Internet Wala Love 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rupa overhears Jai and Aadhya’s conversation

Internet Wala Love 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya asking Aadhya to take rest and tell tomorrow how Jai saved her, and says she wants to hear Jai’s machoism stories. Aadhya thinks of Jai and recalls the moments with him. She thinks Jai buying clothes for her and asking her to wear such clothes. She recalls going to the restaurant and seeing the card which Jai made for her. She opens the cupboard and takes out the card. She thinks she is sure now that nothing wrong will happen with her. Title song plays….Aadhya lies down to rest and thinks if goon shooting at his hand. She gets worried and thinks bullet hit on his hand and then also he brought me home. She runs to Jai’s home worriedly. Rajat and Virat bring Jai’s home after getting his wound treated. They praise him.

Aadhya comes to Jai’s house and

Rupa hears the door sound and thinks who came at this time. She opens the door, but Aadhya is not there. Savvy takes Aadhya to side and asks why did you come here, and says I saw you going and came. Aadhya says I didn’t think and came here. Savvy says you think he asks her to come home. Rajat asks why did you kidnap her? Jai says I didn’t think anything and tells that he wants her to break her engagement with Aadhya. Rajat asks him to refuse for the marriage. Jai says engagement was postponed now, but it will happen soon. Rajat and Virat ask him to tell that Aadhya will not marry Samrat. Jai says I can’t tell that and says if I tell this then Aadhya’s reputation will be ruined. Rajat asks you never thought before jumping infront of train and now thinking about the consequences. He asks what did you eat in those 3 days.

Savvy asks Aadhya if the kidnapper made her eat something which changed her so much. Aadhya goes to her room and thinks I don’t have any answer, but may be Jai has. She thinks to talk to him. She comes to Jai’s house in the morning. Rupa opens the door and asks why did she come early morning. Aadhya says she was tired so slept without changing the dress. She says I have some of my stuff here. Rupa sees tag on Aadhya’s dress and says it is of Suneri designer. She thinks to take the tag. Aadhya asks how to ask aunty about jai. Rupa asks Aadhya to drink juice. Aadhhya refuses. Rupa makes the juice fall on her dress. She then acts and says it seems this juice is not in your destiny. She asks Aadhya to change her clothes and says Servant Renu will wash it. Aadhya says she will go home and get the clothes washed. Rupa says no and says she will give her clothes to her. She asks her to wear her clothes till Renu washes it. Rupa asks her to wear the clothes and says we have same size. Aadhya changes the clothes. Rupa matches the price tag with the bill amount. She thinks my son can’t betray me and thinks to clear everything with him.

Aadhya looks for Jai. Samrat comes and says hi. He says you are here now and says I want to talk to you about something and asks when I left from goons, goons were misbehaving with you and asks did they do anything with you. He asks did they touch you? Aadhya says you want to ask me this. Samrat says yes, I am your would be husband and have the right to know. Aadhya feels bad and looks at Jai. Jai hears Samrat. Samrat asks her to answer. Jai comes near and goes past them angrily. Samrat asks her to answer. Aadhya says I don’t want to answer about this. She comes to Jai’s room and asks how are you? Jai is upset with her and asks why did she come here? He says I am fine. Aadhya asks him to listen. He refuses and says I took the trouble to save you from this alliance, but you couldn’t speak when your turn come. He asks her to make family member understand that she don’t want to marry Samrat. Jai says you was silent even when Samrat asked you vulgar question. He says Samrat doesn’t care about you and want to know if you have…He says Samrat is not suitable for you. Aadhya says I know. Rupa hears them.

Jai says I was mad to kidnap you and you couldn’t refuse for alliance. Aadhya says I will talk to Papa. Jai asks will you refuse for the alliance. Rupa drops her phone shockingly. Aadhya and Jai hear the sound, but Rupa picks her phone and hides. She thinks Aadhya wants to break alliance with Samrat and Jai is helping her. Wifi hears her and runs. Aadhya tells that their family equation is changing and Rupa is being nice to her. She says I agreed for this alliance. Wifi comes to Dadu and takes his specs. Dadi asks what happened to wifi. Dadu says he took my specs and walks behind him. Aadhya says everyone is happy and all arrangements have started and asks him to understand. Jai says you are worried about Samrat’s feelings. Rupa comes to Samrat. Jai says if you wouldn’t have been there, then I would have broken his face. He hits his hand on the wall. Aadhya says you are already hurt. Rupa holds Samrat’s hand and takes him from there. Samrat asks what happened? Aadhya cares for his hand and blows on it. Rupa is talking Samrat to Jai’s room.

Jai looks at Aadhya and smiles as she comes to the radio station recording room. She also smiles shyly. Rupa comes there and asks Aadhya to tell something to her father LIVE. Jai and Aadhya get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode, now Rupa will create misunderstanding between Jay and Adhiya, and I think Adhiya is already in love with Jay,nice precape looking for tomorrow episode.

  2. Nice episode, now Rupa will create misunderstanding between Jay and Adhiya, and I think Adhiya is already in love with Jay, nice precape waiting for tomorrow episode.

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