Ikyawann 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela gets scared of Susheel

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The Episode starts with Soumya saying please let me go. Sejal fixes tape to her. Kali stops Sejal and says we should treat her the same way. She says Soumya I won’t let her go. Soumya says just ask Leela. Leela catches Soumya’s neck. They ask Leela to leave Soumya. Leela asks Soumya to keep knife at her neck and leave. Soumya puts Leela at knife’s point and threatens. She pushes Leela and runs away. Leela smiles.

Satya says I m informing police, I won’t leave Soumya. Kali says Soumya has threatened and run away. Sejal asks where is Susheel. Fighter Didi and Satya get tensed. Satya gives letter to Sejal. Sejal reads the letter from Soumya, that she has killed Susheel. They get shocked. Leela thinks no one will doubt on me now.

Fighter didi says Soumya has run away, it means this is true.

Sejal says that girl is mad, what did she do with Susheel. Leela sits crying and shouts its my mistake, I got blind for my Satya, I got Soumya. Kali says if this is true, you are responsible for this. Leela says Soumya has killed Susheel, kill me. Satya says what will happen if we punish anyone, my Susheel won’t come back. He cries. Fighter didi asks Leela to stop it, police will find Soumya, we got this letter. Leela says we will do this later, I will call Susheel’s family for her soul peace puja. Kali says no, we won’t tell them.

Leela says fine, we won’t say till we get her dead body. They cry. Jhanno lights candles near Susheel’s pics and cries. Sejal says many people are crying for her. Leela thinks Susheel’s chapter is close now. Inspector says we will find Soumya soon. Leela says if they get Soumya, she will tell everyone that I helped her run. Someone takes the garlands from Susheel’s pic. Leela gets hit by the bell and falls back. She gets shocked seeing the garland and says its same garland that was on her pic. She sees Susheel’s foot steps. She gets worried. Sejal checks Soumya’s belongings to get clue that she is already married. She checks well. She gets a diary. Leela checks Susheel’s shoes in room. Jhanno comes to Sejal and asks her to come fast, Satya is worried. Sejal throws the diary on the bed and goes. Satya says Susheel is missing since many days, where is she.

Fighter Didi says Susheel isn’t declared dead. Kali feeds him water. She says I m broken within, I m feeling scared. Sejal says we have to stay positive. Fighter Didi says yes. Sejal says we will believe Susheel is alive, she will come back. Leela hears Susheel and gets shocked. She goes to storeroom and sees the huge pot. She goes to check and says how many times will you get saved, I tried to kill you. Satya calls her out. Leela gets shocked seeing him. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks he didn’t hear everything. He says people die naturally by heart attack and sometimes by accident, sometimes because of others, who try to murder others. Leela thinks of her crimes. She says who thought Soumya will kill Susheel. He says who thought you will get Soumya home to make Susheel out, see Susheel is gone, don’t know she is alive or not. She asks can I do this. He shouts never and gets angry. Kali comes to talk to him. Leela asks why are you angry with me. Satya says my time is running bad, I m controlling my anger.

Leela runs out and gets hit by a ball. She shouts who is it. Susheel comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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