Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 98)

Ishkara – a new way of life – epi 9

This is the continuation of the previous episode where Shivika , Rumya confront Om where he tells them that 2 years ago Ishana left him bcoz she loved someone else. Just then Ishana comes there and tells the truth that Om had left her saying that they have no relation. Om feels guilty but Prinku comes and says that its not the complete truth.
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Flashback to two years ago, Oberoi Mansion, Priyanka’s POV

I was going for college when I heard Om bhaiya shouting at Dad again, I thought it was again about Mom-Dad but hearing Ishu bhabhi’s name, I stopped by to listen. I stood near the door and listened carefully.

“How did you think I’ll ever agree with you?” bhaiya shouted at Dad, I was scared to see him like this. “If you agree, I have a deal for your betterment” Dad said in his usual businessman attitude, I felt as if he was talking to a client and not his own son. “I am not interested in any of your deals” saying this bhaiya was about to leave but stopped hearing Dad’s words. “If you agree, I’ll throw Svetlana out of my life forever and give Jhanvi her right place” Dad’s words shook me completely and I couldn’t believe my ears, how could our own Dad snatch our happiness like this. “what did you say?” bhaiya asked out of disbelief. “Yes, if you agree to leave Ishana, your mother will get all that she deserves” Dad said giving an evil smile, “Decision is yours Omkara, you choose, what you want, your happiness or your mother’s happiness” he continued.

I never thought Dad would fall so low for his ego and satisfaction. I entered the room and did what I had never done in my entire life. “How can you stoop so low?” I shouted at the top of my voice, both of them were shocked to see me. “Prinku don’t come in between” Dad warned me, “so what you choose Omkara” he turned to bhaiya. “OK, I agree” bhaiya said without even giving it a second thought. “But bhaiya” before I could complete, he gestured me to stop. “OK, fine, we’ll go to Rana Mansion tomorrow itself” saying this Dad left. “you’ll not say a word about this to anyone” bhaiya said, “tumhe meri kasam” he left with tears in his eyes.

I stood their shocked, I had just witnessed my own father snatch away my brother’s happiness and I could do nothing but watch him break day by day.

Present time

Anika’s POV

We all were shocked, so many revelations in one day, Om had been lying to all of us for the past 2 years, he was suffering so much and bearing it all alone. I called him my best friend but couldn’t understand his pain. His eyes had lost all their happiness and purity, how could I not see this before. I kept quite for two years letting him suffer alone, I let him break everyday in front of me. Ishana, I called her my sister and I failed to understand her also, I failed to keep my family happy, I failed to keep my promise to Shivaay, I couldn’t be loyal to my own words that I would keep his family happy always.

Shivaay’s POV

Om, who hated lies and liars to the core of his heart, kept such a big secret from his brothers. He was carrying all the burden all alone on his shoulders, I call myself the “Great Wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi” and will protect my family from all problems, but I have failed terribly, I couldn’t be there for my Om when he needed me the most. First Badi maa and now Om, I couldn’t keep my promise to Dadaji, I couldn’t keep the family together. Shivaay Singh Oberoi became a successful businessman but Shivaay failed as a brother and son both. I turned my eyes to Ishana who was standing there mum, I had considered her the cause of all this but she was the one who was suffering for no mistake. I had blamed her and said what not.

Just then I felt Anika’s hand on my shoulders and I looked at her, she gave me a comforting look as if she was saying, “Don’t worry Shivaay, we’ll make everything fine” after all she is my inspiration, my strength.

Rudra’s POV

O, who always guessed my problems and pain by looking into my eyes, I couldn’t understand his pain. Sumo is correct that I am a crybaby and duffer, I was always so lost in my own world believing that my brothers are there to support my life that I completely forgot that sometimes even they would need me. Now I understood how suddenly Dad’s mind changed and he threw that evil witch out and started behaving properly with Mom, I am a duffer to trust a man like him who only cares for himself. I did wrong by insulting Ishana bhabhi who wanted to make things fine. I am really sorry bhabhi.

Soumya’s POV

Bade baal wale bhaiya always supports me and loves me more than a real brother, he never differentiated between Prinku and me, he even supported me against Rudra when our marriage truth came out and I couldn’t be there for him. As Love Angel, I solved the problems of all the world but couldn’t understand my own family. I misunderstood Ishana di also who treated me like her own sister, I did wrong.

Ishana’s POV

I couldn’t understand, what the heck is happening in my life, what has destiny planned next for me. How could I be so much engrossed in my own pain and sufferings that I failed to notice and learn that Om was suffering along with me. His eyes that I loved so much, how couldn’t I see that they had so much of pain in them, he loved me so much, he tried explaining a number of times, but I never listened bcoz of my ego and that is the main cause why we are not together, I never tried to know his situation, he took such a drastic decision and I just agreed. If I had fought for our love maybe things would have turned differently.
My eyes turned to Om who was standing there with a bent head, tears flowing from his eyes, I wanted to run to him, hug him, wipe of those tears, tell him that I am there for him but as I took a step forward something inside me stopped me and I instantly left the place.

Om’s POV

I looked up when I felt Shivaay’s hand on my shoulder, the first thing I noticed was that Ishana was no where to be seen, I turned to Anika bhabhi who signaled me that she had left. I immediately wanted to run behind her but my guilt held me back.

“We are really sorry Om” Shivaay said hugging me tightly, he had tears in his eyes, “Its not your fault” I hugged him back and let my tears flow. “No, O, we let you suffer alone” Rudra hugged me from the back. We broke our hug after a few minutes when my phone beeped twice.

There were two messages from Ishana, I read them and was more than happy,
“Om, meet me at Lotus Garden after one hour”
“I’ll be waiting for you”

I showed the messages to others and left with the car keys.

I hope you all like it. I tried my level best to portray their emotions, I am really sorry if I couldn’t be up to the mark.
I will not be able to post till 24th May as I am going out of town but I’ll try if I get time to post. Please continue to read and comment. I hope I keep up to your expectations.
Bye for now, see you all soon. Keep smiling.

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