I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 85 – Anika breaks her silence “

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“Anika restlessly walking here and there hitting fone on her palm” what was that lady was saying?

Kisi aur ki khushi k liya chhoda sath tera, tujhe keha kar apna kisi aur say jhora naata ghaira.

( for someone else happiness she left you , Hold someone else over you by saying that you are hers)

What does that means? Is that someone else was also in her life who was more important for her than me , chutki and doll?

“Anika nods negatively” Nahe aisa nahe ho sakta woh sirf meri …….( Anika couldn’t not complete)

“She sits on bed with thud” but what if she had or there’s someone in her life?

Anika brushes her thought away….. she dails the number in hurry…. i’ve to find what is that , that’s near to my eyes and ears yet it’s far from me.

Anika ” uff why her number is switched off? She told me that she will help me to know the past ,when all the doors will be shut she will open the door of my past. But now is she too will deny to tell me?….. No , now only she’s my last hope.

Anika runs inside closet” i’ve to find her….. she looks around for fone directory…. where i’ve kept it?… Anika throws accessories here and there…. i’ve to immediately contact Mr Khan and orders him to track that lady….

She collects the directory and dials Mr Khan run and walk out from closet with directory… keeping fone near ear ….” pick the call Mr Khan…Anika is not ware that couple of eyes are gazing her… she keep on contacting people question them about Mr Khan…. Anika hits the near by table in anger…

Aarohi finally break her silence ” Anuuuu”

“Anika gulps ,quickly hides the fone behind her and turns her face ” she gets shocked to find Aarohi staring her and same are rest doing….

“Aarohi in cold tone” who’s fone it’s and where were you?

“Anika in low tone” phail gaya raita…. Anika gazes Aarohi and then with gathering much courage replies ” fone which fone and where i can be? I’m here in my room standing infront of you…. Right chutki….

“Aarohi approaches to her and in rage grasp Anika elbow” stop doing mimicry infront of me and straightly tell me ” how , why and with whom you step out of RM and what this fone is doing with you?

Anika stammers ” i, i…. d..idn..’t…”

Scene shifts to outside

Bhavya holds Shivaay arm” bhaiya come fast..

Shivaay” bhavya what happened? ”

Bhavya” i myself don’t know , but the moment Maa came back she was really angry and asked for Anika di”

Shivaay” why? Anika did something again?”

Bhavya” seeing Maa anger it seem to be”

Scene shifts to Vanhi Den

Tomorrow is your day ” you will enter RM sorry not in RM but in Aarohi’s life and entering in her life destory Anu world…. snatch
Aarohi from Anu and make Anika inhuman…..

Chheen lo woh sparsh jo Anu ko Anu banata hai. Ab ki baar Aarohi ka sparsh Anu ko sakoon nahe be-sakoon kar dey itna be-sakoon k na koi dava na koi dua usay usay araam de sakhey

( snatch that touch which makes Anu…. This time Aarohi touch should not calm Anu but uproar her this much uproar her that nor any prayer nor any medicine calm her)

Mujhe Rajput’s ki maut dekhni hai ,woh maut jo Aarohi khud apni zindagi ko de ge.

( i want to see Rajput’s death , that death which Aarohi herself will give to her life)

Did you hear me” Snatch heartbeat for heart”

Voice” but what about Shivaay?”

Vanhi” Anika loves Shivaay a lot but Anu preaches Aarohi….

Voice” i got it… don’t worry Rajput’s destruction countdown begins….i’m coming Rajput’s”

Scene shifts to Shivika room

“Shivaay clutching Anika” speak out Anika break your silence… why you are not ready to forgive Maa? Tell me the reason..

Anika ” there’s no reason. It’s just i don’t want her.”

Aarohi cries” why you don’t want me why?”

Anika close her eyes” just go from my room.. just go”

Aarohi ” No, today without taking my answers i won’t go. Today you have to tell me why you can’t forgive me . Why my Anu don’t hugs me, talk to me, she don’t eat Aloo puri why?”

Anika calmly ” because you cheated me that’s why i can’t forgive you…. Anika wipes her tears and free herself from Shivaay…

Aarohi ” No, it’s not the reason i know i can see in your eyes. I know i lied to , i cheated you but my Anu just because it Anu can’t keep herself away from Maa. ”

Dev” Anu , beta speak out what’s stopping you getting near to Maa. ”

Shivaay and Gayu” requesting Anika to open her heart”

Aarohi” Anu i beg you please why you…..( Anika cuts)

Anika shouts” kyun k ap ki wajah se…..”

Song plays

Tinka tinka dil mera
Teri lau mein jalta hai

“Aarohi cup Anika face” haan humari wajah se kya?

“Anika with tears gazes Gayu”

“Aarohi turns her face and gazes Gayu” Anu why you are looking them.

Anika jerk Aarohi and shouts” Ap ki sirf ap ki wajah se meri behano nay apna anmol bachpan khoya hai….
( just because of you my sisters lost their perious childhood )


( tag of child without mother was given to her)

Aarohi in broken tone” A..nu”

Anika cries vigorously


( just because of you my doll start losing her breaths )

Anika reminiscing Gayu childhood… falls on floor with thud….

“Gayu runs to Anika and hugs her” Anika di

“Anika hugs them tightly” cries

Jaaye tu chaahe kahin
Mere dil mein dhalta hai

“Aarohi couldn’t see her princesses like this she cup her mouth and runs out”

Scene shifts to Devohi room

Devi ji” Aarohi beta stop crying and please for god sake tell everything to Anika…. the more you will hide the more it will hurt her. Aarohi truth can be hidden but one day it comes out. And when it comes out it destory everything”

Aarohi” Not everything but only my Anu will be left into piece. Maa ji i can bear anything but i can’t see Anu in piece…..

Dev” Aarohi try to understand the situation Anu had start digging the past herself if she find everything…..( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi ” what you want that she herself buried herself in that dig?” No.”

Dev” Aarohi you are here na if Anu will be broken then you can mend her”

Devi ji” Aarohi !! Dev is saying correct… go and tell Anika”

Aarohi” Maa ji please try to understand….. Anu is not ready to forgive me because of her chutki and doll she thinks i ruined her sisters childhood..”

Aarohi shouts ” what should i go and tell Anu……


( i went far because of you. Because you had cursed in your birth)

Aarohi falls on floor” koi nahe samajh raha na dekh raha hai jo hum dekh rahe hai”
( no one is understanding nor seeing what i’m seeing)

Katra katra dil mera
Tere raah mein behta hai

“Dev kneel down and hugs her” Aarohi….

Aarohi cries ” Dev !! Anu khud ko ek aparaadhee samjhe gayi, humari aur ap sab ki barbaadi ka….( Aarohi clutching Dev collar)

Aur ap jaante hai na aparaadhee ko saaza milti hai… humari Anu nay pehle he kam saaza payi hai ke ab hum usay, us ka he dushman baana de. ( And you know culprit gets punishment. My Anu had already suffered alot. That now i make Anu her own enemy )

“Devi ji join hands infront of Aarohi” i’m sorry Aarohi i can’t understand you.

Dev wiping Aarohi tears” sorry Aarohi i promise i’ll not again ask you to tell Anu about you”

“Aarohi requesting them ” go and check Anu”

“Devi ji and Dev nods positively and step out”

“Aarohi fone rings Vanhi name flashes on screen She wipes her tears and receive the call”

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Shivaay” Look i know whatever it was wrost but Anika , Maa loves you alot please forget the past and just go and crush Maa in your bones she’s waiting for you since long. You called her Maa but she’s still waiting for the day when you by your own will and heart shout ” Maa aur Aloo puri sirf Anu ki hai aur kisi ki nahe”

Anika ” Shivaay you love me?”

Shivaay” Anika what type of question is it? ”

Anika” you just answer me do you love me?”

Shivaay” yes i love you”

“Anika rest her head on Shivaay chest” then your love is enough for me. I don’t need her nor her love”

“Shivaay hold her hand and place it on his head” Then swear on me that you don’t need Maa, i’m everything to you and Maa is nothing for you….

Anika” keep on gazing him”

“Anika i do pinky promise if you swear on me that yes you don’t need Maa presences in your life , then now at the every next moment i’ll take you away from Maa and will never let Maa to come close to you even her shadow ” it’s Yours Shivaay’s promise”

“Anika lower her gaze ” just take me from here Shivaay.

“Shivaay peck her tears” stop being more tadibaaz Anika and forgive Anu’s Maa

“Anika hugs Shivaay and close her eyes tightly ”

Jaaye tu chaahe kahin
Mere dil mein rehta hai

Scene shifts to Hall

O… wo o…

“Anika draging Aarohi downstairs weeping “She opens one room pulls Aarohi inside….. yaad hai yeh room, yeha is room may mujhe sota huwa chhod kar gayi thi na isi bed per, isi jaaga, dekhe aaj bhi yeh room wesay he hai jesa chhod kar gayi thi.

( did you remember this room it’s the same room were you left me alone on same bed at same place, look today as well this room is same as you left it)

Teri ikk-ikk karke yaadein aati hain
Meri ikk-ikk karke saansein jaati hain

Dekhe use bed ki taraf , dekhiya ek bachi so rahe hai, apne dhadakaon ko kasie gaale laga kar so rahe hai. Kitni khushi hai use k chehre per. Dekhiya na ab muh kyun mor liya.

( look at that bed, see a kid is sleeping with her heartbeat cuddling in them. How happy she’s. Now look there why you are turning your face)

“Aarohi tries to run but Anika hold her and walk out”

Yeha , yeha baith kar ap ki wait ki thi ( Anika drag Aarohi to entrances slapping steps ) ( here sitting her i waited for you )

Yeh meri aah jo kabhi kahin nikal jaaye

Ke abhi bus abhi ap laut kar aye ge aur mujhe aise , aise gaale se laga le gayi, maa nay mujhse waada kiya hai bus aa rahe hai
…..( just now you will get back and like this you will take me in your embrace, mother promised me just know she’s coming)

Maange bas ikk jhalak teri kahin toh mil jaaye

Aarohi wiping Anika tears” sorry”

“Anika runs to Shivaay cup his face”

Shivaay ap jaante hai jab mein laut kar ayi mujhe laga….( Anika gazes the whole mansion )

Shivaay you know when i came back i thought…..

Tukda tukda dil mera
Tera rastaa takta hai

Abhi meri maa mujh Anu kehaye gayi, abhi waha se woh aye ge nahe waha se bus abhi aa jaye ge. ( Anika keep on running pointing here and there)

Now my mother will call me Anu, now from there she will come no from that side she will come)

Jaaye tu chaahe kahin
Mere dil mein thamta hai

All crying on Anika dilemma

“Aarohi pull Anika close and hugs her tightly” enough Anu please stop crying i’m sorry don’t put me in more guilt

Anika cries” bus abhi mujhe apni goad main baithiye ge aur apne hatho se Aloo ko Aloo puri kehaley ge. Per mein sirf “bus aur abhi” he karti rahe.
( now she will take me in her lap and with her on hands she will feed Aloo , Aloo puri. But i just left with saying ” just and now”)

Zarra zarra gham mera
Tere dil mein hansta hai

Lakin meri maa kabhi laut kar kabhi nahe ayi thi aur mein sirf intezaar he karti yeha gayi.( but my mother never came back and i just kept on waiting for her)

“Anika sobbing ”

Gayu ” Anika di stop crying ”

“Anika holds their hand”

Gayu yeh jaanti thi ke Anu ko in ki lori , in ki anchal k bina neend nahe ati thi phir bhi mujhse apna anchal chhodra kar , mujhe humesha k liya bechain kar ke chali gayi.

( Gayu she knew it Anu can’t sleep without her lullaby and fringe, still then she snatch her fringe from me and forever left me restless)

Jaaye tu chaahe kahin
Mere dil mein basta hai

Dev” Anu look Maa is crying”

“Anika cup Aarohi face” please ap ro to na, na.( please you don’t cry)

Ap mujhe sab sach bata de , mein ap say pinky promise karti hoon mein ap ko ap ki Anu lauta do ge. ( you tell me everything and i do pinky promise i’ll give your Anu back to you)

Oo… wo…

Fainted images strike Anika brain

Aarohi” there’s no truth that i’ll tell you”

Anika angrily ” there’s no truth?”

Aarohi” nods negatively

“Anika shouts at the top of her voice” jhoot bol rahe hai ap aur mujhe baatey……
( you are lying to me and now tell me)


( who’s that person from whom you left us and ran away from us)

All faces gets black and white

Screen freezes on Aarohi


Precape no precape


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