the invisible book (epi 3)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for your sweet comments and support…feeling soooo happyyy to see them and guyzzz will try to start thriller track soon…so coming to the story…

2 years back
Its night, arshi is in deep sleep. Wall clock bell rings as its 12. Arnav wakes up and observes khushi. he goes and brings rose.
Arnav: khushi!!
Khushi: what arnav ji?
Arnav: wake up
She rubs her eyes and wakes up from sleep. She gets surprised to see with rose.
Arnav: happy wedding anniversary khushi…
Khushi gets excited and hugs him. She says u too arnav ji. He moves aside and shows her a beautiful cake. She feels so happy. They both cut the cake and feed to each other.

Its morning
Khushi wakes up and goes to get ready. She opens the wardrobe and gets surprised to see it full of gifts and feels happy. she does aarati and prepares all dishes for arnav.

Other side
Pragya wakes up and gets ready. She sees abhi sleeping. She goes to him.
Pragya: abhi!! Wake up.
But he didn’t wake up and covers his face blanket.
Pragya: it’s getting late abhi. We have to go na.
He didn’t respond to her. she thinks I know how to wake u up. She picks her mobile and starts talking hello karam. Abhi slowly removes his blanket and starts watching with one eye. She observes this and smiles..she further continues talking to him.
He slowly wakes up and follows her. she acts like talking to him sweetly. He gets angry and grabs mobile from pragya’s hand. Abhi starts scolding as he is not aware of pragya’s trap. She laughs at him. He turns back and realizes that its pragya’s plan.
Abhi: pragya is this ur plan. See what I m going to do
Pragya tries to go from there. He holds her hand tightly. She says abhi! Leave me na.
Abhi: you should get punishment for this.
He hugs her from back and makes her turn towards him. They share a kiss. She gets shy and runs from there.
They both get ready and leave.

abhi gets a call from unknown number. He sees it and thinks to pick up later. They reach to raizada mansion. Abhigya wishes arshi. Pragya hugs khushi. abhi talks with arnav. He again gets the call from same number. He goes aside and lifts it.
Abhi: who is this?
Lady: don’t you recognize my voice abhi?
Abhi: no tell me who are you?
Lady: priya.
Abhi: priya??? Sorry wrong number.
He cuts the call.
Party begins. All couples start dancing. Arshi and abhigya share romantic dance. Meanwhile abhi again gets a call. He sees the same number and cuts it. She again calls him. He gets irritated and lifts the call.
Abhi: hello miss what do you want? Why are you disturbing me?
Priya: disturbing? Me? You disturbed my life and enjoying your life.
Abhi: what I did? I even don’t know who are you.
Priya: I know abhi you will talk like this but this is not right to leave me like this.
Abhi: oh madam I really don’t know who are you? Plz don’t disturb me.
He is about to cut call.
Priya: ok you will know who I am, come the place where I suggest.
Abhi: I m not interested because I don’t know who are you.
Priya: ok then I will come there.
He says do as you wish and cuts the call. She gets angry and leaves to party.

Abhi remembers her words and gets worried. Pragya comes there and observes him tensed. She asks but he lies to her.
Priya enters to that party. She sees abhi sitting. She goes to him.
Priya: abhi.
Abhi gives a strange look at her and asks who are you? What do u want?
Priya: come I will tell in front of all.
He gets shocked. They both start arguing he says he don’t know who is she. she says he trapped her as love and cheated her.
Pragya sees them arguing and goes near them.
Pragya: abhi what happened? Who is she?
Abhi explains her everything. She gets shocked.
Pragya: what do you want? He is my husband.
Priya: oh you cheated another girl like me. Great
Abhi: listen I don’t need to cheat any girl because I love only my wife.
They argue about this. arshi observe them and go there. Arnav gets shocked seeing her.
Arnav: priya!!!!
Abhigya gets shocked. She says arnav and starts crying.
Abhi: do you know her?
Arnav: she is my best friend in school. Why? What happened?
Priya: he loved me and promised me that he will marry me but two years back without saying anything he left. Later I came to know that he married a girl and your story.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: don’t talk anything abhi.. He loves only pragya.

Priya: I know you people don’t believe me but I have proofs against him.
She shows all the pics, messages, videos, etc… they all get shocked.
Arnav: what is this abhi? I know about priya she is very calm going and she don’t insult anyone unnecessarily.
Abhi looks at pragya. pragya remains silent seeing them. Abhi says I don’t know anything pragya trust me. khushi too goes near pragya and says yes pragya abhi can’t do like this as he loves only u.
Arnav: then what are proofs khushi?
Khushi: arnav ji think about abhi also he can’t do like this.
Abhi gets anger and says who hired you? And for much? I have never seen such a girl like you who stoop such a low for money. Priya starts crying.
Arnav: stop it abhi. Fault is yours and ur insulting priya.
Abhi: look arnav I don’t need anyone to believe if my wife knows what I m that’s enough.
Abhi goes near pragya and says don’t believe this pragya you know na I m a rockstar so some people will try to trap me like this.

Khushi: arnav ji pls listen to abhi also once.
Seeing all this priya runs to terrace and jumps from there. She dies. All gets shocked at once.
Abhi tries to talk but pragya slaps him. She says you killed her. what she said is right. I loved u but you gave her death in return. Don’t ever try to show ur face. Khushi requests pragya to think once and supports abhi.
Arnav gets anger on khushi and asks how can you still request for a culprit khushi?
Khushi: arnav ji he is not culprit. I know abhi can’t do this.
Arnav: alright khushi if you choose abhi then leave this house or else if you believe in priya’s words you will stay here.
Khushi says arnav ji…abhi says you don’t get separated because of me. I m at fault khushi don’t worry about me. arnav says you don’t think anything with me you cheated two ladies and took one innocent’s life. She deserves this for loving u.
khushi says fine arnav ji I believe in abhi and one day he will be proved as innocent on that only I will enter this house again.

Arnav gets anger and leaves inside. Abhi says I thought you have trust on me but I m wrong. You proved yourself best news reporter as believe only proofs but remember one day you will realize that I m innocent and will come to me. I will wait for that day.
She leaves from there without talking a single word. Abhi and khushi leaves from there.

Guyzzz I know this epi is little bit sad and bore but don’t worry in upcoming epi you are going to have cute scenes of arshi and abhigya. Even I will start my horror track as soon as possible.

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  1. Todays episode was nice.

  2. Sisy episode was nt at all boring… Flashback was shocking…. Eagerly waiting for ur next update… Very very eager to watch (read) ur thriller episodes… Bt still I vill patiently wait for u…. Really awesome sisy…
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    Stay blessed, healthy & safe….
    May u get all the success in life…
    Love you sisy…

  3. Suha

    dont know what to tell my loving friend.. i ll be eble to express my imotions,love,friendship and addiction to your ff,if i got chance to hug you… wow you are amazing.. diamond to our TU.. thatz why i called u as AF the great.. keep rocking sis.. i m really proud of you.. thanx for the epi..

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    I am happy that the reason has came out I was thinking what would be the reason
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  9. Ammu

    Arshi fan
    It was soul touching yaar
    Upload asap

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