An incident that Changed our lives (Part 13)

Hi ! I am back with the 13th part sorry I am late I was too busy with studies… So hope U understand… Chalo let’s start……

Precap: shweta changing Sanskar’s medicines , Swara going to Mandir.
In Mandir

Swara takes the pooja ki thaali and goes infront of the idol

Swa:bhagwaan ji yeh sab mere saath kyun hota hai Sanskar toh aapko kitna maanta hai ooske memory loss ke pehle aur baadmein bhi ooski aastha mein koi kami nahi aayi than why are you doing this with me ? I have came here only to ask you one thing please give me my Sanskar back my each day is going very tough I miss Him I miss His touch Sanskar is my strength IF YOU WANT TAKE MY LIFE GIVE ME ALL THE TROUBLES WHICH ARE WRITTEN IN HIS DESTINY BUT GIVE ME MY SANSKAR BACK the way he used to love me and he knew me better than I know myself please bhagwaan ji he worships you more than me he believes you more than me please please give me my Sanskar back (she fell on the floor with a thud while joining her hands and crying it seems that God had listened to her and something else was happening in the office with Sanskar. Let’s go and see)
At office
As soon as Sanskar enters he goes in his cabin and flashes of past come where Swara’s laughing face comes in his mind. He touches the laptop and flashes of him working on laptop come….. He slowly starts to remember Swara’s laugh. He shooed his thoughts and on the laptop to work there he again saw Swara’s photo on the desktop in the desktop Swara was holding bags of shopping in her hand and sticking her tongue with Sanskar being beside it was a selfie Sanskar smiled seeing the selfie. He slowly got flashes of the accident after shopping…. Throughout the day he got flashes of his past…. So he decided to go home early….
Swaa had reached home from Mandir it had been one hour Swara was staring Sanskar’s photo

Swa: where are you Sanskar I miss you

She took out her personal diary and started writing :
Dear diary
You toh know Na how much I love my Sanskar I love him madly you know after the projects were done in college I went to Sanskar to meet him
Swara smiles remembering the past

At 6 in the morning
Swara enters in Sanskar’s room through the window. She was in her white shirt black track pant and grey hoodie jacket.

Swa: oh ! Si my dear bf is sleeping means he did not miss me (keeps a pout) but I toh missed him Na finally I am free from he project stuff uh what a relief

Sanskar flinches in sleep

Swa: (mono) Swara keep control on your emotions otherwise your surprise would be spoilt

Swara goes to Sanskar and lies down beside him and keeps his hand on her waist and keeps her hand on his neck she burries her face in his chest as if trying to hide herself in his embrace…
She kisses on his cheeks and the corner of his lips to which he smiles whole heartidly even in sleep…

At 8 in the morning
Sanskar woke up only to find a big shock sleeping beside him peacefully as if a new born baby was sleeping cuddling to its Teddy bear…. He smiled while lien beside her he locked her hair strands which were disturbing his view to look at his beautiful gf who was looking divine as the sunrays fell on her she snuggled in his chest Sanskar smiled at her antiques. He kissed her cheeks sensually

San:(whispers in her ears) baby get up (kisses her earlobe to which Swara smiles even in sleep) what if someone sees us before marriage only you are sleeping with me Ms. Swara kapoor (bites her earlobe) accha listen what I am thinking is that why don’t you talk to your parents my toh parents have already agreed for out marriage as they have seen you many times peeking I my room.

Swara: haww ! Sanskar ( throws a pillow at his face)

San:ouch Swara

Swara: what do you mean by pekiing you don’t want me to peak in your room ( hold his shirt in fists) you don’t want me to peak in your room and waise bhi what is going to be mine there is no harm in seeing that things right (pecks his lips)

San: (holds her waist) ohho to be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Dhanraj you are too fast but I love your this bild shade and don’t make me fall for you like this otherwise I will do something which I am not intended to do and then whatever happens will be your fault

Swa: (blushes) Sanskar stop it we have to go for shopping also if you have forgotten than let me remind you that you had to come with me for shopping after one week when my projects get over you had told me right chalo now before you ask me how were the projects and all let me tell you the projects were superb abhi I don’t know how much works I would get or in other words how much marks they would deduct kk ? Chalo I will go to my hose for changing cone to pick me up at (looks at her watch) sharp at 8:30 don’t be late (pecks his lips) bye

And without listening Sanskaar’s answer our dear Swara madam wnet

San:(mono) uff ! Swara you did not ask about my reply also and I am thinking how much you know me well I also know you and I know why you came to sleep as you were missing me from so many days and you wanna get married to me as soon as possible dont worry jaan once your studies get over I will surely get married to you and will become Swara’s Sanskar uff! (Smiles At his own thoughts)

After changing Sanskar came to pick swara. They both went and talked about many things about the projects, how was Swara’s friend circle ,how is everything going and all of that….

Swara shopped various things for Sanskar hoodie jackets , casual shirts , track pants, jeans. She also made Sanskar remove the formals he was wearing she made him wear black shirt with light blue hoodie jacket and dark blue pant. He was looking absolutely hot and Swara was wearing a knee length light blue frock

Sanskar came from the changing room as his dear gd had asked him to change his clothes from formal to casuals he was really just off with shopping but only for swara’s sale he came here. He observed a new change in himself he looked much hotter than before and all thanks for to Swara….

San: uff ! Swara ho gayi tumhari shopping I am really tired I wanna go home

Swara: ( pulls his cheeks) when you fliurt with me that time you don’t get tired but doing only a little but shopping you get so much tired.

San: what this is little shopping we have shipped five t- shirts and four track pants with one jeans which I am wearing dint you think it’s enough for the day.

Swa: (not paying attention to his talks ) no baby accha baby gibd me your credit card Na I am not liking anymore shirts here I will search the next shop and I must say your maths is very good. But alas I hate maths and I don’t bother to pay any heed to maths. And yeah talking about maths your credit card balance will soon be zero as I am going I shop many things for me and you so give me your credit card baby we are getting late…

San: (murmers under breath) bhartiya naari credit card ke balance pe bhaari

Swa: while paying the bill and signing
Kya kar sakte hai jab bf itna hot , handsome dashing aur upar Se billionaire bhi ho toh har kisi ki niyat fisal hi jaati hai

San: I am telling you Swara don’t start anything now otherwise it will be hard for me to control here

Swara immediately shuts her mouth

After shopping they both sit in the car

San: Swara I am serious about it why don’t you tell your parents about our relationship and fix our engagement. I know I have only told you that we will get married after your studies but  we can do roka and engagement now Na ? What you say if you are comfortable with this idea

Swa: yup Sanskar I think you are right my parents already know about you…

San: how they know about me I have never came at your home also then?

Swa: (tells him about how she spoke with her parents about her feelings towards him and they agreed and then she came to his office)

San (smirks naughtily): aww so at my back this much planning was going on and I did not come to know not bad Swara accha chalo be serious do you agree with me or do you not agree with me Me?

Swa: (holds his hand) ofcource I agreed with you Sanskar I love you so

San: can I call my parents at your home to talk about our relationship

Swa: exactly I was about to say that only ( pouts ) you stole my words very bad

San (kisses on her cheeks) : I know you very well baby doll chalo I will call my parents but for that I need kiss on my cheeks…..

Swa: you have become shameless Sanskar

San: this is not called shamelesness Swara chalo jaldi karo… Neto mein phone nahi karunga

Swara smiles and gives peck on both the cheeks while Sanskar also smiles feeling her touch…

Sanskar calls his parents and tells them to come to Swara’s house the dhanrahlj family was really happy for their son and were much excited to come to Swara’s house whereas Swara called her parents and told them about the arrival of Dhanraj family both the families was really happy for their children

After calling

Swa: Sanskar isi news PE ice cream toh banti hai Na I will get the ice cream

San: sure

Swara goes out to buy ice cream for both meanwhile Sanskar gets a call from Laksh to congratulate him for his relationship with Swara as there was no range Sanskar went out of the car while talking to Laksh Sanskar saw a thing which shocked him to the core Swara was crossing the road to buy ucecreams while a car was coming in full speed from the opposite direction towards Swara. The phone from Sanskar’s hand fell he loudly shouted SWARAAAA and ran to save her and boom Swara fell on the footpath with a little blood oozing from her head and a little scratches on her elbow while there was a person lying in a pool of blood oozing from his head and that person was none other than Sanskar Swara rushed to see who was the person to save her and she got a 440 volt shock her Sanskar was lying in a pool of blood she immediately took his phone which was lying beside Sanskar and saw Laksh was connected and was shouting hello she barely could speak anything she told every thing to Laksh and sanskar was rushed to city hospital

Non-stop tears were brimming in Swara’s eyes both the families rushed to the hospital as Laksh had informed them about Sanskar

Doc: as the patient had loss excess amount of blood he has lost his memory and if he does not get consciousness within 24 hours he might slip into coma

Swa: can I meet him

Doc: yes but only one at a time can meet the patient as his condition is critical and try not to make noise

Swa: hmm

Swara enters the ward and was shocked to see Sanskar being lifeless and being attached to so many wires

Swara sits on a stool and caress his hairs

Swa: I love you Sanskar I know you are acting don’t do this with me baby you know Na I love you so much I can’t live without you you are my life Na baby see you told me that you will give me a punishment but please don’t give me this big punishment I live you don’t do this too me breaks down Lucky comes inside the ward and have Swara a side hug and looks at his bro with teary eyes his bro whom he wished one hour back about his relationship with Swara is now lying lifeless in the ICU

Lak: Swara look at me swara you have to be strong for bro for your both the families if you don’t be strong they all will break down and do you want bro to stay like this forever

Swara nods in no

Lak: then you have to be strong Na and I have spoken to the doctor he told that there are some chances of him to gain is memory back

(The rest is explained by me in the previous episodes that college scenes and Swara and Laksh talking scenes so don’t wanna drag)

This incident had occurred five years ago now Swara had completed her college and now Swara was praying for Sanskar to gain his memory back
Swara had tears remembering the past and wished Sanskar gain his memory back as soon as possible

Her trance was broken by the opening sound of the door Sanskar had came back

San: (without looking at her) why the hell are you crying again haa I am fed up of your crying everyday Rona dhona Rona dhana every day these tear tank never gets empty or what ha ? Now please Shut up and stop crying

Swara wiped her tears and gave a small smile

Swa: (cheerful voice) you home early ? Anything serious

San: why can’t I come to my own house early

Swa: no I didn’t mean that

San: IH stop with your meanings I have no time I was getting some flashes that’s why u came home early

Swa: oh take these medicines you will feel better

San: hmm (and he drank the medicines he was feeling something different after drinking the medicines he left thinking it would be just a heavy dose of the medicine)

At night

Sanskar went to his room he was feeling like killing someone as soon as Swara entered

San: hey you get lost from my room !

Swa: what ? Sanskar I am your wife

San: what ? My wife just get lost from here before I kill you (takes the knife from the fruit basket and points at her)

Swa: no I will not go from here and keep the knife down NOW (saying this she comes near him)

And that was it for Sanskar he cut swara’s wrist and banged her head and pulled her neck Swara was glued to the wall as Sanskar was pulling her neck

Swa: aah Sanskar leave me please why are you behaving with me like this

Hearing the commotion all the family members came into the room and were shocked to see the scenario they immediately pushed Sanskar on the otherside and did Swara’s bandage Swara was hissing in pain all the time

Lak : why is Sanskar behaving like this Swara has any fight happened between you both ?

Swa: no laksh ! I myself don’t know what happened I my Sanskar I think we should call his doctor and check the medicines with him…..

Lak: you are right

Laksh immediately calls for Sanskar’s doctor in no time doctor comes and checks Sanskaar’s medicines

Doc: these medicines are not the one which I have Sanskar these medicines have been changed by someone these medicines make a person angry and aggressive I will give new medicines which will calm Sanskar now I have given Sanskar injection he would be awake in 2 to 3 hours and by looking at his condition I must say that he will gain his memory soon

By saying this doctor leaves

Swa: who must have done it I did not change sanskar’ s medicines I went to the Mandir today and came back just a few hours back than how could this happen

Shwe: so you are telling as if you never came back huh !

Sujju: shutup chipkali mind your tongue you are talking with my dil and I know my dear Swara you would never do such a thing this chipkali only must have changed the medicines….. I saw her coming from your room today (sujju narrates whatever she saw) that’s why I have a doubt in this girl because every time she taunts me and answers me bravely mist if the time she toh does not answer my questions that’s why Laksh do one thing check the CCTV footage of Sanskar’s room we will get to know who the hell has played with my Sanskar’s life !

Lak: ji chachi ji sure

On hearing the word CCTV Shweta’s face from evil smirk turned to a scared kitten who would anytime be knocked out from the house or would be given serious punishment

Lak: to keep an eye on Sanskar’s behaviour I had put a small camera in Sanskar’s room….

All went and saw the footage

And all of them were shot except are hot shot sujju as she already knew that shweta was behind the change of medicines

Lak: how could you do this shweta you will get the punishment but a little letter because punishment is best serve when cold (shouts loudly) Guards

All the guards came running he told two of the most sincere guards to stay outside Sanskar’s room and keep an eye on whoever comes….. And he also told one guard to keep an eye on shweta in and out of the house

Lak: don’t worry Swara and I am really sorry from my bro’s side I know when he will get back his memory he will also be sorry for all this happened today…… But I am happy for one thing that the doctor told that my bro will get his memory back soon. Yahooo !

Swara smiles in seeing her devar’s childishness…

Swara (mono): hope so whatever Laksh says about Sanskar becomes true I would be the most happiest person on the world. Uff ! Miss you my baby

Screen freezes on Swara’s face

Precap: Sanskar getting back his memory and lots of fun…
Sorry guys if it was a bit boring I wrote it in a hurry since most of you asked me to post the next part soon. So here it is I hope it went according to your expectations and the most awaited moment of Sanskar getting back his memory will be in the next episode I will take time to write the episode sice exams are coming so hope you understand readers. Till than bbye ! Enjoy your summer break have fun and don’t forget me. If you forget me , After I get back with the 14th part tamatar and chappal on your faces. Likes and comments are always welcomed…..


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