Spoilers 29th July 2017


Veer insults Rashmi’s dad. Maldawali supports Veer. Rashmi’s husband asks Veer not to get in his matter. Veer shows his bad side again. Rashmi’s parents wanted to meet Rashmi. Veer tells about the traditions and asks Rashmi’s dad to wear the wrestling clothes and go for the match. He asks him to win the match and only then he can meet his daughter. Rashmi’s dad gets worried. Rangeela gets angry seeing Veer’s wrong behavior. He tries to stop Veer, but fails. Rangeela thinks just one person can stop Veer now. Rashmi asks Rangeela to do something fast. Rashmi’s dad gets into a dilemma.


Raj makes a contract. He takes Mannu on a romantic date. Mannu thinks things are getting fine between them. Mannu likes Raj’s surprise. Raj gives her the contract. He tells Mannu that he will help Simran regain her memory, and instead Mannu will be leaving him and his family. He wants to end his relation with Mannu by this deal. Mannu gets disheartened.

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