An incident that Changed our lives (Part 15)

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Let’s start
recap: San getting memory back , planning a surprise for Swara , family talks

Swa: maa I will go in my room and have my sargi

Sujju: Ok Swara beta ! Haiiiin (she screed in astonishment)

Ap: what happened sujata ? (Turns back) yeh

Swa: what is all this shweta why are you red ? What happened ?

Laksh comes from behind , Swara arks her eyebrows as if asking what happened to her? To which Laksh just winked at her which is unnoticed by the family members as all are in shock….

Swara understood the matter and gave a sigh as she thought that this is only going to happen…

Lak (smilingly): arrey maa ! Actually she is all red because we had our love session yesterday (holds her waist and pinches) kyun hai Na shweta

Shweta in so much pain thay she nids in agreement and gives a fake small smile

So all the family members were stress free…. And again started talking on random matters….

Swara walked off with her sargi to her room I mean swasan room

Lak: I will just talk to Swara and come

As everyone was aware of swa_lak bond they agreed

Lak while walking behind Swara

Lak: you know Na Swara what would had happened yesterday night by seeing her marks…

Swa: yup I know you would have beaten her black and blue (this was heard by Sanskar as he was standing outside the room listening)

Lak: yup right bhabi ji you understand me so well

Swa: yes devar ji hoon toh I am your bro’s wife Na so if I will not understand who will understand (Sanskar smiles on hearing) now would you care to explain what you did with shweta that she is so red…

Lak: she changed my bro’s medicine naa (sanskar was shocked on hearing this) haa she changed my bro’s medicine to defame you infront of everybody and Bhai also had cut your wrist due to medicine effect so I also gave her a good punishment (now the things got clear for Sanskar that why he reacted with his jaan like that)
Laksh came in the room

Lak: SHWETA ! (scream)

Shw: ha ha tell (scary kitten)

Lak: now telling time is over now time for some action

He took out his belt from waist and beated her black and blue

Lak: you changed the medicines Na ye lo your reward so that agli time you should shiver before thinking something like this chii ! (Guys ! The door was closed and there were the ones who were sleeping on top floor swasan room was there but there were fast asleep so they could not hear the voices)

Keeps on beating and then what be does shocks shweta to the core

Shwe (joins her hands before him) : please leave me ! I will never do this in my dreams also please ! Don’t do this AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! (Screams in pain)

Laksh had bought a barni of salt and had sprinkled on shweta on seeing the barni shweta begs him but Laksh didn’t listen and sprinkles the salt on each and every wound and he was getting satisfied by each and every scream of hers and hence those wounds became so red…

Flashback ends

Swa: no wonder Shweta’s wounds were that deep good job devar ji but I have to go to eat sargi

Lak: no problem bhabhi ji but others are having sargi in Hall Na so why you are having it in your room I mean come and join Na akele akele mein kya mazaa aayenga ( what fun will you get by being alone)

Swa: (blushes but hides) I have heard that if I eat my sargi looking at sanskar and that if my intention is good my vrath would get completed successfully

Lak: ohho ! Itni lambi planning not bad Mrs. Dhanraj lage raho remember me if any work is there and (bows his head down and forwards his hand) may I have the pleasure to leave you at your room dear lady

Swa (giggles) : yeah sure why not ?

Swara enters swasan room

San: Swara I don’t want you to keep the fast !

Swa: why ?

San: just now you have got a cut and you want to keep a fast are you insane….

Swa: yes I am insane in your LOVE. YES I DONT CARE WHETHER YOUR MEMORY IS BACK OR NOT BUT I LOVE YOU TRULY and today is karvachauth the most important and auspicious day of my life where I get a chance to keep a fast for you and I will keep it ! Did you get that Mr. Dhanraj

Sanskar was taken away by her act and was shocked by seeing his bold Swara who once was very loving…

San: fine keep it but then don’t talk to me. Fine ?

Saying this he storms out of the room
Inside the room

Swa: (crying) I am sorry Sanskar (caresses his photo) but this day is important for me for us I want to keep this fast for you jaan I love you I never want to lose you that’s why I am keeping my fast I am so so sorry to behave with you like that but I had to Na otherwise your angry nature would have been continue till now na.
On the otherside

San: (mono) what has happened to her why is she behaving so khadoos with me her hand had been cut but still this girl wants to keep a fast for me she is totally mad but if she is mad I am also double mad for her I will also keep this fast she does not want to loose me Na I also do not want to loose her so i will also keep a fast but for that I have to do my sargi from where should I do my sargi now ? Idea haa ! This would be correct

saying this he runs out and goes to the kitchen and was shocked to see only 2 kelas there but he had to eat something as he had heard sujata saying that only 5 mins are left for closing sargi so he quickly gulped both of the bananas as fast as he could and went back to his room…. Where Swara packed her sargi and was going out

Sanskar crashed with swara while he was opening the door

Swasan (unison): aaow (touching their foreheads both look at each other and burst into Laughter)

Swa: haha Sanskar you look so cute

San: thanks you too look cute my cutie pie (unknowingly)

Swara was shocked on hearing this

Sanskar while seeing her shocked face understood that he had said something which he was not suppose to say and bit his tongue which was unnoticed by swara

San: I mean my pie which mom cooks looks cute and that’s why I have given that pie a new name that is cutie pie and I (strict face) complimented you just because you complemented me dont think anything else. Come on go let’s sleep and today you will sleep on bed since your hand is cut and it’s my order no arguments (yawns) I am very tired

Swara smiles at his antics. Sanskar noticed her smiles and snapped his fingers at him.

San: oh ! Hello madam where are you lost come back to earth from your dreamland you will go in your dreamland after few minutes till then you have to bear the earth.

Swa (smiles): haa baba ! Tum pichle janam mein lawyer the. Kya ? (Were you a lawyer in your last birth?)

San (smiles sadly): I don’t know about last birth but I wanted to become a lawyer in this birth. My dad wanted me to become a doctor but still I argued with dad and came to Dhanraj industries to work. If I would have not argued my dad would have definitely made me a doctor….

Swa (keeps her hands on his shoulder) :haha you are my heart’s doctor….

San : what ?

Swa: I mean you could become a doctor of heart

San: forget it’s a waste of time to talk to you (mono) today you are having so much of love for me Hayee ! Main Mar jawan goli kha ke. haha

Next Day

San: swara I am getting late I will go to the office and have my breakfast….

Sujju: have a little bit Chhore please !

San: no mom I am really getting late

Dp: beta which meeting is there today that you are not even having your food.

San (mono): pyaar ki meeting hai bade papa plz. Understand but for now what should I tell ? Oh god ! I have to think something….

Ram (mocking): he must be going to meet his girlfriend..

On hearing this Sanskar gets angry

San: I am not telling anything that doesn’t mean you can tell anything Mr. Ram Prasad Dhanraj.

Sujju: is this the way to talk to your elders ?

San: not elders only my father Ram Prasad Dhanraj

Sujju slaps Sanskar

Sujju: just leave Sanskar

Swa: mom

Sujju: I don’t want to listen anything for this useless fellow

Everybody was shocked as sujju never behaved like this especially Swara was shocked
At night

Karvachauth katha was going on while all the men of the house including Sanskar were staring their wives


Swara does that channi and aarti of Sanskar (guys ! I am really sorry I don’t know about karvachauth rituals much in detail so I am writing just inshort as I have seen karvachauth in some of the serials)

And now it was the turn of Sanskar to make Swara drink and eat

Sanskar does it without avoiding an eye contact as he knows that if he does an eye contact the love in his eyes would be seen by swara…..

After karvachauth all had dinner and were going to sleep. Swara was coming back to her room to sleep Swara closed the door and was about to sit on bed when suddenly a cloth was put on Swara’s mouth , Swara was shouting so the man quickly tied the cloth on her hands legs eyes but Swara is toh Swara she immediately recognized the touch…. That it was of Sanskar…..

But she was confused why is he doing so and hence she stopped screaming…

Sanskar had put Swara on the back seat…

And drove the car to an unknown place. As soon as Sanskar reached he open the door and huskily touched swara’s face while Swara was just closing her eyes and feeling the touch he removed the cloth from her mouth and stared at those red glossy lips which were only made for him he caressed the lips and then he moves towards hand he removed the cloth from her hands and planted a soft kiss on her hands especially where there was a cut… Than he removed the cloth from the legs and placed a soft kiss on the legs…

Swara smiled seeing her smile Sanskar felt satisfied but the remaining part was the cloth from the eyes Sanskar didn’t remove it and carried her in his arms

Swa (smiling): it’s you Na Sanskar ?

San: haa but how do you know ?

Swa: I know by your touch baby you have got your memory right?

San: yes baby from two days

Swa: haww ! From two days you got your memory but you did not tell me too bad very bad I am not talking to you (angry pout)

San: baby I should be the one angry on you

Swa: and why so? Ohha i got it

San: yup so ? And apology from you in the form of a sweet kiss on my lips I know your kiddo mind. Kk? You will kiss me on my cheeks so that’s why I am telling you I want a kiss on my lips

Swa (Laughs): but for that I need to see you Na

San: why to see?  We can do it like this Na !

Saying this he leans on Swara and kisses her lips passionately and bites on her lips angrily making blood too ooze out and breaks the kiss. He puts Swara down. Swara on not feeling her love’s warm embrace starts calling Sanskar jaan where are you ? Listen baby come here you know Na I am scared of dark can I remove this cloth….

On getting no response she opened the cloth only to find all colourful lights on her and as soon as she open her eyes rose petals shower on her… Where Swara was standing it was a stage type thing on a terrace of some bungalow the terrace was decorated with big white curtains and small curtains of red colour Swara was very much happy on receiving a rose shower

Swa: Sanskar jaan where are you i am sorry jaan answer me Na please

San: when you came in my life my life was filled with colours you taught me what true love is and you made me believe in love on seeing you for the first time I felt my heart going away from me and coming to you. Swara can you give me a chance to worship you , to hold you in my arms forever  , to see the sunshine and sunset with you , will you allow me to marry you again (only his voice was heard)

Swa:Sanskar where are you ?

San: (while walking) in your heart just behind you , I am stuck with you and your shadow that does not allow me to go far away from you ! (Kneels down) Will you marry me ? With full rituals infront of everyone….

Swa: yes !

Sanskar picks her up and twirls her while Swara was just laughing and as soon as Sanskar picked her up water came from above only the stage was wet everything was dry !

Swa: Sanskar I love you so much I missed you a lot (sobs)

San: (puts her down cups her face ) no baby don’t cry these tears do not hold anyplace in our lives we both love each other I know that my memory was not there but still you were there with me since 5 years. Tum mere paas ho mere saath ho that’s the only thing that matters to me right now. Kk ? Don’t cry now Wipes her face (since water was coming Swara’s tears could Not be seen) I know you love rains so see this water (teasingly) and in this water your figure is looking awesome and hot I am not able to control myself (keeps her hand on her waist) but wese how was my surprise and kidnapping I wanted the surprise to be special and memorable so that we both can remember our date cum revelation that my memory is back and hence I kidnapped you….

Swara playfully slaps on his shoulder

Swa: no first tell me (points towards her lips) why did you bite me so hard ?

Dont know what got into Sanskar he started kissing Swara wildly and Swara too gave response

San (after breaking the kiss): because I love you and I was angry on you for keeping the fast in this condition

Swa: which condition ? (Encircles her hands around his neck)

San: this hand condition due to me (teary eyes both have a painful eyelock Sanskar breaks it) I am sorry

Swara immediately leaves him and pushes him

San (tear rolls down from his eye by that time water shower had stopped so his tear was visible) : I know Swara you want to punish me but before that please break my fast that I have kept for you… (Was about to faint Swara catches him at the Nick if time)

Swa: what was the need to do this ?

San: if you can keep this fast for me why can’t I ? And moreover if god gives me a long life but not you than how will I live my life. Haa? Chalo need to do the pooja come stand here

Sanskar does the pooja from channi and does aarti while Swara was having tears… Swara makes him eat sweets

Swa: I had done some good work in my previous life that I got you as my life partner…

San: I thought you are angry on me

Swa: how can I be angry on you I love you more than myself being angry on you means being angry on myself….

San: aww ! Chalo bas drama queen itna rote nahi hai how many times I have told you not to cry but your tear tap is always open and you have to  close them forever because I hate tears and would you do that thing which your Sanskar hates never Na so don’t cry my kiddo and I have bought you a karvachauth gift also first stop crying than i will give you !

Swara wipes her tears

San: that’s my baby doll ! Good now close your eyes

Swa: Sanskar !

San: close Na kiddo please for your Sanskar

Swa: ok (pouts)

Sanskar makes her wear the anklets on her legs

San: open your eyes

Swara opens her eyes

Swa: wow Sanskar these are so beautiful thank you so much

San: Ah Han I want my reward

Swa: what reward ?

San: make love to me only if you want to do it it’s your wish totally up to you

Swa (grabs his collar): don’t you dare give me a choice you would have straightly loved me Na you spoiled my whole romantic mood (pouts)

Sanskar sucks her pout

San: ahaan asanskari Sanskar ki asanskari Swara and i know how to make your mood. this much change not bad baby

Swara: yes baby (and pulls him in a kiss)

Sanskar while kissing her carries her to the bed and made love to her but when Swara was about to do the
Main thing Sanskar denied

San: Swara baby (cups her face) I want to do this but after our marriage. Kk ? This marriage I do not think was a marriage no doubt it was with full rituals but I did not accept you at that time due to memory loss but now I want our marriage with full rituals and with our acceptance this time I also want our engagement…

Swara was overwhelmed by his answer and smiled on hearing that he wants an engagement too.

Swa: I love you (hugs him)

San: I love you too (hugs back)

They both sleep cuddling each other

Screen freezes on their peaceful faces
Precap: revelation to the family

Hi ! Sorry guys if it went a little mature but I thought it was necessary so just added it….
Will be back with the 16th part as soon as possible till than bbye ! Likes and comments are always welcomed….

Thank you !


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