Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: KK To Frame Siddhant In Hira’s Murder

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweety tells Siddhant that he will also resign. Siddhant says ok. He calls her and asks where is she? Anushka says if he is missing her. Siddhant says yes. He tells that he is habitual to see her from his cabin. Anushka asks him to control his habit and says I am going to meet Gayatri aunty as she was sounding upset. Siddhant says I will handle her. Anushka says she will go and talk to her. Siddhant tells Sweety that he has to go home and stop her. He thinks if Maa told her anything then Anushka will be shattered. I shall tell her before anybody else tell her anything, else her trust will be broken. Gayatri talks to Prabhakar’s pic and tells that Siddhant will punish KK. Anushka comes to his house. Siddhant comes and stops Anushka before she could go inside. He says he will talk to her

first. Anushka says ok and leaves. Gayatri comes out. Siddhant says I am leaving. Karthik and Purva are restless and think about their hug. Karthik apologizes to Purva in a message. Purva replies him sorry and writes whatever happens shall not happen again..

KK asks Inspector about Hira’s CCTV footage. Inspector says Siddhant was seen entering her room. KK asks him to get proofs against Siddhant and says he is a rat who wants to bite his business. He offers bribe to Inspector. Inspector asks what do you want? KK says he wants Siddhant to get jailed for hira’s murder. Inspector says there is no proofs. KK asks him to take Siddhant’s pen as evidence and tells that Prabhakar’s resignation has Siddhant’s finger prints and asks him to use that finger prints impression on the murder weapon. Inspector asks about the reason. KK tells that Siddhant had an affair with Hira and was eying Anushka. When Hira came to know about Siddhant and Anushka’s love, she threatened to tell truth to anushka and that’s why Siddhant killed Hira. He asks Inspector to plant the proofs and kidnap Siddhant when he tells him. Inspector says ok.

Nupur checks Karthik’s phone and reads Purva’s message. Karthik asks what she was checking. Nupur asks if everything is alright.She says she was thinking to meet Gayatri and Purva. Karthik says why did you remember them suddenly. Nupur says she helped us in our marriage. Karthik says no need, and goes to office. Sweety tells Siddhant that it is good that he stopped Anushka from meeting Gayatri. Anushka comes to Siddhant and says she fought with the board of directors and got his relieving letter. She tells that BOD refused to extend maternity leave. Siddhant takes relieving letter from her. She asks him to tell about husband wife talk. Siddhant asks her to go. Sweety teases him. Siddhant says I am free now and my ethics will not stop me from ruining him. He asks KK to get ready and says I am coming. Sweety asks what will he do? Siddhant calls Paresh, stock broker and asks him to lower Reddy Corporation shares by 200-300 crores. Prabhakar’s soul comes and asks him to do everything by right means. Siddhant ends the call. He asks Prabhakar what would he done if being alive. Prabhakar asks him to remember their talks. Siddhant thinks of anushka talking about maternity leave.

Siddhant calls Reddy corporation ex employees who was declined to get maternity leave extended. Gayatri says you will get justice. Siddhant tells Gayatri that he was thinking to buy clothes for Anushka and says we have to give gifts also, and asks her to come. Gayatri says I will not come. Purva asks why Maa is unhappy. Siddhant says I am marrying like a rebel. Purva says she is apni Anushka and Maa will accept her. She says I will come with you.

Anushka and Siddhant come to shopping. She says she is liking to shop like a wife. Suddhant does poetry and says she is romancing now. Anushka says she is getting married, love marriage. Purva buys brooch for Karthik. Anushka brings clothes for her family. Nupur says she can’t wear such clothes. Srikant also refuses. Neeta says it is a ritual and we shall wear it for Anushka. Karthik comes there. Anushka gives his clothes to Karthik. Karthik opens the box and sees brooch. He likes it. Anushka says may be Poorva sent it. Nupur gets angry. Karthik smiles and goes to change. KK’s employee tells him about Siddhant’s notice for maternity leave extension. KK asks him to handle himself and says I don’t have time for small matters, and asks him to bribe and move ahead. Rao ji says Siddhant is thinking us weak. KK asks if the proofs are ready. Rao says yes. KK asks him to wait for some time to get him arrested.

KK tells Gayatri that he is also against Siddhant and Anushka’s marriage.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Very interesting show …kk and siddhant both are equally thinking but Kk is very dangerous ..
    Every episode is very Interesting .and all are playing their roles so naturally…thisdeserves good TRP …

  2. Today u updated fast thanks

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