Its high time (episode 2)


Hey….. guys thank you so so much for all your comments…..Will i have done many spelling mistakes in
over excitement….i never thought to get this positive comments from all you ….OK coming to the story
here we goooo
Radhika is just trying to find actually whats happening their .she is in her thoughts why everyone is afraid to see that boy why he is angry and why he is staring them like hell in angry. And she come out of her thought when she saw that boys is scolding all of them and infact doing some action and betting boys who come to him for talking Arjun -” U all are big shit on earth ….just f**k off from here right now . thats better for all of u because i don’t know what i will..” before he can complete one boys say “arjun … next station” before he can say anything else he is on floor and blood are coming from his nose and ears and his face hold the finger print of arjun solid hand with all blo*dy red mark. Radhika is on shock to see his strength but she composed her self and look at arjun and say -“yeah…. u what u think of urself hai… could u do this to them they are not harming u and none saying anything to u …..u monster ,idiot ,duffer……” she is continue saying and here arjun is having his angry on his peak .At last he turn to her and say -” so u are to know them it means u are also member of their team ……so u to need a punishment .

but first i will punish u for saying aloud in front of me” And saying by this he rise his hand to hit her but in between his hand get strike in air and here radhika in fear just close her eyes tight then she didn’t feel any movement she just open her one eye to look what happen and what she saw next is just shock her group of boys who are just a min before died in afraid but now they all of with sudden confidence and with strength holding Arjun’s hand and staring him back with all in angry and hate towards him one of them say-“yes… arjun we agreed we did wrong by robbing ur friend and also tried to harm them but trust us she is not with us in all this act .infact just coming back we meet her so don’t u dare to say anything to her …….just talk to us and yes whatever u want to do just go on we will accepts that …but don’t involve her”. he said all this in full angry and full love towards her . now arjun is in thought what is girl have relation with them that they are ready to accpets all their crime and also for punishment .he think for sometime and come to the point And arjun -“ok !!!! i will leave her …..but in one condition only”. All together say yes expect radhika …because she is only one who didn’t able to understand what’s going on but she is in mix emotion (with angry ,hurt, happy )all these emotions are for her friends only because Arjun have no value in front her eye .

they asked arjun what’s the condition .before arjun start to say anything someone speak from behind -“one girl and so many boys ….its look something is going on .Arjun u come here in search of goon or a girl….will miss must say u are so beautiful and …..” “cut that creep man …..i m here only for her so plz make ur distance from her” As arjun said this he saw everyone staring him with open mouth and radhika is looking him with different faces expression with all hatred. just then he realized what actually he say ..he feel embarrassment but composed him and say “i mean to say for goon only ” one boy say his condition to make radhika out of this case .Now Arjun is having his winning smile towards radhika ….

Hope u all like it ….and waiting for ur comment

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  1. Meen

    awwwww …..arjun…..lovely…..well its to see radhika’s friends taking a stand for her…..nice update……plzzz post d next one soon

  2. Rossy

    Lovely yaar…btw first meeting of ardhika was starting with a fighting…lol…soon they will be everything

  3. Jewel

    nice one anki… please post the next soon…

  4. Sweetie

    Nice one dear.. πŸ™‚

  5. Jnana

    Nyc dear….

  6. S.v

    ardhika in fight mode lol lovely

  7. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next up date. πŸ™‚

  8. Gauri

    Anki it was awesome…a bit longer please πŸ™‚

  9. Jessie

    Anki..Its just super! Arjun curious to know his condition.. waiting for next one

  10. awesome………..

  11. It was short anki…but I loved the fight of ardhika. …plzzzz give longer episodes…love you loads

  12. _Ritu

    Its nice anki…waiting for nxt..loads of love πŸ™‚

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