Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Sahiba is hearing her child’s voice calling her ma, ma..She is crying badly as she hear her child’s voice then her phone rings, its Daljeet who ask her about the kid, and tell her how he decorate the room and everything else. She then hang up, & she remember how she promise to return the child to Daljeet and lay on the floor crying. In Daljeet’s room, Malika told him, he is just a complication in Sahiba;s life as she is happy with Ranveer. He became angry and insult her, to get out of his room, and she is a greedy person, & she is jealous because and he only loves Sahiba & she can’t take Sahiba’s place. He then shout at her to get out , she start crying.
Everyone is concern about Bebe, Ranveer dad say he thought Bebe had gone,but that did happen. Bebe ask for a camera, everyone sit for the picture, as she don’t know what might happen. she ask for Sahiba meanwhile Ranveer dad want to take his pics. out. Upstairs Sahiba is crying on the floor, Ranveer came and see her. Daljeet is still calling Sahiba, but she cut the calls, then she heard the child’s voice Ma, and said Yeah. Ranveer ask what happen, she said nothing.

Part 2

Then take some water and ask Ranveer what is wrong? Ranveer said everyone is called downstair to take pics. she became happy and start talking normal, Ranveer ask her to change her clothes to take the photo. She then arrive downstairs & start to make jokes, while Ranveer wonders what is wrong with her, she is behaving as nothing happen. Everyone take out pics. Ranveer is still wondering. Deep start singing, and everyone dance, Sahiba all happy dancing, Ranveer is looking at her.
She then goes upstairs and set her bed, Ranveer ask if she is okay. She said yeah, and miscarriage do happens and goes to sleep. Ranveer is worried and call the doctor and tell him about Sahiba, he tell Ranveer she is in depression and he can help her to get rid of her sorrow. They hang up. Ranveer wake Sahiba up, but said she wants to sleep. And he told her what is infront of her is the truth her baby is death, she got up and start on Ranveer, its just a miscarriage and why should he worried. Ranveer said he is worried for her. She said she is very sleepy and goes to sleep again. Ranveer told her everything what the doctor said, and add that a first child is very special to a mother. Sahiba got up again and slap Ranveer.

Pre Cap
Ranveer give Sahiba a balloon saying its her child, and she became emotional and say she couldn’t even protect her child while Ranveer say he will forgive you.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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