all ……
Days passes by everone got busy in their works n twinj too got bzy in their office works but they meets daily anaya n Raj is also seen falling for each other …
One day :::::
Manohar calls Rt and he pics up the call
Rt : yes Mr sarna …
M : Mr taneja I want to meet u n ur wife at xyz place …
Rt : okay Mr sarna I’ll meet u …
They both talk to each other n goes to get ready ????
At buisness meet :::
Twinj were sitting as they r representing from taneja n sarna industries and r waiting for investors decision ….
T : what is happening kunj ??
K : idk twinkle what will happen now ..but I what this deal to go taneja Industries
T : no kunj I want this deal to go to sarna industries…
They both r talking for each other when an employee ask them to come for conference right now …
Inv : well I am soo happy to see many people here representing their companies here by we all have decided to give this contract to taneja n sarna industries they both have to complete our contact …
Twinj gets happy n looks at each other and investors left from there everyone congratulate twinj n left from there …
T : woah we got this contract…
K : now papa n rt uncle will work together for the 1 time …
T : yeah kunj …
They hug each other (bas itni si tamanna plays in bg …)
On the other side …
Anaya was thinking to confess her feelings to Raj when she a lady spots her n comes infront of her ….
L : anaya beta ….
A : aunty aap how R u ???
L : I am fine beta I have something to give u …she takes out a letter n gave to Anaya…Ur grand mother gave this to me when she died from dat day this letter was with me …
A : thank u soo much aunty …N lady left from there ….
Anaya : dadi maa ka letter she hugs it n opens to read “anaya beta I am so sorry I had hided a big fact from u dat ur mother loves u soo much beta we have snatched u from Shanti (bebe) she didn’t left u dat time we threwd her out after ur father n brother died I am so sorry but now I am taking my last breathe n I don’t want u hate me when u know the truth …..dadi …
Anaya cries n recalls how she. Treated kunj how she tried to separate twinj n all she cries n thinks how can I be so bad how can k hate that brother who loves me soo much I am so sorry bhai today I’ll ask forgiveness from u bhai she cries n Raj sees her n thinks so she has realised her mistake …
On the other side …
Manohar n usha were waiting when leela n rt comes there ….
Rt : yes Mr sarna say what happen
L : whY u called us here suddenly…
M : ram ….
Rt gets teard eye after so many days his best friend called him ram …
M : ram I am so sorry I had always done very bad with u but I don’t want the same to repeat with our children ….
L : what u r saying ??
M : leela g u know nah twinkle n kunj loves each other I Want ur daughter hand for my son …
Rt n leela gets happy but then recalls how kunj said no for marriage n says but kunj aid that he didn’t love her …
U : I am so sorry I asked kunj to say that he loves twinkle alott n folds her hand infront of leela …
L : usha what u were doing we r chilhood friends right they hug n rt n manohar too hug each other n they decide to get twinj married …
Rt : twinkle will be soo happy now
M : even kunj too ram but let’s surprise them ….
L : yeah after all r we are their parents only they shake hand n smiles …
@ taneja mansion:::::
Leela comes n tells twinkle that they have fixed her alliance with someone
T : what maa how can u do this..
Rt : we r your parents princess n guy is so nice i am sure U’ll like him ..
L : u have to meet him tomorrow okay
Leela n rt smirks at each other n smiles n left from there …
@ sarna mansion…
Usha n Manohar too tells kunj same n ask him to get married soon as they want to see the grand children’s now
Kunj n twinkle goes in a deep thinking
Screen freezes….
So guys how was the epi ????
Do comment ….
What will be twinj reaction ??
Ba byeee
Love u all ….
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous heart touching epi…

  2. Sohi

    Hahaha bechara twinj I liked episode and I am totally with u for your decision do continue bye

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode….

  4. SidMin23

    It was beautiful and amazing of course waiting for twinj reaction when they will face each other. Do post soon.

  5. Awesomeee ??? twinj wanting the contract to go to the other company was so sweet of them.. finally that anaya realized her mistake.. n thankfully tanejas n sarna’s enmity have ended.. well, abt twinj’s reaction?? just taking a wild guess; first they will b sad n talk with eo, make plans to make the suitor run away?? gets shocked n happy when they see each other.. plz don’t mind my bakwas?? eagerly waiting for the next ❀❀

  6. Hey sameera the episode is amazingly amazing…loved it to the core…desperately waiting to see TwiNj reaction…try to post soon…

  7. Ramya

    Episode was awesome sameera loved it bt dear atleast try to not to end ff no plssssz

  8. Aamu

    Haha……bechare twinj πŸ˜› ….
    Post next soon yaar….
    Or aaj kaa epi ekdum blast tha…amazing…
    Tusiii grat ho..!!
    Or haa jan me tuje aana hi padedega…. warna….mera gussa dekhegi

  9. Chiku

    It’s amazing ? Waiting for twinj reaction ???? post next soon
    Love u?

  10. Amazing episode sameera loved it I’m eager to know twinj reaction post asap plz

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Twinj ke parents tho unse bhi 2 kadam aage hai Bechare tension meh aagaye hai Hww Post soon can’t wait and yes Jan meh vapas nahe aaye na then you will be responsible for what I will do with you get it πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚

  12. Sorry for late cmnt and epi was aewsome….. lovely and heart touching plzzzz try to post nxt asap

  13. Hayeee Sameera! it was too cute episode…. really yarr just loved it…. it was awesome epi…. bechare twinj n unka surprised….. pls post next asap….

    Waise january mein tumhein aana hi padega bcz I’m 100% sure tab tak tumhare mind mein best ideas aa jayenge infact mujhe to lag raha hai tum abhi se naye ideas soch rahi hogi….right??? well I’ll really miss u so pls for me come back in january with a balst….ok?

    β™₯ Love u β™₯


  14. Hey sameera,
    Awesome plus amazimg plus fab epi.Luved it a lot.Post soon.

    lots of luv,

  15. Ayu

    Sorryyy for the late comment di!!! My heart is pounding fast…i am going to read tye next n come…see you?

  16. Baby

    sam di wooohhooooooo……
    d episode osm di amazing fabulous speechless….
    thnkgod finally dere entimity is overβ™₯β™₯
    loved it…
    well ab agle mude par aate hain di mene apko bata dia hai aap isse end kr ske ho lekin agli ff ko lekar aane ka promise dekar ek prolouge dekar yaa kuch bhi bt u cant leave lyk dis….
    di i ll miss u love u lods….β™₯ beautiful epsode……….. πŸ˜€

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