Honge Juda Na Hum 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 18th February 2013 Written Update

Rohan congratulates Muskan for marriage’s first morning. Muskan asks him what she used to do after waking up. Rohan tells Muskan how their morning used to start before. It was her who used to wake Rohan up with a good morning kiss. Muskan asks if she was going to cafe after shower, breakfast. Rohan says no you didn’t have cafe back then. You used to be busy in cookery course. You used to go to your mother’s house. He says we will now go to your house to meet your dad. Muskan tells him not now. I have to prepare breakfast. You go to take shower. (Basically all the work that Rohan just told her which she used to do). Rohan is busy in writing some things that Muskan needs to know. Muskan goes closer to him but then Rohan asks her what happened. Muskan says I was just seeing

what you were writing and she walks away. Rohan goes to get shower.

Muskan prepares breakfast for chintu. Chintu’s mother comes and tells her she is going to Chintu’s school. She asks her if she will manage for today. Muskan says she will manage. She is searching for tea masala and Rohan comes there. He gives him a diary saying everything is written in that diary where kitchen stuff is. Rohan’s brother comes there now. Muskan tells him she will make tea for him. Rohan’s brother says but I drink coffee. Rohan’s brother calls Muskan’s dad. Muskan then talks with her dad. She tells him she is making breakfast but she doesn’t know where kitchen stuff is. Her dad tells her dont worry you will be fine. He also tells her that he hired a manager so she doesn’t have to worry about cafe.

Muskan serves breakfast to everyone. Rama says Muskan should make something sweet. Muskan says, but.. Rohan cuts her and says Muskan will make cake.
Rama says she also made sweets on her first day after marriage. Her husband laughs and says same sweets that we had to throw out right and then dogs ate. Everyone is laughing and Rama gets annoyed. She tells her husband to go to office and work. Brothers are leaving for work but muskan stops them saying she is going to make lunch first time today and she will be happy if they stay. they stay.
Rama takes her husband in a room to have some talk.
Rohan asks bahu rani muskan if she is ready for the challenge.

Muskan in the kitchen preparing lunch. She turns on the gas and searches for something. In all that her dupatta gets in fire. Her dad comes there and saves her. Rohan says all the rituals dont matter.. he cares about her. Why she doesnt take care of herself. Rama starts lecturing Muskan. She says so much carelessness.. and mistake is mine.. I shouldn’t have given any responsibility to a mad person. Muskan stops Rohan from saying anything, but muskan’s father cannot control and asks Rama who is she to tell all this to Muskan. He says she knows all her responsibilities, it’s just she doesn’t remember past. He asks who is this gawar women and how she dared to say all that to muskan.

Precap: rama is complaining to her husband because muskan’s father called her gawar. she plans to take revenge from muskan and her dad.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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