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Chapter 5

After ishana was discharged she was brought home by om who was holding her from waist to support as she was too weak

She said that she will walk on her own when she was about to fall but someone caught her

It was our dear saumya (sorry those who expected om ??)

Ishana- are saumya when did you come back from Australia ??

Saumya- dont talk to me di first look at you , cant walk properly but still you want to, you just survived a fatal accident but no you want one more like really have you lost it or the accident affected you

A voice – even i think the same saumya

IshOmYa- maahi / bhaiya

Maahi hugging ishana- bittu how many times do i hv to tell you to take care i literally got a heart attack when aditya called me

Adi- thanks for the complement

Priveer- and we got one too all thanks to your adi bhaiya as well as your maahi bhaiya

AdiAahi- thank you so much the pleasure is ours

Ishana- yeah yeah laugh and make fun of me but you know what just let me get well and i’ll teach you guys a lesson

All- that we will see miss sick duckling

Ishana- WTF!!!!


Ishana- im going

Om rushed to her and picked her up in bridal style shocking eveeyone including ishana

ShivRu along with anika came there

Rudra- OH MY MAATA !!!!

All – what happened rudra

Rudra – saumy ka bhoot aa gaya bhaiya bachao pls woh mujhe maar degi

Saumya- cry baby what makes you think that i’m saumya’s ghost

Rudra- she is in australia never to return

Saumya- and why is that

Rudra- because usse mumbai raas nahi aaya

Saumya- but mujhe meri aayi ke liye raas aa gaya toh mujhe bhi raas aa gaya

Rudra- so you are my sumo???

Saumya- yes i’m your sumo crybaby singh oberoi




Om clears his throat

Om- rudi leave her you are literally suffocating her

Rudra- sorry sumo

Saumya- thank god you left me otherwise …

Rudra stops her

Rudra- i wont let anything happen to you


Rudra realises

Saumya blushes

Saumya- i’ll check on ishu di bye everyone

Ishana’s room

Ishana- di what do we do should we tell everything to jiju about maahi bhaiya

Anika- let the right time come then we will tell everyone

Ishana- ok as you say

Saumya- hello people

AniIsha – hello mera baccha how are you

Saumya- all fine

AniIsha- chal lets eat something

AniSaum- but ishana di will have khichdi

Ishana- chii i wont have it usse accha main jiju ka woh beswaad risotto na khalu???

Shivaay – kisne mere risotto ko beswaad bola ???

Ishana- maine bola jiju koi problem hai kya aapko ???

Shivaay(getting scared)- nahi saali saahiba hume koi problem kaise ho sakti hai hum toh bass mazaak kar rahe the aap toh itna bhi nahi samjhi hehehe( laughs nervously)

Ishana- hehehe bye jiju

Shivaay- ha bye ishu take care

Ishana- yes jiju you too


After one month

Ishana recovered fully and now qas looking after home and office both

Vikram ordered coffe to his servant but ishana thought of giving it to him anika also came with her

Obros were in study with vikram and aditya

The coffee was piping hot as vikram liked it

Ishana entered study and went to give him coffee

Ishana- papa coffee

Vikram got angry in seeing ishana

Vikram – i dont want it go from here

Ishana was hurt but she wanted to give a last chance

Ishana- papa pls

Vikram got angry and threw coffee away which burnt ishana’s hand badly and a few drop fell on anika’s hand and both whimpered in pain ishana the most because most of the coffee fell on her hand that too right one

IshKram- di/ niku are you alright

Anika- i’m fine

Ishana(holding her hand)- no you are not…

Vikram- how will she when you are the cause of her pain

Ishana felt like someone stabbed her in her heart

Shivaay brought first aid

Ishana was giving ointment to anika but vikram snatched it

Ishana ran out and went into the kitchen

put her hand in running water

And other hand on her mouth to stop herself from shouting in pain (a trick in which she had excelled)

Daimaa came and gave her icepack

Vikram asked for icepack

Ishana gave hers to daimaa and asked her to give it to vikram

Ishana then asked for turmeric paste but she could apply vikram took it away

The pain was unbearable so she started blowing her hand and finally tears spilled from her eyes

After sometime

Vikram called everyone to eat lunch

Vikram – today niku’s hand got burnt na so i will make her eat

All were happy

Ishana POV – chalo finally di can add it in her memories

Ishana tried to eat but her right hand was burnt and she couldnt eat with her left hand

Vikram saw this and totally ignored her which brought tears in her eyes

Everyone saw how vikram ignored ishana and how much it hurt her

Ishana- ummm , you guys continue with your food i dont want to eat right now bon appetit guys

She ran back to her room and cried remembering what vikram did and ignored her pain. Was this the same father who would never cease from calling ishana hi princess and would always take care of her when she even got a scratch


Jhootha jag rain basera

Saancha dard mera

Mrig-trishna sa moh piya

Naata mera tera

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the

Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the

Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun

[She remembees her painful moments especially todays incident ]

Juda huve kadam

[She remembers how vikram left her in the orphanage ]

Jinhone li thi ye kasam

[She remembers how she cried like hell to just go back to him]

Milke chalenge hardum

Ab baant’te hain ye gham

Bheege naina.. jo khidkhiyon se jhankte the

Naina.. ghutan mein band ho gaye hai yun

[She cries really badly]

At night

Anika told that they were going to watch jagga jassoos theovie so she invited saumya and maahi too

In the starting it totally looked like a mirror of ishana’s life when ishana could not take it anymore

Ishana- what is this yaar di this film has nothing but song in every two minutes i told you already that the ratings arent that good but still want to see this movie

And then she left from there took her jacket and scooter keys

Anika- chutki where are you going

Ishana- nothing di just going to take a round

And left

But maahi and aditya followed her

And it shocked them where she went

She went to hope’s orphanage aniisha’s orphanage

She started touching pillars and went into a flashback


Vikram shouting on her and packing her things and driving her to the orphanage and then just abandoning her there


Tum ho yahin kahin

Ya phir kahin nahi

Phir wahi… phir wahi…

Saundhi yaadein puraani phir wahi

Phir wahi… phir wahi…

Bisri bhooli kahaani phir wahi…

[She remebers her moments with her familly especially her dad vikram]

Dil kyun joda agar dil dukhana tha

Aaye kyun thhe agar tumko jaana tha

Jaate jaate labon pe bahana tha

Phir wahi… phir wahi…

[She remembers him pampering her

And then suddenly him hating her]

Aansu ponchhe hi kyun ‘gar rulana tha

Qissa likha hi kyun ‘gar mitana tha

Jaate jaate labon pe bahana tha

Phir wahi… phir wahi… wo…

[ She cries ]


Ishana still crying

Maahi aditya want to console her but stop they go back home

After crying ishana went back home

Precap : oberois and rathores in rajasthan for shivika remarriage

AdiKaNa’s grand pa and grandma entry

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