Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 53)

Ishkara – Pyaar ya Nafrat – epi 53

RECAP: Shivika, Ishkara, Rumya search the accident site…..Mayuri decide to follow Shreya…..Priveer go to the police station

At present, Meera Road Police Station,

Inspector: Sir, this is all related to the case you asked (he said handing over the file to Ranveer)
Ranveer: Thanks Officer.
Inspector: But Sir, this case closed three years ago only, why are you coming today?
Ranveer: Just think, that it is related to my current case, thanks for the help. (he shakes hand with the inspector and leaves)

Outside the police station,

Ranveer shows the file to Priyanka,

Priyanka: I hope we get something from this.
Ranveer: Hope so, let’s go home, we’ll check it.

They leave for Oberoi Mansion.

Hotel Milestone,

Mayuri were sitting in the lobby waiting for Shreya to come down,

Gauri: Oh God, it’s been one hour, will she ever come down.
Mayank: She will definitely come down, she will have to go to meet her partner.
Gauri: But what if she doesn’t go but her partner only comes here, how will we know?
Mayank: Don’t think like that Gauri, be positive. (Just then he sees Shreya coming down) Gauri see there (Gauri turns around to see Shreya) I think she is going out, let’s go behind her.

Gauri nods and they both start following Shreya maintaining a safe distance, suddenly Shreya stops, Mayuri hid behind the passage door, Shreya turns around but sees nothing,

Mayuri were facing each other, close to each other, they look at each other and share an eye-lock,

(“Kuch to hai tujhse raabta……” Raabta plays in BG)

Gauri breaks the eye-lock, Gauri: Shreya

Mayank: What??
Gauri: we have to follow her, we’ll miss her.

Mayank nods and they come out to see Shreya going out of the hotel, they start following her.

At the accident site,

Shivaay: We searched everywhere, I don’t think we’ll find anything here.
Omkara: even we didn’t find anything, its been three years, I don’t think any clue would be left by now.
Soumya: I think so you are right Bhaiya, let’s go home and see what others have got.
Omkara: Haa, let’s go home, we have to think about something else.
Shivaay: Anika, chalo. Ishu, Rudra, come we have to leave.

As Shivaay gets no response, they turn around to see the trio clicking selfies, they hit their fore-head, and they look at each other, “Inka-kuch-nahi-ho-sakta” looks,

Soumya: Yeh Rudra, he was clicking selfies only all the time, I shouldn’t have given his phone back.
Shivaay: Anika, when will she become serious.
Omkara: And just look at Ishu, how she is posing, these three will never grow up.

They walk to AniRuIsh,

Shivaay: Guys, we are not on a picnic, behave like mature adults.
Rudra: Arre, Bhaiya, I know that, but we’ll have stories that we’ll tell our children about our adventures, you also join us. (He drags Shivaay and clicks photos)
Ishana: You are right Rudra, kuch to hoga unhe batane ki liye.
Anika: Hum unhe apni khidkitod adventures ke bare mein batayenge, kitna maza aayega.
Shivaay: Are you guys, even real?
Anika: Shivaay, kaise question puchte ho. Of course we are real. See you can touch me naa.
Omkara: If your useless work is over, let’s go back home.
Ishana: Om, this is not useless, Ok.

Rudra comes and shows pics to Anisha, Rudra: Bhabhis, see how cool I am looking.

Anika: Oh Rudra, you always look cool.
Ishana sees the photo carefully, Ishana: Wait…what is this? (she zooms the photo)
Anika: Looks like cars number plate.
Shivaay: Show me (he takes the phone and sees it with OmSoum) its car’s number plate.
Omkara: Rudra, where did you click it.
Rudra: Kyu ab kya hua, first to you were calling it useless, now you find it useful.
Omkara: Will you stop this, and tell me where did you click it?
Rudra: Come, I’ll show you.

They reach the spot, ShivOm start searching, finally Om finds the number plate “MH-02-AC-4586” (this is imaginery). They all look at the number plate,

Ishana: If the plate is here, maybe the car was also here that night.
Shivaay: I’ll tell Ranveer, he’ll find the owner’s details, if this belongs to Shreya, we’ll prove things.
Rudra: Dekha Bhaiya, after all Rudy’s smartness only helped you.

Shivaay wanted to shut him up but Anika signals him a no,

Anika: Haa Rudra, I knew you can only help us.
Ishana: Our Rudy is the best.
Soumya: So, let’s go home.

They all leave for OM.

On the road,

Mayuri were following Shreya’s car, Shreya stopped near a house on the outskirts of the city, she got down and went in, Mayuri too follow her, they stand near the window and peep in,
Shreya is seen hugging a lady, the lady is none other than Roop,

Shreya: Mom, how are you?
Roop: I am fine, you tell me, I hope no one knows you are here.
Shreya: Don’t worry mom, no one knows, we’ll never let them know. Acha, you are ready naa, we have to execute the plan.
Roop: Don’t worry, after this plan succeeds, we’ll be owners of both Batra and Oberoi Industries.
Shreya: And both are revenge will be completed and dad will be out of that hell.


Gauri: Who is she talking to?
Mayank: Maybe her partner. I am not able to hear anything.
Gauri: Even me but wait, I’ll take her photo, maybe others may recognize her.
Mayank: You are right.

Gauri clicks the photo.

Mayank: We should leave before they find out about us.
Gauri: You are right, we’ll go to OM and tell them.

They leave for OM.

At Oberoi Mansion,

Priveer were waiting for others, when Shivika, Ishkara, and Rumya enter.

Priyanka: Bhaiya, did you guys find anything?
Ranveer: Relax Priyanka, let them come in.

Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya freshen up and they all sit near the pool side, just then Mayuri also come.

Ranveer: So first, I’ll tell you, we have gone through the entire case but couldn’t find anything as according to the police, it was a simple accident as Shivaay you, yourself accepted it that it was you.
Shivaay: I know, I had accepted my fault so there was nothing more to it.
Priyanka: Bhabhi, did you find anything at the accident site?
Ishana: Yes we did find something.
Ranveer: What, you found something, what is it?
Omkara: This number plate (he shows them the plate) Ranveer, you….
Ranveer: yaa, I know, I’ll inform my friend he’ll give us details about the owner.
Mayank: Guys, even we found out something.
Anika: what??
Gauri: we followed Shreya to a house, there she met someone whom we didn’t recognize but haa, we clicked that lady’s photo.
Soumya: Great, show us.

Gauri shows the photo and Shivika, OmPri and Rumya are surprised (As IshVeer and Mayuri haven’t seen Roop ever).

Ishana: who is she?
Gauri: I don’t know but maybe Shreya’s partner.
Rudra: Roop bua
IshVeer+Mayuri: What, you know her?
Shivaay: She is our bua, Roop.
Mayank: What, that means she is the one helping Shreya.
Anika: But how come they know each other?
Omkara: Oh no, how didn’t I get it earlier.
Ishana: What Om, what are you saying?
Omkara: Shreya’s full name is Shreya Sood, and Roop bua’s surname is also Sood.
Shivaay: That means she is bua’s daughter.

All look worried.

PRECAP: Roop-Shreya’s dirty game…..Oberois are shocked…….Danger in OM

So guys, how is this track coming up, I hope you all are liking it. I am trying my best to give all characters space. Please share your views via comments below.
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