An incident that Changed our lives – Part 26


Hi, hola, sorry I am late. I was not in a mood to right because of personal disturbances….

I read the comment section and got to know that many had a doubt regarding shweta’s character..

Haha kk the next thing is funny I am laughing while writing but I have to write to clear the confusions

In my ff there is a rule that the aatma has to punish all her culprits which are responsible or which are present during the incidence of her death and did not help her otherwise the aatma will get salvation.. so sanskar was somewhat present this sweatlana will not make sanskar die but will separate swara and sanskar…

Hope all doubts are cleared

So let’s start
Precap: swara’s accident

While sanskar was lost in his thoughts about swara. The doctors came out….

Sanskar rushed towards the doctor…

Doc: sorry we have tried our best but it seems that she has no will to live she is not responding to our treatment… We cannot tell anything until she gets conscious.

San: means what happened to her ? Is sh (stammering) she fine

Doc: if she does not get conscience within 24 hours she will slip into comma she has lost lots of blood from her head, she has got major scratches on her neck and has a fracture on her leg…

San: can I meet her ?

Doc: kk she is in ICU unit only one person can meet at a time while wearing the proper equipments

San: k thank you doctor

Sanskar rushes and wears the equipments quickly and goes to the room

In the room

Sanskar was heartbroken on seeing her life attached to so many wires and machines…

He sits on a stool near her…

San: jaan Dekho na your sanskar is crying he is very sorry for hurting you but he has done it for your well being only na… I don’t want that aatma to trouble you because of me Chalo be a good girl open your eyes. Kk my baby does not want to open her eyes she is tired na if you will open your eyes na I will everyday make your food from my hands Voh bhi tastywala but plz. Open your eyes you want to remain angry you can slap me torture me to the Core but don’t harm yourself, your health for me…. At least show me that you are listening to me remain angry with me but at least open your eyes for me….

Tears were continuously falling from his eyes while saying all that he slept while saying and urging her to open her eyes…

At midnight

Swara opened her eyes and was shocked to see the surroundings

Swara pov
Ugh! Maa my head it’s paining like a volcano mummy everything is moving around me excuse me who the hell is sitting beside me like a nurse… The colour of the cap and face mask is also like that but why do I think he is my sanskar maybe he is I will ask him but but

Swara pov ends

Swara was trying to speak but she could not speak… She touched sanskar on his arms sanskar immediately woke up

San: jaan , mera bacha you awake wait I will call the doctor (screams) doctor ! Doctor ! Doctor…

Swara pressed his arm and was in tears. Sanskar was shocked

San: (cupped her face) what happened my bacha are you ok ? Are you not feeling well Kya ho raha Hai?

Swara pointed her finger to the bandage on her neck

San: is your neck paining ?

Swara slightly nodded and closed her eyes as it was paining a lot…

Doctor came by that time

Doc: yes Mr. Dhanraj

San: doc plz. Check swara’s neck is paining she is not speaking also I am getting scared plz. Check her fast (tears were falling from his eyes)

All the family members came inside

Doc: mr. Dhanraj plz. Go out we have to check her

San: no I am standing here check her in front of me

Ap: don’t argue sanskar come outside

San: no badi mom I will not come outside if he has to check he will check her in front of me

Doc: this is against the hospital rules !!!

San: I don’t care for your blo*dy hospital rules do whatever you want to do but I want my wife fit and fine in front of me

Dp: we will go out doc plz. Check her in front of sanskar he is worried about her

Doc: kk

Doctor began to check swara while sanskar was standing closing his eyes and praying to God whatever he is thinking wrong and his swara will be fit and fine like before..

Doc: we have to do some tests write now

San: kk go on

They did swara’s x-ray

Doc: the reports will come in 2 hours plz. Wait

San: ok

Doctor: Mrs. Dhanraj don’t move your neck as it is harmful for your health..

Swasan were alone in the room doctor told everyone to go as only one person is allowed to stay

San: so now if you want to say yes then blink your eyes if no then don’t blink. Kk ?

Swara blinked her eyes

San: so are you still angry on me ?

Swara in sign language that she wants a paper to write…

Sanskar immediately brought a paper

Swa: (on paper) I don’t know

San: why ? Are you still confused regarding me ?

Swa: (on paper) maybe , sometimes you behave so good and sometimes I also can’t understand why you behave like that angry young man waala thing… So for now I prefer staying alone and not talking to you wese you must be happy na (tears falling from big doe eyes) you always wanted me to go away from your life see I went and I went such that you will not be able to hear my voice only I am very happy that God has full-filled your wish. Why I woke up I feel I should sleep for more time and never wake up I wish to never wake up now…

San: swara shut up just shut up

Swara sadly smiling and writing

Swa:(on paper) I am already shutted up isn’t that enough for you or you want me to die…

Sanskar was shocked on reading this..

San: jaan how can you say like this I love you jaan I know i acted very badly with you but it was for your well-being the reason which I cannot reveal to you as it maybe risky for your life but I really care for you ok ok don’t stress yourself you don’t want to think about me but at least for shomi aunty , shekhar uncle has what they will think that their only daughter left them and went plz. Jaan kk you take rest I will just call shomi aunty I know you don’t want to see my face it’s ok…

All the time swara was just closing her eyes and listening the minute sanskar moved she holded his hands…

Swa: (on paper) that’s the only problem I have sanskar that you do not share things with me… Sometimes I feel that I am the world’s worst wife that i cannot be able to share my husband’s pain I know something is disturbing you but what ? I don’t understand and yeah you go waise bhi the moment I see you I start remembering all your bad words which hurted me and broke me to an extent that I wish to die now….

San: hmm kk I understand but plz. Don’t talk about death i.. fine I will take a leave…

Outside the hospital room

Phone convo

San: hello shomi aunty actually I have got some urgent work so can you plz. Come here and I think swara also needs you

Shomi : kk beta and don’t call me aunty call me maa

San: I will when the right time comes

Shomi: hmm bye beta

San: bye aunty

Phone convo ends

After shomi comes sanskar leaves

At dm

Sanskar is seen doing something in the kitchen let’s see what he is doing


Phone convo

San: hello doc yeah kk ok but I will add some spices since swara does not like ordinary dal chawal

Doc: kk Mr. Dhanraj bye

San: bye doc

Phone convo ends

Sanskar tastes the dal after cooking and tastes it

Sanskar’s eyes starts to water

San: but it is ok for my jaan she likes spicy food and she loves the taste of the food from which my eyes water hahaha my crazy jaan Chalo let’s pack it in a dabba…

Sanskar after packing dal chawal starts to write a letter after writing the letter he attached the letter to the dabba and calls his servants to give the tiffin in the hospital

In hospital

Shomi: swara how this happened ?

Swara starts to write

Shomi: arrey why are you writing till now you cannot speak ?

Swa: (on paper) no maa I cannot speak i was driving the car and suddenly a truck with full speed comes in front of me… And the accident

Shomi: oh my bacha how are you feeling now

Swa: better maa

At that time sanskar’s servant arrived

Serv: sanskar baba has sent this for you and he has told you to read the letter and then taste it and message him how it is.. thank you mam have a good day

Saying this he left

Swara looked at the dabba and then at shomi

Shomi: kk my shy girl I am outside only when you are done having your food and all you can message me I am in the cafeteria side…

Swara (on paper): ok

As soon as shomi leaves swara after thinking open the letter

Hi ! Swara thank God you opened my letter otherwise I thought you will not open it as you are still like an angry bird angry on me. So how’s my darling doing there ? Having cozy time with Mommy I guess hmm ? You forgot this poor husband of yours.. Don’t worry after you come here I will not let you sleep only (reading this a blush appeared on swara’s face which was easily available) oh I guess my baby is blushing write now but for me to continue with my romance you have to be fit and fine and also happy. You will be fit and fine because of medicines and happy because I will not be showing my face to you (on reading this swara’s face fell she became sad) you only told me that you don’t want to talk to me and all so I will not show my face only because if I show you my face or if I see you I cannot control or I do not have control on my mouth (swara smiled on reading this) phir bhi I will try to control my mouth whenever I will show my face to you and I am writing this letter because currently you can’t speak so I thought I will also write a letter and convey my feelings what’s say ? So now let’s start everything from beginning for fun

Hey beautiful I am sanskar dhanraj will you become my friend. Ok ok but let me tell you first only that I am happily married but you know what my wife is angry at me like a Canon ball or precisely like a volcano so can you tell me tips to reduce her anger. She is a very sweet person but I am the one who made it worse…

Kk swara now plz. Don’t skip your meal and I know you will not believe what I will say next but in the dabba there is dal-chawal which i specially made for my darling -jaan swara and I have your swara I really made it nobody helped me actually when you were in the hospital unconscious I .Ade a promise that I will make food for you everyday until you are not alright. And one more reason is that you do not like hospital’s tasteless food if I am not wrong (swara nodded her head a bit in understanding) so I made it I don’t know how will it taste it will be less good than my jaan’s handmade food but what to do her husband is practicing to cook. So enjoy your food madam and message me your review.

Yours and yours loving
Sanskar ?

Swara smiled no matter how worst the situation is this man always manages to make her smile. She wanted to go and hug him so badly but then she looked at her leg and smiled sadly….

She opened the dal box and could not believe that her sanskar who had allergy from cooking made all this…

Dum dum, dum dum tu mera
Dum dum, dum dum mera hal (x2)

Tu baat kare yaa na mujhse
Chahe ankhon ka pegaam na le
Par yeh mat kehna arre o pagle
Mujhe dekh na tu
Mera naam na le

Tujhse mera deen dharam hai
Mujhse teri khudayi (x2)

Tu bole toh main ban jaun
Main Bulleh Shah saudai
Main bhi naachun..

Main bhi naachun manau sohne yaar ko
Chalun main teri raah bulleya
Main bhi naachun rijhaun sohne yaar ko
Karu na parwah bulleya

Mera har dum, dum har dum tu (x3)

Mera mehram tu, marham tu

Mera har dum, dum har dum tu (x3)

She took a bite and was carried away by the taste it was more delicious than her dal chawal. She thought to tease sanskar but than remembered wat her last teasing led her to she immediately messaged him

Swa: it is awesome , tasty and more delicious than my own dal-chawal really yummy urgently want to meet my hubby cum bestie yours dear wife

Sankar on the other was standing when he heard the beep of the message and a smile broke on swara’s face as soon as she saw him online immediately

San: is it one of your pranks wifey to tease your one and only hubby

Swara remembered her prank which she did on him and her eyes became watery. On the other hand , sanskar immediately understood why she was not typing he immediately typed

Maana apna ishq adhoora
Dil na ispe sharminda hai
Poora ho ke khatam hua sab
Jo hai aadha woh hi zinda hai..

Ho bethi rehti hai umeede
Tere ghar ki dehlizon pe
Jiski na parwaaz khatam ho
Dil yeh mera wahi parinda hai..

Bakshe tu jo pyaar se mujhko
Toh ho meri rihaai (x2)

Tu bole toh main ban jaun
Main Bulleh Shah saudai
Main bhi naachun..

Main bhi naachun manau sohne yaar ko
Chalun main teri raah bulleya
Main bhi naachun rijhaun sohne yaar ko
Karu na parwah bulleya

Mera har dum, dum har dum tu (x3)

Tu yaad kare yaa na mujhko
Mere jeene mein andaaz tera
Sar ankhon par hai teri naraazi
Meri haar mein hai koi raaz tera

Shayad meri jaan ka sadka
Maange teri judaai (x2)

Tu bole toh main ban jaun
Main Bulleh Shah saudai
Main bhi naachun..

Main bhi naachun manau sohne yaar ko
Chalun main teri raah bulleya
Main bhi naachun rijhaun sohne yaar ko
Karu na parwah bulleya

Mera har dum, dum har dum tu (x3)
Mera mehram tu, marham tu
Mera har dum, dum har dum tu (x3)

San: I am sorry jaan plz. Don’t cry I was just asking for my assurance because I thought you were teasing me as I cooked first time

Writing this he pouted and swara smiled reading his message

Swa: aww my baby don’t pout
San: how did you get to know that I am pouting ?
Swa: the same way you got to know that my eyes are watering
San: oh smart wifey
Swa: very good smart hubby now let me eat my tasty food and when are you coming to meet your one and only wife
San: I will come to collect your x-ray reports that time kk ?
Swa: k
San: bye love u jaan
Swa: love you too cutie
San: hey don’t call me that !
Swa: why ? Ab too I will call you with this name only I will see what you will do !
San: kk baba you win I lost fine
Swa:very fine
San: bye

With this their lamba chat convo ended

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to aitcol for further updates….

Thank you !

Happy Diwali !

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