Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Kanhaiya comes running down the stairs calling out Sona ji’s name. He says get my breakfast please so I can leave for the police station. Sona says your breakfast is ready. Your tea, your fruits, and your bread. Kanhaiya sits down at the table. Sona notices Chitrasi and calls her name. She asks where are you going? Chitrasi says I had taken a vow that I would go to the temple to pray and feed the poor. Only after that will I eat something. Going to the temple has become a habit of mine. I don’t find peace without going to the temple. Sona asks but who will you go with? No one is at home. I’ll come with you. Kanhaiya says I’ll drop you and pick you up. Chitrasi says no no you don’t have to get worried because of me. And Sona you too. I’ll

go on my own. Kanhaiya says I know you can go alone, but I”ll drop you. Sona says and I’ll come too. That way I can also pray. Chitrasi says okay. I’ll be right back. Sona says I made a mistake. I should have left her go alone. Kanhaiya says why? Sona says when people see you and her together they’ll talk about it. Kanhaiya says tell me one thing. Do you doubt me? Sona says no no. But you heard nah. Deva bhai even said it. And he’s from the family and still…I don’t know what the outside people will say seeing you two together. And I don’t like it if anyone talks anything wrong about you. Kanhaiya says listen to me. You don’t need to think so much about these things. Am I forgiven about the saree incident? Sona says what are you saying? I should ask for your forgiveness. I spoke with you very rudely. Sorry.

Chitrasi is shown pouring some juice into two glasses. She says I knew that Sona would come in between. I will also see how she comes with us. She puts a pill inside a glass of juice and mixes it in.
Part 2:
Kanhaiya says no need to apologize. Sona says have some breakfast. Chitrasi comes back and says here have some juice. Sona says why did you take the trouble? Chitrasi says its really hot outside and because of that it is necessary to keep the brain cool. Sona takes a glass and starts drinking. Kanhaiya takes a sip from his glass. Sona finishes most of the juice and tells Kanhaiya to have his too. Kanhaiya starts drinking more. Sona finishes her juice and says to Chitrasi, thanks. Shall we go? Everyone gets up and starts walking towards the door. Sona starts feeling a bit dizzy. Kanhaiya says Sona ji, what happened? Chitrasi says take Sona inside. Sona says maybe I ate something wrong last night. If I take some rest, I’ll be fine. Chitrasi says to Kanhaiya you stay here with her, I’ll go on my own. Sona says you go. I’ll be fine. Kanhaiya says no no come Sona ji. Sona says no. You go with her. She hasn’t even eaten anything. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine soon. Kanhaiya says take care of yourself. Kanhaiya walks out. Chitrasi says take care of yourself. Sona says don’t worry. Chitrasi leaves.

Sona wakes up from her nap and looks at the clock. It says 5:00. Sona says to herself I’ve been sleeping for 5 hours? The headache is still not gone. I’ll have to take some medicine. She gets up out of bed and searches drawers for medicine. She says where is the medicine? It might be in Chitrasi’s room. I’ll go and check there.

Chitrasi and Kanhaiya are walking to the car. Chitrasi is feeling dizzy. Kanhaiya says arey are you okay? Chitrasi says yes. Kanhaiya stop this fasting. You need rest. Chitrasi says no I’m fine. If you’re not getting late, can we go back to the ShaktiDam mansion and rest for a bit. Kanhaiya says yeah sure. When you feel like you’re feeling better, we’ll leave. Let’s go.

Sona walks into Chitrasi’s room and says I don’t know where she keeps the medicines. She opens a drawer and notices the rubber snake. Sona says a fake snake? She things back to the incident. This means Chitrasi lied that she didn’t see any snake. But why is it here? She notices pills and says sleeping pills?

Part 3:
Chitrasi thinks to herself, Sona madam now your husband will be with me alone in the shaktidam mansion. Now who can stop him from becoming mine?

Sona is washing her face in the bathroom and recollecting the incident again. She remembers Chitrasi coming out of Kanhaiya’s bathroom. She thinks about the juice incident. Sona thinks to herself Chitrasi is surely going to do something wrong. I don’t have a good feeling about this. I should talk to him about it now.

Kanhaiya is telling the servant how they were at the temple and how she fell sick and decided to come here so she could rest. He says good thing you came here. This palace has become so quiet with no one here. You guys sit while I prepare for some food. Sona calls Kanhaiya and he answers. Sona ji…Sona asks where are you? Kanhaiya says I’m with Chitrasi at the Shaktidam palace. Sona says Shaktidam? Why? Kanhaiya says because she fell a bit dizzy because of not eating all day. She said she wanted to rest here for a bit and then leave so I said okay. Sona ji…Why do you sound so dull? Is there anything to worry about? Sona thinks to herself I don’t understand how to tell him everything on the phone. Kanhaiya asks tell me. Are you feeling okay? Chitrasi comes up behind Kanhaiya and grabs the phone saying give it to me. I’ll talk to Sona ji. She snatches the phone. Chitrasi says Sona I regret deeply that because of me he’s late in returning back. I was feeling dizzy so I told him that we come here so I can rest for a bit. You don’t worry. We’ll return soon. Sona says listen Chitrasi. I have found out…Chitrasi calls out to a servant. What are you making for us? She walks into the kitchen away from Kanhaiya. She puts the phone down but its still on. Sona keeps saying hello. Chitrasi hangs up the phone. Sona says to herself Chitrasi is really up to something. Sona tries calling again. Chitrasi makes sure Kanhaiya is busy with his stuff and hangs up the call. She puts the phone on silent. Sona tries again, but again no one picks up. Sona is getting frustrated. Kanhaiya says Chitrasi ji. My phone is with you. Give it to me. She picks up the phone and walks towards him. She thinks to herself what should I do? She drops the phone on purpose. Chitrasi says please forgive me. It was an accident. She picks it up and hands it to him. He looks at her. She says please forgive me. Kanhaiya says why are you embarrassing me by apologizing repeatedly? You’re not well. Rest so then we can leave. Chitrasi says I always make some mistake or another. Please forgive me this time. Kanhaiya says I’ll have to apologize to you in order for you to stop apologizing. Go rest. Sona keeps trying. Kanhaiya’s phone says “the number you have called is currently unavailable. Please try again.” Sona says it was ringing until now. What happened so suddenly? She calls again receiving the same message. Sona says I hope Chitrasi is not about to do something wrong. I have to stop her. I’m going to have to save him. I can’t even reach him. I have no other choice. I’ll have to go to Shrirampur.

Chitrasi is holding a small bottle of something. She remembers when her mom told her that no matter what Munna had to sniff the substance. But remember that after he sniffs it, the impact will happen slowly not right away. So don’t think that it’ll affect him right away. Chitrasi says this is how it should be so that he doesn’t start doubting me. There’s a knock on the door. Chitrasi hides the bottle. Its the servant. He shows her some flowers. Chitrasi says these are beautiful. Thank you. She takes out the bottle and pours the content on the flowers.

Sona asks someone when the bus for Shrirampur will come. The guy says it just left. Look over there. Sona sees the bus. She runs after the bus.

Chitrasi comes up to Kanhaiya with the flowers and says look at this. Such beautiful flowers. They are from our garden. Smell them. They smell so good. Here. He takes the flowers into his hands. He smells them.

Sona is running after the bus. She finally gets tired and stops running after the bus. Sona is on the road crying. She says God, please help me. She sees the bus has stopped in the middle, really close to where she is now. The bus starts again, but this time someone in the bus notices her and tells the driver to stop the bus. Sona gets on the bus and sits down.

Kanhaiya and Chitrasi are eating. Chitrasi thinks to herself I wonder when the medicine will have its effect.

Precap: Sona asks how long will it take to reach Shrirampur? HE says it’ll take another hour at least. Kanhaiya is shown unconscious. Chitrasi is unbuttoning his uniform. .

Update Credit to: cutiepie_rani

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