swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 23)

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Episode 23

On the other side ragini arrives to chitti’s home. She rings the doorbell. Meena opens the door.

Meena:” yes, who r u?”

Ragini: ” I’m ragini and he is my friend Prateek . we came here to take shona.”

Meena:” oh, u both come inside. I’ll call her.”

She goes to call swara:” swara, see ragini came ” no answer. They move inside they found swara is not there.

Ragini: ” where is shona”????!!!!?

Prateek: ” don’t panic ragu. ( Prateek looks towards a paper.) Look ragu what is this..” Ragini reads the paper and starts crying..?

Prateek: ” ragu… Please don’t cry. Shona will be alright.. ”

Ragini: ” Prateek, Y my shona loves that sanskar so much.. ”

Prateek: ” some questions have no answers.”

Meena tries to wake up chitti:” beta get up.. (She sprinkle the water at his face ) chitti where is shona di”

Chitti: ” I don’t know “?

Just then they heard someone enters in the house. It’s mohan.

Meena :” mohan ji, where were u. At this time..”

Mohan (afraid?):” wo.. I just went for walk.. Hehehehehehe?”

Meena:” Y u didn’t call me.. ”

Mohan:” dear, I don’t want to disturb u”

Meena:” where is shona ?”

Mohan” what? I don’t know.. ”

Ragini comes out and grabs his collar: ” where is my shona. Answer me dammed. “?

Prateek: ” leave him ragini ”

Mohan: ” I don’t know..”?

Meena:” chitti pack ur bag, we r not leaving … ” she is about to go just then mohan hold her hand..

Mohan:” don’t go meenu.. U both r my life..”?

Ragini: ” she is my life. I’m begging u please tell me where is she.”?

Prateek: ” uncle please it’s a request. ”

Chitti :” papa, please tell us na I request u..”

Mohan:” wo, when I was returning from work I saw a advertisement of a girl missing and the reward of 5 lakh rupees.. So when I saw swara here I mixed sleeping pills on her juice and when all of u slept they took her.. ” meena slaps him

Meena:” how could u do this, u don’t know what they wanted to do with shona ”

Mohan :” I only thought about money, see they gave us 5 lakh rupees. Now our all problems will solve..” Meena throws all money..

Ragini grabs his collar:” how much money tell me 5lakh , 10 lakh I’ll give u, just tell me where they took her.. ”

Meena :” please mohan tell her..”

Mohan:” I’m sorry, I thought about my benefit I don’t know much but they r saying that tonight they r staying in jungle and tomorrow they r going to Dubai.”

Ragini:” I have to go, come Prateek..” They leaves…

Prateek: ” inform ur agent too about it. ”

Ragini: ” OK..” She calls him..

On the other hand.. Sujata is not eating anything: ” sanskar, don’t know I’m feeling something bad will happen.. ”

Sanskar: ” mom, nothing will happen. U don’t worry..”sanskar is feeling restless.. Only swara is coming in her mind (what’s is happening to me. Again shona, is coming in my mind that’s why I ignored her for these years but today I saw her again.. And my condition became like before.. Shona please let me live my life peacefully. U always be happy..)

In an abundant place.. Swara is sleeping.. But suddenly someone splashes water a her place..

Swara:” who the hell..”? but she was shocked to see the two person.

Guy1:” hi, shona.. Did u forget us..”

Guy2:” we r ur friend. U remember that day on ur school.. ”

Swara (cries)?:” please let me go, I don’t want to be here..”

Guy1:” relax shona, (he wipes her tears, and touches her cheeks sensuously..) We r ur friend..

Guy2:”don’t cry.. Shona..”?

Swara tries to remove their hands but she finds that they tied they hands and legs in chair..”open it.. Please.. ”

Guy1:” open What shona..”

Guy2:” bhai, she is very desperate. Open her clothes Bhai…” They moves towards her..

Swara( screams):” nooooooooo.. Please ” they started laughing..?

Guy1:” who will save you from me.. “?

Guy2:” bhai, don’t first boss will enjoy. Then we. ”

Guy1:” shut up, Boss will enjoy when we took her Dubai and I know he will not leave her before a week. Till then I can’t wait. First I’m going then u OK..”Swara listens this she becomes very much afraid.

Guy2:” OK, Bhai but don’t take too much time. She is very sweet.. ?”

They moves towards swara. Her heart is beating very fast. They kisses on her tears and bite at her cheeks.. ” please leave me.. Please ” ? she is continuously begging. They were lustfully looking at her and touching her over her clothes.. ” ur my friend na, so please let me go. Else I’ll die ?.”

Guy1:” die shona, but before it satisfy me.” They tore her sleeps..

Swara:” please, if u want money I’ll give..? please ” then the next moments she finds they r opening the rope that were tie at her.

Swara (smiles?):” thanks I’ll give u money OK..” She moves towards the doors but they pulls her back.

Guy1:” not so soon, shona from where u will give money ur parents have taken all ur property. ” swara is shocked to hear this..

Guy2:” ya shona, they sold u to us.. Now u r our boss’s property till ur life time. Hahahahaahahahahah?”

Swara: ” leave me I beg u “? but her tears doesn’t affect them. He tried to forcefully kiss her but swara spit at his face..” What kind of men u r.. U r not a man..” he slaps her hard. She falls down. He took a big rod and hits at her head hard.. “Aww” she cries.. blo*dy starts coming from her head.. She is afraid to look at her blood.

Guy1:”how dare u spit at my face ”

Guy2:” Bhai, Y u hit her. Now what we will say boss.”

Guy1:” I’ll manage it. U hold both hand. (He looks swara) now shona what kind of men am I? I’ll prove u I’m man. ” guy2 holds her hands. And other one tears her salwar.

Swara:” please, don’t.”

Guy1:” shona, bear ur punishment.. Call ur friend for help what was his name..”

Guy2:” bahi, sanskar.. ”

Guy1:” ya that sanskar, because of him. I went Jail. Now I’ll not leave u..(He started kissing her legs. ) call him shona.. Call sanskar. I’ll see how he will save u this time..”

Guy2:” hahaha???”

Swara(cries a loud) :” sanskarrrr.. Help me “?

In Maheshwari mansion..

Sanskar (thinks):” what is happening to me. I’m not feeling good. Is shona alright. Don’t know I’m feeling she is in danger.. I have to call her again. Untill I won’t listen her voice. This heart won’t get satisfaction.. ” he moved towards his room but sujata hold his hand..

Sujata :” where r going? ”

Sanskar: ” woh mom, I need to call someone. ”

Sujata:”ur father still doesn’t came home. U want to talk with ur friends. ”

Sanskar: ” mom I just come just one call. I’m feeling restless.. ”

Sujata :” hey RAM ji ur in danger and ur son is dying to call her lover..”

Sanskar: ” mom.. ”

Ap:” sanskar, call ur friend later. Sit with sujata. Please. She is very much tense.”

Sanskar: ” OK ” hope shona ur alright. God ji save her. She is very innocent.

Swara is continuously begging them. But that devil is not showing any mercy. On her. He is biting her legs.. Tears r continuously following from her eyes. Her head is continuously bleeding..

Swara:” God please save me. Or kill me. ” she closes her eyes.. Still sanskar’s face she see. My virtue is only for him. (No shona u can’t let him to touch u. )She gathers all her force. And push him Through her leg. His( Goons) head hit to a pot. And his partner goes to help him…

Guy2:” Bhai r u alright.. ”

Swara runs from there. She is feeling dizzy her head is paining..

Guy1:” Sally catch her. She run away.”

Swara is running to save her dignity. But her body is not giving her support. They r chasing her. Forest is very dark but God showed her path. Clouds allowed the moonlight to come out. But still devil r behind. “Kissan ji save me.. ” they see her and to stop her. They throw rod toward her with fore and it hit head and she falls down.. They catch her.

Guy2:” finally we get her. ”

Swara in a feeble voice: ” leave me.”

Guy1:” not so soon.”

Sanskar is still very much tense. ” shona. What is happening to my heart is beating very fast. Please God don’t let anything happen to her. I’ll not tease her. I’m guilty for my act. I know she is OK but I’m feeling something.. Bad..”

Sujata: ” sanskar call RAM ji ”

Sanskar: ” OK mom”he calls him.

Ram:” sanskar, we r coming.. Just crossing the forest..” RAM disconnects the call.

Lucky:” chachi why u lied. My mam will not leave me untill I don’t do her work..”

RAM:” woh I lied because of sujju. ” lucky phones ringing.

Lucky:” yes mam.. ”

Mam:” u r of no use.? I told u for a work.. And u just roaming.. ”

Lucky:” mam, u don’t worry I’ll do ur work.. ”

Mam:” if u fail then U will see my worse face..” She disconnects the call.

Ram:” hahahhahah? ur mam is too much. ”

Lucky :” chacha ji stop laughing. ” they keep discussing..

They r taking swara back.. Her eyes us at the verge of closing.. She reminds sanskar (shona… U r my especial friend) she see sanskar..

Sanskar(illusion): ” shona.. I love u.. Come to me. I know u can do it.. Come on.. Shona for ur sanku.. Do it..”

Swara:” sanku u came..”

Sanskar: “only for my shona… Come.. Do it shona.. For me..”

She nodes yes she bites on goons and follows his illusion.. :”sanskar im coming.. ”

Sanskar: ” shona come.. ” she is following him.. And then..

Lucky :” chacha ji ur lucky that u don’t have hitter mam to order u..”

Ram:” sujju is not more than a hittler ”

Lucky:” hahaha??” just then swara comes before their car.

Ram(shouts.):” lucky.. ” their car hits the swara very hard. And she falls down.. Lucky and RAM go towards her.. Goons too come their but seeing lucky in police uniform they elope..

Lucky:” hello mam r u OK..”

Swara:” sanku I’m coming……” And she faints..

Ram:” take her to hospital.. ” and they leave…

After two hours..

In the maheshwari manshion……………
All are in hall… waiting for lucky and ram… suddenly someone knock the door..

Sankar:”bhai where were u its 1am.. and where is dad… ”
Lucky:”cool down let me come in ..”

They come down to the hall ….
Sujata:’’lux ..where were u and where is ram ji …. Please tell me..omg is there anything bad happen to him .ooh God how can I live without him in this cruel word oh God .????’’

Sanskar shouts…. : ‘’mom’’..
Lucky:‘’oh god chachi ji u are too much let me speak first stop assuming… this nonsense…’’

Ap:”what happen lakshaya ”

Lux:”mom actually when we were coming towards home…. Suddenly a girl came before our car ..she got hit by our car….?’’

Sujata:‘’hawwwwwwwwww…????? omg my ram ji is in jail oh god how can u do this to me…. Now how can we both live without each other oh god….. and what society’s ladies will say about us ….doctor becomes killer…. ‘‘

Lux fumes with anger??”stop it chaichi … let me first complete … don’t know how chacha ji tolerate u
Anyway….. we rushed towards the girl.. we took her to our hospital….?then we found that she was already badly beaten by someone..her . she was escaping from them and got hit by our car. … chacha ji is operating her he will come home late….’’

Sanskar thinks.(is she swara… No she can’t be shona is alright…)

Sanskar:‘’bhai do u know her…’’

Lucky:”no … Tomorrow I’ll file the report.. so that we can find her details….. ‘’
Sujata:” thank u god ji… ?u save my ram ji ”

All goes towards their rooms..

Sanskar tries to call swara(” the no u r trying to call is currently switched off “):” don’t think too much. It’s looks filmy. She must be with ragini. I know she doesn’t want her to talk to me. I happy now everything is OK.”

Next morning …..?
All r stting In the dining table….ram just comes to the home….
Sujata:’?oh my ram ji how’s u ..u don’t know how much I m worried for u?….”

Sanskar:”dad ..how’s is the girl ”

Ram:” I can’t say anything … she is still unconscious….her condition is not good … someone tried to rape her .. but the girl is able to save her dignity … I hope she will get well soon and we will soon find her parents.. ”

Sanskar is shocked…?..

Sujju:” thare ko ke hua chore… (what happens to u Sanskar)

Sanskar:”nothing mom I m just worried for her”

Lucky:”sanskar ,chacha ji she will be fine…”

Ap:”lets pray to god .she will get well soon…”

Then lucky switched on the TV …..

News ’’ two people are crying ?…please if someone find our daughter ..please inform us she is missing since 3 d … the informer will get the rewards of 5lakh rupees ‘?’…they showed her picture

Lucky:”chacha ji look she is the same girl… whom u operate…”
Sanskar see the girl picture he is total shocked .?.he says ‘’swara’….

Now new phase of swasan journey stared now. Sanskar will suffer for his love..? hope u all r excited..?

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    1. NDSG

      Earlier shona agonized for sanskar
      Now, it’s sanskar’s turn
      to agonize in love..

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      I’ll try.. ???

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  8. Sammykapoor

    ragini appointed laksh as detective to find swara…but why he did not recognised her when he saw her?????

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      Okie I’ll try my best

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    1. NDSG

      Mr Maheshwari will get his punishment… But before that he should realise his love

  11. Even in that situation shona thinks of his sanky,she really loves him a lot
    And though sanky is feeling restless but not won’t accept that he loves shona,stupid sanskar?????

  12. Even in that situation shona thinks of his sanky,she really loves him a lot
    And though sanky is feeling restless but not won’t accept that he loves shona,stupid sanskar?????

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