Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th July 2017 Written Update: Chandni fights her fears

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrani doing the tilak to the temple door. She says Mahant Yash’s first child will do the Maha aarti. Chandni is on the way with her sisters. Advay sees Chandni and asks someone to do it now. He looks at them. Chandni and her sisters get shocked seeing the huge posters, of Chandni and Advay. More posters are rolled down. Chandni cries. Shikha asks her not to panic. The man says someone kidnapped her last year, someone came inside the house this year, don’t know what will happen next year. The people say Ganga maiyya also can’t wash her sins, her character is bad. Chandni cries hearing this and runs. Advay comes in her way. He says I told you this is just the start, more has to happen. She runs.

Shikha tells Indrani what happened. Pandit asks Indrani to call her eldest daughter for Maha aarti. Indrani says I will get Chandni. He says you have to be here along with Mahant, send someone else to get her. Chandni cries and runs on the road. She recalls the taunts. She falls down and thinks I can’t face them. Indrani worries and thinks if Chandni does not come, it will be a disaster. Chandni cries recalling the taunts. She thinks of Advay’s words.

She then thinks of Dev’s encouraging words to take his name when she gets scared, he will send his strength to her. Rabba ve….plays….. She thinks of Dev.

Mikku says there is maha aarti today. His mum asks who is this Aarti now, do something that people say stories about you. He says I m internet sensation, my show has many subscribers, I want one lakh for my new episode. She asks what, one lakh. He does emotional blackmail. She asks him to stop. He stabs himself. She shouts Veer.

Shakun says if Chandni does not come for Maha aarti then… Kajal says we will be dead. Pandit says if Chandni does not come, mahurat will get over. Advay thinks Chandni won’t have courage to come here even in 30 years, leave about 30 seconds. Chandni come there. She says I m ready to do maha aarti. Indrani smiles. Advay looks on shocked. He thinks how did she get so much courage. Mikku/Veer’s mum asks him to take her bangles and money, nothing will happen to him. He hugs her and smiles. She asks are you fine. He says I m not Veer, I m his soul, this knife is real. He teases her with fake knife. He says I do pranks with everyone, today I played prank with you. She runs to beat him.

She sees his assistants recording everything. She sits and cries. She asks Veer not to joke such, if anything happens to him, she will die. He asks her to stop crying. He holds ears and asks her to smile. He lifts her and introduces her to the viewers of his show.

Chandni does Maha aarti. Advay looks on and starts leaving. She stops Advay. Everyone thinks what is Chandni going to do. Shikha says we will give him a slap. Chandni goes to Advay and says its abshagun to go without taking aarti. Advay keeps his hand over the diya. Everyone looks on.

Chandni says your hand…… Advay says fire does not burn fire, I m impressed you won this game, I felt you can’t face people after all this, but when there is cheat in heart, getting defamed does not affect. She lowers the aarti plate. He keeps hand on diya again. He says I felt you are a glass doll and will break soon, I forgot you are stone, it will be fun to break you. He leaves. Rabba ve…..plays…..

Advay gets a man and slaps him. He says this man clicked the pics and printed those posters. Indrani slaps that man. Advay says sorry Chandni, I could not stop that from happening. He winks to her and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Again you did that to Chandni to set some fire in the heart of girls . I am talking about the “WINK” in the precap.
    Advay tried to stop Chandni from conducting Maha aarti and the same time his assurance from Childhood as Dev gave her energy to fight for her fearlessness to reach temple back on time. What shall I name this love which makes weak and gives energy???
    Chandni finally did that stupid Maha aarthi which we audience thought to be a grand affair but its just too simple!!! No need for our hot @ASR to disturb that small function.
    Mikku…drama king used his Ammi for shooting video!!! your brother is Advay by name and you are Advay(unique) by work.
    So for now this drama of Maha aarthi ended successfully with too much of talking and less action sequence. No action from Advay made it less interesting.
    What shall I expect now???
    Advay will say he came to Allahabad for doing some research on temples and he just was collecting details data from Chandni in terrace!!! to earn trust from Vashist family. Cvs only knows where they are leading the story.
    the question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???” continues….

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      I think it’s not that MAHA AARTI which will open the MAHA DOOR to get that MAHA TREASURE. sorry for so many MAHAs.
      In very first scecne Jiji said that first puja of MAHA AARTI will start from mahant family only. It was their MAHA family puja. I think final MAHA AARTI will happen in that shiv Temple … And that day AdvaY will definitely do something big.. I hope so..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…I too want a MAHA drama incident during the Maha aarthi from Advay. So only I was consoling myself. ha ha ….

    3. Deepu

      well said dear..

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Deepu dear.

    5. Sunanda guchhait

      I am also thinking that according to that jiji , 1st puja will happen in her ?. It will be interesting if this family MAHA AARTI follows the other culprits house also. What happened 16 year ago, because of money right?? By now they should become rich after getting their share of profit for what they did to AdvaY’s family. That payal wali woman , golden bracelet wala man and that golden tooth wala man..
      Till now there is nothing about other culprits. AdvaY also don’t know about them.
      It will be blast if CVs introduce them in this MAHA AARTI chapter. AdvaY as well as we will get to know them.
      Obviously CVs has the final right..
      But i m just hoping if this happens it will be mind blowing….
      Now wait for another Stone day ..

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      But MIKU said to his Ammi..”Today is Maha aarti”…
      Sunanda…Lets wait for another stone day. I was not satisfied with the event during Aarti scenes. Lets hope we will get to see a real MAHA AARTI some day when all the culprits will be under a single roof with Advay and Miku. This will be fun to watch.

    7. Fenil

      Well said Astha.

      Episode has not action from Advay , but i feels action from Chandani’s side.

      CV’s trying to serves Chandani’s character as fool , in these all episode Advay gave hints about Dev (Bado ko Aap ) but she always says i don’t know you.

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyu…Cvs are definitely trying to make a fool out of Chandni evem after his second time “Badon ko aap kehte hain”. Oh come on Cvs, show us some telepathy at least more then the sound of wind which indicating their presence to us. I think more then the sound of passing wind is required for Chandni.

    9. Sunanda guchhait

      Astha ….Indian daily soaps are famous for never ending dramas. They will bring something big..
      But if this is the stupid MAHA AARTI .. then hav nothing to say. I mean MAHA AARTI should be grand .. let’s see.

    10. Riana

      Advay’s wink was ??…But waiting for MAHA DOOR opening…know that it will never open..??

  2. ??? amazing Precap wowwwww

  3. Antara



  4. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Power pack episode.

    Woww Micku/Veer:*:*:*@):[email protected]):- came back as a Prankster. he is so cute feeling like pulls his cheeks.How innocent soul.

    Advay’s first play cuts by Chandu ki bachhi because he is the strength for her.:*:*

    Diya scene was Aww , Aag Aag ko kaise jalayegi. She makes aarti plate down.

    Second plays continue….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyu… yeh mohabbat bhi toh ek aag hai, jal kar bhi zinda rehna hai.
      Mikku… prankster!!! want to pull his cheek. aww… cho cweet of Mikku.

    2. Fenil

      Yes , sahi pakde ho A.Reddy (in Angoori bhabhi’s style:P:P:P)

      His part was worth watching yrr.

      @Sunanda , u said right That Indrani said in first episode that maha aarti will be after 3days i think.

  5. Sunanda guchhait

    Today’s episode was very interesting and intriguing I must say though​ I know there wasn’t much of Advay-chandni scenes but loved the way ASR looking at CHANDNI ❤?when she was walking and smiling with her sisters .
    Loved that entry scene of chandni for Maha aarti.❤
    Loved that dialogue of chandni when she walked straight to advay without thinking what others will say and asked to take aarti. She is really good in that scene.???
    Today ASR makes it clear that he and his chandni are same . He said that he was stone like his house. Now today he accuses chandni that she is stone. Poor ASR is searching for a ? and got a stone??? Very bad very bad..
    Coming to precap part.. wahh waahh waahhh. He is making his way to enter in his own house and will stay with his stone .. sorry i mean with chandni.. ***wink wink wink..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda… Is your personal stone fine in your thoracic cavity after Advay’s wink!!! Mine is shifted an inch.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      Astha … I am searching . I think i have lost mine.. seriously.

  6. Gayathry

    Today’s episode was superb…
    Advay did everything to stop maha aarti..but chandni came back to complete maha aarti..their childhood scenes were cute..He always smiles at the end of chandvay scene…mickoo’s scenes were good..precap is mind blowing…loving chandni and advay a lot…perfect pair..

  7. Hey astha,sunanda and everyone..I couldn’t watch today’s d update..jiski wajey se chandini maha aarti chod ke gayi hai..usiki wajey se hi wapas ayi hai..he is d destroyer in a way woh hi sahara banta hai chandini ko..yayy finally mikku is back..yeh tho comedy hi nahi bahut bada dramebaaz hai..luvd him in today’s episode..w8ng for tmrw..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu… Good morning. He loves and hatw her that is the reason.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      Good morning.. manu..

  8. zabardast episode ?????

  9. In today’s episode the dress worn by the youngest sister was too pretty and she was looking more gorgeous than chandini.

  10. Yazhu

    It’s a good epi today…. Advay Advay Advay….. His smirk is a killer yaar…. Specially his wink in the precap…. I’m melting with that heat….
    It’s just been a week so it’ll take some time for Shivani to improve her performance so leaving that Chandni’s characterization is a good attempt… Like Advay, Chandni is also a complex character… No one can be perfect right… Everyone of us have a complex side…. Even in our regular day to day we even face some complex feelings…. Chandni is also an immature character who can’t even realise her mistakes made her to lose her friend and also him to lose his family…. Even Advay being a calculated and smarty pants is blaming Chandni for the past who’s just a six or seven years old at that time… If he’s a that much logical person he should’ve tried to find the real culprits behind his parents dead…. And ofcourse we can never expect for logics in Gul khan’s show….
    Wish atleast in future episodes they’ll give us some more interesting tracks… Cause the current track is so predictable…
    And I liked the way Chandni faced her fears… Even she’s not so brave person still she gathered her courage to face the fear which is the phase most of the people fails…
    On the whole it’s a good epi…

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Hi yazhu.. every Indian daily soap lacks logic yaar. Ipkknd is not an exception. Thats why they are call reel not real. I agree with u about putting perfect logic. But you said it right that nobody is perfect . Right?
      Now i want to bring some logic. Its my point of view. Maybe I am wrong but want to try. Please excuse me if I am wrong.

      Advay is eight years older than chaandi. He just knew that that day chandni lied in front of everyone and because of her lie, AdvaY’s family was blamed and murdered. He came back after 16 years. He remembered her because she was very close friend of him and he trusted her. We blame the person most whom we love the most. Right? Advay is doing exactly the same. He didn’t expect this from her at least . Thats why and also He didn’t know who was behind all of this actually.
      That day when evil jiji got the threatening letter and advay clicked the picture of that letter, he realized that besides chandni, some other person also involved in his tragic past..
      This is my opinion. Please forgive if i say something wrong

  11. Yazhu

    Forget to say about the highlight of the episode Mikku… He’s such a dramabaaz… And loved his bond with his mom… Total dramabaaz and a fun factor between all these weird people….As almost everyone in this show looks like a showcase dolls kept outside the boutiques…

  12. Oh I m missing sanaya irani so much I m big fan of her I like the jodi of sanaya irani nd barun
    Season 1 is my favourite please bring back sanaya irani .love u arshi

    1. Sunanda guchhait

      Hello lily k,
      We all love sanaya and barun in ipkknd 1 yaar.. we will miss sanaya. We all love sarun and arshi . We will support barun and sanaya if they come together or not. Doesn’t matter.
      No one can beat sanaya as khusi. But I think shivani is perfect for chandni. According to the storyline advay is 8 years older than chandni. Barun and sanaya will never look like that. Mayb that’s why .
      Give them a chance. The way you fell in love with sarun and arshi. Mayb you will fall for advni or shivrun. Just enjoy the show dear. It’s just the beginning of a new love hate revenge story of our own dark anti hero ASR AND HIS CHANDNI..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah Sunanda I saw his photos in insta and they are fantastically helpful for a heart attack!!! I think these images are old before shooting of ipkknd-3. I am not sure.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Why Sanaya?? What relation Sanaya has with Advay??? If Sanaya is Khushi then her relation is with Arnav and not with Advay. Advay has a single love ie. Chandni who is Shivani. The problem audience has is with The title of the show as ipkknd and Barun who played Arnav is now playing Advay. #Supporting “Move on” – Barun Sobti

    4. Sunanda guchhait

      I agree. #Supporting ” Move on”- Barun Sobti.

  13. Wouuuuh Advay is hot af.
    They need to style his clothes well.
    Interesting show.
    Love this so much.
    Chandi needs to evolve.
    Glad she gathered courage but why is she acting so dumb.
    Finally Miku is cuuute. Love him. ASR’s bro???❤?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      That is ASR magic of hotness. Automatic Smile Reagent. In this episode Advay’s clothes were fine as compared to others.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      Hey astha..
      Have you seen the new look of Advay.?
      He is looking soooooo hot and handsome.. so young . Beard gone.
      Lagtahe sab hum sabko marne ki plan kar rehe hain, Barun vi samil hai plan me.

  14. Gdaftnun astha, sunanda..I agree cmplt plot is diff only title of d serial is same..chandini is very gd at her role..hey sunanda watched latest promo..yeah Braun is looking super hot..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu…good afternoon yaar…
      The new spoiler is good .Broken down Vashist family is a treat to enjoy but this Chandni suggest solution of Mantra. Advay is looking ergh!! yuck with his red shirt to my eyes. Thank God that coat didn’t reveal much of the red under shirt!!! #love Advay

    2. Riana

      Fashion is hell in this show…sometimes superb sometimes awful ??

  15. Hey all, hru, wassup astha, manu deepu, sunanda…. hey wts the new promo noe….

    1. Riana

      New promo ??…I think its about the mahaarti…nothing else ! ??

  16. Hi pinku gd..hw r promo is about vashisht family is w8ng since many years for d doors to open …for khazana..I mean gold r money whatever..that is not gonna happen so indrani is very upset with that..den comes d saviour chandini and tells dat some mantra can open d doors..d conclusion is whether advay ka badla ya chandini ka vishwaas jeet tha hai…this is all abt promo

  17. Riana

    Justtt an Amazing episode….

    Micku / Veer ???

    Adni in Mahaaarti ???

    Precap: ?????

    1. Hey manu tysm for the reply dear…. nice interesting it is

  18. Riana

    Chandni is looking Beautifulll in the precap !…??

  19. Oh is it…. thank u for the reply manu…. thank u so.much….

  20. Nice name riana adni

  21. Hey pinku it’s ok..U r always welcome..where r u from

  22. Hey riana yea shivani is a beautiful girl… i dunno y so much of hatred all r having for her… n u know what without the realise of first week trp everyone says IPKKND 3 is flop n reason is shivani…. how bad… hai na astha….

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