ISHKARA FF: Life Found Love Once Again- IshDev Flashback- Shot 6

Thank you very much to all my readers for supporting me for this IshDev flashback shots.. Love you all.. Next shot will be the last one..

Let’s go to today’s shot.. Please ignore any grammatical errors..


Cop: Don’t be scared.. I’m ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa.. This is Dr Rohan.. (shakes hand with Dev) I know you are Dev, Ishana’s fiancee.. Now, listen carefully.. You have to leave with Ishana immediately after she get conscious..
Dev: But, why?? She is badly injured and you are asking us to leave..
Rohan: We are asking you to escape from here.. If not you both will land in trouble..
Dev: What are you saying?? Please say it clearly..
Ranveer: Dev, your Ishana crashed a girl and she is in critical condition.. Ishana too terribly injured..
Rohan: That girl is from a big family.. They are searching for Ishana like mad.. If they got her, they won’t spare her.. They will make her life hell..
Ranveer: That is why we are asking you to leave as soon as possible.. Till now they didn’t knew that Ishana is the one hit their girl.. They thought the person who hit her is escaped..
Dev: But why both of you are helping us??
Ranveer: I’m Siddharth’s junior and Rohan is her jijus friend.. We informed to them about this.. They asked for our help to save her.. We knew how Ishana gives importance for safety and she always drive safely.. I can’t believe that she crashed someone..
Rohan: Ishana’s head is terribly injured but luckily no inner bleeding.. We only can know more after she gain consciousness..
They waited for Ishana to get conscious.. A cop came and informed the girl is dead.. Dev felt bad and wanted to apologize from them.. Ranveer and Rohan try to stop him but he doesn’t listen.. He walks out of the room but got shocked and goes back to Ishana’s ward.. Ranveer and Rohan confused looking at Dev.. Ishana is getting conscious but they didn’t realise it..
Ranveer: Dev, you have to leave with Ishana now.. The girl is dead.. If they found Ishana was the reason for her death, they will not spare her.. I can’t go in front of them because I already had probem with them..
Ishu (with a weak voice): What?? I killed a girl?? Dev, what is he saying??
Dev, Ranveer and Rohan are shocked to see her conscious..
Ranveer: No, Ishana.. It was an accident..
Ishu: (tries to get up) But, I caused a girl’s death.. I killed her..(cries in guilt) I need to apologize to her family.. They must be shattered.. (crying badly)
Dev calms her but she is not listening and wants to go and meet the girl’s family.. Her head started to pain and she holds her head.. Rohan injects sedative to her and she became unconscious again..
Rohan: Sorry, Dev.. I don’t have any other option than this.. I promised her jiju to return Ishana safely to them.. I arranged a car for both of you to airport.. Ranveer already booked flight ticket to Chennai.. I will go and handle outside there.. Ranveer, you took them through back entrance.. My car is waiting there.. Don’t worry about other staffs.. RaDuKa worked here before getting transferred to Chennai.. They got a good name here.. They knew Ishana is RaDuKa’s sister in law.. So, they won’t cause any problem.. Moreover, they are having high respect on them and please be careful.. Make sure they don’t see you (pointing at the family).. You already had a problem with them.. They will have doubt if you go through back entrance.. Inform me after they boarded flight to Chennai.. (turns to Dev) Dev, inform her family before board the flight.. They must be worried.. Leave now.. (he went outside to the girl’s family.. He looks back and signed them to go)
Ranveer and Dev leaves with Ishana (on wheelchair) through back entrance.. As, Rohan said, some staffs helped them to escape.. Ranveer sent them to airport.. IshDev boarded the flight and reach Chennai..

Raichand Mansion
All are worriedly waiting for IshDev at hall.. Arjun and Karthik come back from Bangalore after they got to know about Ishana’s accident.. RaDuKa went to fetch IshDev from airport.. They heard car sound and all run outside.. RaDuKa and Dev get down from the car.. Ishana still not fully conscious, so Dev lifts her in his arms and placed her on the sofa.. NiTiMi sat on the floor beside her.. Swetlana caresses her hair.. Dev told them everything happened excluding her jail meet because they didn’t know the main reason they went to Mumbai except RaDuKa..
Dev: Ranveer and Rohan only helped us escaped from the girl’s family..
Karan: Rohan told that the family is the richest in Mumbai.. They will not spare Ishu if they knew Ishu is the one hit their girl..
Mithra: Richest family?? Who are them??
Dev: I don’t see them.. I forgot to ask because of tension.. (he lied)
Swet(thinks): I just hope it is not them.. Or, they will found Ishu by hook or crook and will make her life miserable.. He will not care she being a girl and he will not spare anyone that caused his family in pain.. I just pray it is not that family.. Please God, don’t make this family to suffer..
Karthik (snapped his finger in front of her face): Where are you lost, bhabhi??
Swet: I just pray for her..(Karthik smiles)
After half an hour, Ishana gain consciousness.. She looks at them and cries.. They consoles her..
Ishu: Bhaiya, jiju.. I don’t know how it happens.. I can’t remember..(crying hard)
Arjun (hugs her): Ok..Ok.. Relax.. (kisses her head)
Karan: Calm down, Ishu.. Don’t strain yourself.. It will be fine.. You take rest first..
Arjun lifts Ishana to her room.. They made her sleep and leave the room.. All are confused with her behaviour.. Karan calls Rohan and told him about Ishana.. He ends the call after finished talking.. Raghav and Dushyanth came to him..
Raghav: What Rohan said, Karan??
Karan: He said may be Ishana is having post traumatic amnesia due to head injury.. But, he asked us to wait till tomorrow.. May be now due to panic she can’t remember.. He asked us to ask her tomorrow..
Dush: Then, we will ask her tomorrow.. Let her sleep now..
They inform to their family.. They worried for her but RaDuKa consoles them.. They agreed and retired to their room.. Daadi asked Dev to stay there as well.. Dev agrees and stays in Arjun’s room with Karthik..
In Arjun’s room
Arjun and Karthik are preparing the bed for them to sleep.. Arjun saw Dev is standing at the door and felt hesitate to come in..
Arjun: Why are you standing there, Dev?? Come in.. Feel this as your room..
Karthik: Arjun, actually Dev is unconfortable with me staying here.. Never mind, I’ll sleep at guest room.. (move to go)
Dev (shocked and stops him): No.. It’s not like that.. Actually, I never stayed with anyone in the same room before.. This is first time.. That is why, I ..
Karthik (makes Dev sit on bed): We are not girls for you to feel shy.. We are guys only..(Thinks a while) Oh!!! Don’t say that you will be fine to stay with girls!!??
Arjun: Really, Dev?? Should I sent you to Ishu’s room??
Dev: Guyss, stop!! It’s not like that.. Since I small, I stayed alone in room because I don’t have any brothers.. After I met Reyaan, still we didn’t stay in one room.. He said that he needs some privacy..
Karthik: I also was same as you till I met Ishu ma.. She changed my life completely..
Dev: Ishu ma??
Arjun: You don’t know about this?? Ishu didn’t say about this??
Karthik: Arjun, what are you asking?? They have enough time for romance only.. Not to discuss about this.. Right, Dev??
Arjun: Stop pulling his leg, Karthik.. Dev, I will tell you.. Actually, Ishu resembles Karthik’s mother.. He believed she is reincarnation of his mother.. That is the reason he called her maa..
Karthik: I lost my mother when I was 6.. She was everything to me.. As a single mother, she struggled a lot to brought up me.. She is highly educated and worked at a well known industry.. She gave importance for me only and didn’t bother about her health.. Suddenly, she fell sick one day.. I took her to hospital but the doctor said her condition is critical and we brought her late to hospital.. I lost my mother that day.. After that, I was completely shattered.. I felt my world become dark.. My grandparents took care of me after that.. After I finished my studies, they too passed away.. My mother’s dream was to see me as a successful person.. I become a successful businessman after few years.. Business is just my profession.. But, my passion is bike racing.. I won’t miss any bike race competition and I won most of the races.. I’m very possessive about my bike.. That is how I met Arjun.. He hit my bike one day.. I lose my temper and almost punch his face.. But, a voice stopped me.. The voice which I was craving to hear for so many years.. I thought it was just my imagination.. But, I was shocked to see her.. She looks exactly like my mother.. I thought may be because I’m missing my mother very much.. So, I leave the place immediately.. Suddenly, I heard the same voice calling me, ” Hello!! Excuse me!!” She ran fastly towards me.. She stopped and with breathing heavily she asked ” Had we meet before??”.. I was shocked with her question.. I was looking at her and shook my head in negative.. She thought for a while and again said,” I’m sure we had met before but I don’t know where.. May be in previous life..” She laughed saying this.. I felt like I got my mother back.. She introduced herself as Ishana and introduce me to Arjun as well.. We had a nice chat and they took me to her house.. They introduced me to her family.. I spent some time with them and I just loved their caring and affection among them.. Daadi asked me to come there often.. Since then, I become one of this family member..
Dev: Ishana is an unique piece.. She gave mother’s place to her bhabhi, father’s place to her jijus.. For you, she is your mother.. She too accepts it.. I don’t think any girls will accept if a guy called her mother..
Arjun: (added) That too elder than her!!
Dev: Exactly!! Ishana doesn’t bother about it.. This girl always impress me.. I’m really proud to have her in my life.. (proudly) But, please don’t call me papa.. Ok?? (They laugh at him while Dev lost in Ishana’s thoughts)
Arjun and Karthik smiles looking at him lost in his Ishana’s thought.. Both of them jerked him and he got shocked.. He hit them with pillows.. After a while they decide to have a look on Ishana.. They leave to Ishana’s room..
They opened the room door and shocked to find Swetlana, Nivedha, Tia and Mithra sleeping there on the floor.. Swetlana lie against the wall with Mithra and Tia sleeping on her lap.. Nivi sits beside Ishana’s bed and placed her head on the bed near Ishana’s leg.. They felt bad looking at their beloved angels sleeping condition.. They go and called Siddarth and RaDuKa who were in deep sleep.. Four of them came there and saw their wives sleeping there.. They went to their wives to wake them up.. But, they don’t want to disturb their sleep.. Arjun, Karthik and Dev helped them to put matresses on the floor.. They lift their respective wives and placed them on the matress.. Siddharth is the last one to go because he waited for Dushyanth and Karan to lift their wives from Swetlana’s lap.. After he placed Swetlana, Tia and Mithra cuddled her like they knew their mother’s warmth.. They smiled looking at each other.. They put blanket on them and they too dozed off there..
Next morning, the girls wake up except Ishana.. They are surprised to see themselves on mattress.. They fold the blanket and mattress and arranged it in cupboard.. They saw Ishana still in deep sleep.. They don’t want to disturb her and decide to freshen up first.. They did not see the guys there.. While walking, Tia accidentally stepped on Dev’s leg and fell on Dushyanth.. Dev and Dushyanth scream wake up all of them.. Ishana too wakes up listening to the noises..
Dush: Tia, can’t you see and walk?? Look what you have done..
Tia: (still on his chest) How do I know you are sleeping here?? And why are you all sleeping here?? Is our house lack of rooms that everyone sleep in Ishu baby’s room?
Dev: (holding his leg in pain) Universe wanted this to happen right, Tia baby?? (mocking tone)
Tia: Right, Dev.. See, Robin baby.. Dev too understands this.. Now, you get up first..
Karthik: How he will get up, Tia baby?? You are lying on him..(teasingly)
Tia: So what?? Ask him to..(realised she lying on him) Sorry..(tried to get up but slipped and fell on him again)
Others are enjoying their antics.. Tia again tries but she again fell on him.. Dushyanth too starts enjoying it.. Tia realise he is enjoying it, she turned herself to the floor but ends up falling on Dev’s already paining leg.. Dev screams in pain..
Tia: So sorry, Dev.. I thought it was floor..
Dev: Floor?? My leg looking that flat that you thought it as floor??
Tia held her ears apologetically which melts him.. All the guys and girls help them to get up..
Ishu: Thank you for the morning treat.. (smiles looking at them) I enjoyed it..
They just realise Ishana is awake..
Tia: Ishu baby, when did you wake up??
Ishu: Just now..(Tia relieved) When you fell on your Robin baby.. (Tia felt embarassed)
All laugh seeing Tia.. Tia smiles shyly.. They somehow happy that Ishana is smiling.. A voice comes..
Daadi: Why are you all are laughing?? And why all of you are here??
Sid: Actually, we slept here yesterday..
Daadi: Ok.. Now, go and get ready.. It’s getting late for breakfast..
All: Ok, daadi.. (go to refresh themselves)
They are having their breakfast and tease Dushyant and Tia about their morning stunt.. DushTi are embarassed..
Daadi asks for water.. As Ishana having the jug near to her, she takes it and pour in the glass.. Suddenly, she drops the jug and it broken into pieces.. All are shocked.. Ishana just stand guiltily looking at her hand which is shivering.. Dev goes to her and calms her while others are cleaning the table and the floor.. Daadi worries for Ishana.. The girls take her to her room.. The guys are discussing about Ishana’s state.. RaDuKa decided to talk with Ishana..
3 of them go to Ishana’s room and see her sitting on bed lost in thought.. They signed the girls to go out.. After they went, 3 of them go and sit beside Ishana.. Ishana looks at them almost cried.. They calm her..
Karan (hugs her): Shhh.. Ishu, just relax.. (breaks the hug)
Raghav: Ishu, just be relax.. And answer our questions without tension.. Hmm?? (Ishana just nodded her head)
Dush: Ishu, we will not force you, if you are not ready??
Ishu: I’m fine, aththan.. You can ask me..
Raghav: What happened in Mumbai?? Did you meet Mrs Kamini??
Ishu tries to recall but her vision is blurred..
Dush: Raghav, don’t ask like this?? Ishu, tell us from the day you reached Mumbai..
Ishana thinks for a while and started to recall her first day in Mumbai with Dev.. She explains to them everything including her meeting with Kamini in jail.. They got furious with Kamini but calm themselves.. For now, they have to be support for Ishana..
Karan: What happened after that?? (Ishana holds her head and tries to remember)
Ishu: I drive the car… Then….Then… (started to breath heavily)
Dush (soothes her): Ok..ok.. Ishu, calm down.. calm down..
Ishu (cries): I can’t remember after that..
Karan: Ok.. ok.. Just relax.. Don’t be panic.. Sometimes, it happens.. It’s not a problem.. It will be fine soon..
Ishu: But, jiju.. My hand is shivering.. I can’t hold anything.. I just drop down whatever I held.. Yesterday, I try to take my mobile but I failed.. I thought it will be fine today but it is still the same.. Maybe, because of guiltiness for causing a death..(cries) I’m a murderer. I killed an innocent life..
Raghav: No, Ishu.. Sometime, it happens because of shock of the incident.. It will be fine soon.. And don’t stress yourself for the accident.. It’s destined to happen.. Don’t blame yourself.. We knew how careful you are.. Whatever happened we can’t change it but you have to move on from it..
Karan: Yes, Ishu.. Now, we have to focus on Swetlana didi.. We have to protect her from that Ashok..
Ishu: Right, jiju.. We can’t let him to harm anni.. I will not let him to near her..
Raghav: That’s our girl.. (RaDuKa leave from the room)
Ishana prays for the unknown girl’s soul to rest in peace and ask forgiveness from her for causing her death.. She promised that one day she will find her family and ask forgiveness from them as well.. But, for now her concentration is on Swetlana only.. She must find way to cure her Bhabhi..

Precap: Raichands got to know about Swetlana’s abortion.. Ishana is shattered..

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  2. that girl is guori

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  3. Niriha

    Awesome…..I think that girl is gauri let see
    Waiting for next update soon dear

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  4. OMG ………. Whaaat an epi. I luved it It was hillarious, emotional, interesting nd Of ciurse Khidki thod. I’m speechless.

    Sorry 4 crushing da suspense. But I’m 99.9% sure dat da girl is Gauri. Nd Dev was lying nd nervous bcoz they were Oberois nd he saw Priyanka who nd her family inslted him 4 being illegitimate. Nd Ranveer loses his job bcoz of supporting IshDev. Nd da praying part of Sweetlana(She is so sweet in ur ff dat I became hetr fan. All thanks 2 u so I will call her Sweetlana onwards) she was talking nd thinking about Oberois.

    ArKarDe’s bedroom scene was so cute. Ishu is such a Darling. Luved da way u showed IshTik’s bonding. Their mother nd son. Such a pious relationship.

    Nd da morning scene was soooooo funny. Tia baby is very cute.

    Nd now I get Ishu’s hand shivering problem.

    OMM….my BP is increasing 2 think dat how will Om react after knowing dat Ishu caused Gauri’s accident.

    I can’t take it anymore. Plz post soon.

    Shoo…it was very long. Sorry 4 troubling u. I am a bit talkative.
    Bye Bye Rubi dr.luv u , ur biggest fan.

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      Woww!!! What a long comment!!?? I’m glad that you are liking Swetlana, no, Sweetlana in this ff.. even, I also like Swetlana in my ff.. weird right??
      Keep on reading because there will be more twist..
      Thank you very much for the long comment, my dear biggest fan..

  5. Maryam_ishq

    U have left me speechless …. it was just awesome… i just hope ishana wasn’t actually the one who did gauri’s accident, maybe ashok did smthn which manipulated the whole situation. Swetlana’s bond with her sister in laws is so beautiful and nice (love changed her into such a sweet and caring person)…. feelin bad for ishu…. loved how all her siblings were worried for her and slept in her room. Ishu is really a single piece, so selfless and caring. Ur such an awesome writer.

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thanks a lot, dear.. there will be more twist in this ff which will be revealed later..

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    It is nice one dear….

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  7. awesome
    update soon

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    Dear ishana
    Now iam 100% sure wo ladki gauri hi hai.but mujhe ishana ke liye darr lag raha hai.jab iss main bola ki unki family paaglon ki tarah unko search kar rahi hai.nahi chodunga ye sab sunke.aur ishana achi se drive karthi hai ye bhi sunkar,aur usko accident kaise hua hai ye usse yaad nahi aara ha hai soch kar I think aur secret reveal hona baaki lag raha hai.iam confuse ishana ki car sirf uss ladki(gauri)se takraya tha ya kisi aur vehicle se.ishana ko injure dhikha ke mujhe aisa feel ho raha hai ki ek ladki ko accident karane se aisa kuch nahi hoga.patha nahi jab omkara aur anika ko ye baath patha chalega tho kaise react hai ki apni gauri se bahuth pyaar kartha tha.anika hai ki apni chutki ki jagah kisi aur ko nahi soch saktha.waiting for full secret reveal.i wish gauri ki death ki karan ishana nahi but kuch aur ho.jab thak ishana ko yaad nahi aatha thab thak accident ka secret in complete hai.i wish ishana nahi but kuch aur koi aur gauri ki death ki real karan ho.i hope ye BIG FAMILY ishana ko na kaaye.balki usse samajhe ki usne jaan pooch ke kuch nahi kiya.waiting for accident truth reveal and dev’s death and death reason??

    Take care?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Woww!! Another longest comment.. Thanks a lot, dear.. I like your guesses.. even though i can’t understand fully what are you saying, but somehow I could understand little bit..
      There is more twist and revelation to go.. Ishana did the accident or not will be revealed later.. Keep on reading..

  9. Curious on what actually happened on that accident day….you have kept us all thinking regarding the girl who dies…though I feel almost sure that the girl is gauri, it will be interesting to see if its completely ishana’s fault or not which resulted in the girl’s death…

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      All will be revealed later..please wait for sometime.. And, thanks for your comment, dear..

  10. Aarti32

    See, I hv so many worries!!
    How will Oberois react on knowing abt IshRi’s accident..
    How will IshKara’s equation change on knowing it..
    How’ll Raichands react after knowing abt Svetlana’s abortion..
    How did Dev die..

    I’m so curious to know d entire story..totally engrossed in your ff!!

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      So many questions!!! Everything will be revealed later.. you have to be patient till then.. and thanks dear for your comment..

  11. Ankita27

    Mind blowing… Superb.. Amazing… I think gauri hi wo ladki hai jiska accident ishu se hua hai… omg omni ko jab pata chalega tab kya hoga… but muje lagta hai ashok or kamini ka hath ho sakta hai unhone kuchh to kiya hai jis se ishu se ye accident hua…. Fantastic update dear…

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      Thank you very much, dear.. Everything will be revealed later..

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