I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 68 – Kyon Aage Pichhe Dolate Ho,

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Same day

Anika scream” kon hai waha….. she runs and grasp the letter…… her eyes and mouth gets widen with shock…..Ek aur letter( another letter)??………….

OMM yeh kon hai tuccha saala

She throws the letter away and walk out

Scene shifts to hall

Gauri”  Maa! Shikar aa raha hai ”  ( mother prey is coming)

“Aarohi smirks” where’s my puppy

Bhavya” Ha !! Maaaaa You call me puppy? Now i won’t help you i’m going. Bye

“Aarohi gazes Anika hugs bhavya” Aww!! My baby got annoy with me. Sorry ??

Bhavya” Maa!! Leave me?

“Aarohi whispers” doll!! Stay quiet otherwise eggs will be ban in RM.

“Bhavya makes faces” you are blackmailing me.

“Gauri shouts” Anika di!!!

“Anika staring Bhavya” why you are shouting chutki i’m not duff.

Aarohi ” doll!! Come let me give hot head massage to you look they are getting so dull no shine. She drags bhavya outside”

“Anika blabbering” i wish i could pull her hairs??… she gives disgust look to bhavya”

“Gauri hiding her smile” Anika di!! Have you said something”

Anika” Naheeeeeee”

Gauri” Anika di please don’t shout and i can hear quiet well. And why you are sounding so annoy? Are you fine na?

“Anika pushes Gauri aside” chup karo aur zayad apni Advocategiri dekhaye ki zaroorat  nahe hai.( stay quiet and don’t show me your Advocate look)

“Gauri laughs” you are getting jealous of Doll?

Anika” for what i’ll be jealous of that doll? Huh?? “?

“Gauri pat Anika” Good that’s the spirt.

“Anika shurgs Gauri hand”??

Gauri smirks” ok ok!! I can understand but Anika di don’t you think that doll is getting much more close to Maa…. And not only doll but Maa is spending more time with doll.”

Anika ” what you mean?”

“Gauri makes Anika sit on couch”…. see Anika di it’s noon we all had are lunch but you didn’t  even have your breakfast but Maa not even for second asked for you nor she came after you.

Anika” because i said i’m not hungry… there’s nothing like that.”

Gauri” Doll too said the same that she’s not hungry but Maa took her in lap and forcefull made her finished her lunch”

“Anika pov” i’ve said the same too but she didn’t make me eat??

“Gauri snap” where you get lost di? I’m talking to you are you are lost in your on world.

Anika” i was not lost any where i was just saying it’s ok chutki she’s doll na that’s why…. she fakely passes smile to Gauri”

Gauri” didn’t you feel bad like me?”

Anika” No!! And if you felt bad then go and compliant her… Now leave my way i’ve some work…. she smiles and walk to her room

“Gauri pov” Anika di thats go for you as well too. You have to compliant Maa.

Scene shifts to RO

“Dev addressing to Shivaay” Anu is improving i’ve talk to Jeet. He said he’s coming back to india in  next week. Then he will examine Anika.

Shivaay” that’s a great new uncle. I’m so happy to hear that”

Dev” it’s all because of Aarohi only otherwise…..”

Shivaay” you are right uncle… Maa is handling Anika very well.”

“Dev with serious tone” Shivaay!! We have to find Vanhi as soon as possible. I don’t want her evil eyes again gazes my house.

Shivaay” yes !! Uncle we need to find her and i want to punish her by myself”

“Dev fist” not i but we Shivaay.. She not only kept my Anu’s happiness Aarohi away from her but she took my Kayru too

“Shivaay give confuze look to Dev”

“Dev eyes gets moist” Vanhi  killed my Kayru also.

Shivaay” what??”

Dev” Yes!! Shivaay my Kayru is no more….”

“Shivaay pacifies him”

“Dev wipes his tears” Shivaay after me you have to protect my Anu’s happiness and my family too.

“Shivaay breaks the hug” not me but you also and don’t say like this ever never…. otherwise i’ll scold you

“Dev rise his eyebrow” excuse me do you have an idea with whom you are talking with?

“Shivaay hugs him” a one army man… who’s outer layer is like hard shell but from inside he’s soft like candle.

“Dev smiles” same goes for you SSO.

Shivaay teasingly”  leave me uncle if someone see us like this than they will assume us G……??

“Dev mouths gets widen he pushes Shivaay ” Shut up Shivaay…. it’s not others but your own assumptions…. he truns and compose his suite.?

“Shivaay huskily whispers in Dev ears” Maa da laadla bigad gaya

“Dev  gazes Shivaay with shock” you cheap….

Shivaay naughtly” not cheap but cheapde…. he kiss dev cheek and runs out singing Maa da laadla bigad gaya

“Dev cup his cheek”??

Scene shifts to RM @ Devi g room

Devi g” Anika beta have something since morning you have not eaten anything”

Anika ” dadi g i’m not hungry”

Devi g” beta thora sa”( just few morels)

“Anika turns her face” koi thora chora sa nahe?( not even few)

Devi g” won’t you listen to me?”

“Anika gazes plate” what inside it?”

“Devi g smiles and uncovers the plate” baingan (eggplant)?

 “Yuckkk!!! “….. Anika give digust look to plate

“Gayu and Aarohi laughs” peeking Anika.

Devi g” what happened didn’t you like it Aarohi cooked them”

“Anika pov” what this? Have she forgotten i don’t like them at all.

Devi g” open your mouth today i’ll make you eat”

“Anika beat the floor with her foot walk out”….. ?

“Aarohi and Gayu runs from there”

Scene shifts to kitchen

“Aarohi addressing to maids” hurry your sir is on his away soon it’s going to be dinner time

Anika” step to kitchen”

“Maid questioning Anika” Anika ma’am do you need something?

Anika ” i just came to drink water”

“Aarohi smiles”

Maids ” Ma’am what’s the menu?”

Aarohi” Chinesse rice, palak paneer , daal makhani and gilled chicken

Anika pov” Huh!! Aur Aloo puri ka A bhi nahe”

“Aarohi passes by near Anu” Stella crush these nuts… i’ve to make something special

“Anika sipping water” paka gajar ka halwa banaye ge…. she roll  tongue on her lips……tasty

Bhavya ” Maa where’s my Rasmaali????

Anika” water comes out from her mouth…. she coughs”

“Aarohi gets worried”

Bhavya” press Aarohi hand”

Maid” ma’am are you fine na?”

Bhavya” Anika di are you fine she runs and start rubbing her back”

“Anika jerk her” i’m absolutely fine… she speaks in stern voice

Aarohi” Doll !! I’m coming in a while you just go and call your dad. Why he didn’t came yet?

Bhavya” ok mum??”

“Anika hits Bhavya” har waqt kissy ( All the time kissy)

Bhavya” Aahhhh!!?

Scene shifts to hall

“Dev and Shivaay stepping in”

“Anika walking behind Aarohi” sab ki favorite dishes aur humare liya kuch bhi nahe….. she blabbles.( cooking everyone favorite dishes and for me nothing)

“Aarohi smilingly stepping ahead”

Dev” Maa!! what’s going on?

Devi g” lol!! Ho gaya shuru…. Aarohi aagaye aggaye( it’s started now…. Aarohi walking ahead)

Gauri” aur Anu pecchaye pecchaye”( And Anu after maa)

Shivaay” ab kya ho ga?”

“Dev smiles” let gets fresh and i’ll show what will happen

After few minutes

“Anika in mind” for once she’s not looking  at me…. Anika swinging her legs sitting on kitchen counter….

Dev” Aarohi!! kya ho raha hai?”

Aarohi ” making Rasmaali for Doll”

Dev” Anu!! you in kitchen…he walks to her and peck her forehead….. how’s my child

“Anika smiles” i’m fine baba and you

Dev” i’m good… but why you are sitting here?

Shivaay ” stiring  spoon in pan…. Maa please just check this palak paneer is bur…..  ( Anika cuts)

Anika” throws vegetable on Shivaay”

Shivaay” Ouchh!!! who did it?…. He turns and finds Anika fuming… He walks to her hold her legs

Anika ” kicks him”

“Shivaay scream” Maaaaa

Maid” Ma’am is gone…. saying this she walk out

“Anika gets shocked” she jumps down runs behind Aarohi

Dev” Aarohi!! she’s coming behind you please don’t tease her more”

Aarohi” Sshhhh…. just enjoy… and you have some fruits saying this she settle herself on dining table starts cutting fruits

Anika” sits behind the couch gazing Aarohi”

Shivaay” comes stand infront of Anika…. gets buzy with fone”

“Anika frowns him”…… get a side can’t you see i’m watching tv… go and do your business call somwhere else.

“Shivaay turns” which tv? Hmm…. he sign her to see it’s off.

Anika” haan to i was about to switch it on… per ap khambay ka khamba humare agaye aa kar kareye ho gay”( but you pole came and stood infront of me like pool)

Shivaay” now what’s khamba??”

Anika” about say something when Aarohi voice distract her

“Aarohi calling maid”  lakshmi give me some almonds.

“Anika runs to kitchen” snatch almonds jar from maid.. runs to Aarohi.

Dev” Aarohi!! Anu…

“Anika with cute smile passing jar to Aarohi”

Aarohi” takes jar from her… thank you”

Dev” Anu come sit here”

“Anika happily” drag her chair near Aarohi about to sit when Bhavya jumps in settle herself on chair….

“Bhavya kissing Aarohi” maa !! Where’s my yummy yummy Rasmaali

“Shivaay pushes Anika aside” wow!! Maa you made Rasmaali…. i love it..

“Anika gets irked from this” but i hate this… she slap bhavya and splahes water on Shivaay in mind

“Aarohi peck Bhavya” let me get it from my kid.

Shivaay” for me too”

Dev” Aarohi we are aslo here”

Devi g and Gauri too compose themselves on dining table… even we want”

Aarohi ” Ok!! Fine before dinner have some sweet… you all just wait i’m getting it for you”

Ainka” gets upset with this. She gazes Aarohi sadly… she turns her face

“Aarohi notice her gazes” Anu please compliant me.

Bhavya” Maa! Rasmaali”??

Aarohi” walks to kitchen”

“Anika walks to kitchen”

Aarohi” Anu do you need something?”

Anika” woh humein…..( i was)

Aarohi” what?”

“Anika hesitates” humein baingan nahe…..Anika gets quiet

“Aarohi pov” Anu i’m your maa please don’t hesitate from me. Show your right on me… no one has more right on me then you.

“Bhavya shouts” Maa where’s my Raamaali

“Aarohi plating Rasmaali”…. Anu what you where saying?

Anika” nothing i was saying that Doll is waiting for Rasmaali”

“Aarohi walks near her” sings

Kyon Aage Pichhe Dolate Ho, Bhanwaro Kee Tarah
Kyon Dekhte Ho Mujhko Yu Besabaro Kee Tarah) – (2)

“Anika runs from there”

Aarohi” takes Anika in lap”

Kya Mere Dewaane Ho

“Anika comes out of her lap”

Nahe Nahe…….

Shivaay ” swril Anika round”

Kya Koyee Parwane Ho

Aarohi encircle arms around Anika

Kam Kya Hai Mujhse, Itna Keh Do Jee Jara

“Anika removes her arms ” i’m feeling tired…  let me go

All makes circle around Anika and sings

Bol De Pyar Hai, Khamosh Kyon Hai Khada
Ham Agar Hote Toh Bol Diya Hota

Anika” esa kuch bhi nahe hai”( there’s nothing like that)

Aarohi” toh phir kyun? ( then why?)

Kyon Aage Pichhe Dolate Ho, Bhanwaro Kee Tarah
Kyon Dekhte Ho Mujhko Yu Besabaro Kee Tarah

Anika” go to your doll…. saying this she runs to her room”

One hour later

“Anika cleaning her cupboard”

Shivaay” comes and hugs Anika from back”

Anika tried to run but Shivaay quick enough grasp her hand……

Shivaay” kiss her hand”

“Anika shivers” Shi….

“Shivaay gets close to her huskily whispers” Shivaay koi aa jaye ga… yeh ap kya kar rahy hai…( Shivaay someone will come. What are you doing)

Anika” Shivaay leave me”

“Shivaay  without breaking the eyelock rubs his palm on her bare neck feeling the warmth of hers”  why my touch rises storm inside you?…

“Anika nervously” esa kuch nahe hai….. Shiv…( there’s nothing like that)

“Shivaay blows her neck” to phir kesa hai???( then how is it ?)

Anika” clings Shivaay shirt tightly”

“Shivaay caressing her hairs” why you are so beautiful? He enhaling her fragrance in him.

“Anika falling weak with his touch” Shivaay kya ho gaya hai ap ko?( what happened to you)

“Shivaay place his cheek on hers” poucho kya kya nahe hota( ask what is not happening to me )

“Anika close her eyes” hum nahe pouchaye gay. ( i won’t question)

“Shivaay turns Anika’s back towards his chest” slowly steps back lies on bed…..

Anika” breathing heavily”

Shivaay” wraps his arms around Anika waist…. i’m your husband jaan…. and you don’t need to get nerves … he gentle crawls his fingers  on Anika bare curves.

Anika ” current passes in her spine…. she clings Shivaay hand… Shivaay it’s not right… she speaks nervously”

Shivaay” then what’s right?”

Anika” Shivaay please leave me”

Shivaay makes Anika faces him” i needn’t hold you to let you go “

Anika” gets lost in Shivaay deep blue orbs”

“Shivaay eyeing her lips that are already shivering with his touch… making him more carzy on them….. he touches her lips….

“Anika shivers hides in Shivaay chest”

“Shivaay hugs her tightly” stop blushing otherwise i’ll start brushing you.. he speaks huskily… making Anika shocked

“Anika hits his chest comes out of his hold and blushing runs out”

Shivaay ” hit his chest get lost in his thoughts…..

Hayeee!!! Kab aye ge woh khubsoorat raat jab……( when that beautiful night will come)

Song plays 

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain Baahon Ke Darmiyaan Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain Jaane Kya Bole Mann Dole Sunke Badan Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Scene shifts to outside

“Anika panting heavily” having flashback of Shivaay naughtness…. she touches her cheeks….. Naughty Singh Oberoi

“Bhavya kisses Anika” gili gili

“Anika in mind” Ooooo!!! So prey has came herself ….. she looks around to see that no one is there.

“Bhavya sits in her lap” Anika di play with me

“Anika smirks ” Sure!!! What you want to play…. she holds Bhavya tightly…  how dare you to get close to her? Huh?….. since yesterday you are doing lipta chipki with her… maa i want this, maa i want that….. chhipkalee       ( lizard )…she bursting in mnd.

Bhavya” Aahhh!!! Anika di it’s paining

Anika” opps!! Sorry…. she kiss her cheek…. so what you want to play”

Bhavya” what??”

Anika” let’s play water water….saying this Anika pushes bhavya in pool”

Bhavya” laughs playing in water Anika di you also come na”

“Anika skims ” pagal samajh raha hai k hum is pani may khel (  i’m look carzy to you that i’ll play in this water)?????

Bhavya” shouts Anika di come na”

“Anika runs you play let me call chutki too”

Bhavya” playing with ball…. come soon i’ll waiting for my didu”

Anika” smirks evilly….. now get close to her…. i’ll see how to touch her…. she brushes her nose…. let me catch the other prey.”…….

Screen freezes on Bhavya face


Percape what’s going in Anika mind??? Shallu Aloo entery in RM


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