Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 8

Sayyam watches them angrily…he glares at yuvan..and walks towards them…
Yuvan and krishna cross the road..yuvan spots an ice cream stall and runs towards it..she turns towards yuvan,she doesnt realize that shes standing in the middle of the road…a truck swings right at her,she stands still,too frightened to move..two strong arms pull her away from it..she closes her eyes in fear..and hugs sayyam tightly..she clutches on to his shirt,sayyam has a shocked smile on his face…(you can imagine their lion wala hug)..he hugs her back protectively..
Krishna slowly opens her eyes and finds herself clinging on to sayyam,she quickly losens her grip and breaks the hug..

Sayyam:are you alright?he asks concerned
Krishna:hmm,im fine…thanks..
Sayyam:tum dekhke chal nahi sakthe hai kya?he asks angrily
Krishna:woh main..
Yuvan hugs her tightly..:thank god tum teekh ho krish…sayyam glares at him..
Krishna:yuvan,you are choking me…
Yuvan breaks the hug:i was so worried…for a second i thought ki..he pants heavily..
Krishna puts her hand on his shoulder:yuvan,im fine..kuch nahi hua hai mujhe..
Sayyam angrily stares at her hand on yuvan…yuvan turns towards sayyam..
Yuvan:thank you so much have no idea,what i owe you..agar isse kuch ho jata tho…
Sayyam ignores him and turns to leave…

Yuvan:sayyam?Do u mean your boss sayyam?
Krishna:haan,yehi meri boss hai…she whispers to him..
Sayyam turns towards krishna
Sayyam:kya hua?he asks arrogantly
Krishna:we were about to have lunch,if you are free,will you join us?my treat!!
Sayyam:im not free…bye..he says coldly
Krisna looks at him confused as she watches him leave…
Krishna:no one can understand him…last night he was so sweet,and today he is back to square one..
Yuvan:he is really mr.arrogant..chalo na krish,my stomachs killing me…

Sayyam drives angrily…he has flashbacks of yuvan and krishna together…who was that guy with her??the question doesnt leave his mind…i cant let her affect me so much,i have to supress my feelings..he tells himself..
Yuvan helps krishna move into her new appartement while her parents come to see her off..
Kishen and saumya hug her..

Saumya:apni khayal rakna beta,and come home every weekend ok?
Krishna:jee mama..
Kishen:And dont trouble yuvan so much..he winks at her..
Yuvan:she ll never stop doing that uncle..he says dramatically..
They keep teasing each other..and after sometime saumya and kishen leave..

Sayyam avoids krishna,while she wonders why…

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  1. Shaani

    Nice part…super…i loved it..kriyam hug was superb….just like u said I imagined it…superb writing…keep writing..

  2. Awesome?

  3. Shayal

    Waiting for nxt one

  4. Aarti32

    Oh wow.. Saiyyam is jealous!! Yippie.. Awesome episode..

  5. So good. Waiting for the next update

  6. Taniasharma

    It is an awesome epi.. just hope.. Saiyam,s avoidance makes Krishna ignore yuvaan and stress on Saiyam.. u r a nice writer.. stay blessed

  7. Plz post soon ? Amazing writer you are ????

  8. WHERE IS INSAAF PART 9???????????????????

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